June Bullet Planner Ideas for the start of Summer

Ahh Summer! It is finally here. Sun, surf, family and more importantly holidays. All the things that get us excited. Are you planning a Summer full of fun? Summer is a great time to get stuck into your Bullet Planning, and I have a heap of summer themes, cover pages and spreads to get you started. 


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June Bullet Planner Cover Ideas

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE-CREAM! Whether it be a paddle-pop or in a cone, ice-cream means Summer for me. Love the simplicity of this June cover idea @bulletsandconfetti. Quick eat it up before it melts!

Collage is such a great way to build interest in your Bullet Planner. Why not try layering images and cut-outs like in this June cover idea from @sophie.mari.d? I really like the rustic feel this cover creates.

Always a good mantra! This double spread with a June cover idea and quote page inspires a cute and colourful theme to run through your June Bullet Planner pages.

Another June cover and quote double spread. This just gives me a giggle, thanks @productivedoodling!

I love this June cover idea from @jashiicorrin! There is something about the way each section of the image seamlessly flows in to the next that draws me in. A simple idea but so complex at the same time.

A fresh and funky June cover idea and theme that you can use in your Bullet Journal. Plants are a calming theme and easily adaptable using colours to suit you!

June Bullet Planner Spread Ideas

This summery June theme is a lovely sentiment to start off the warmer months. I like to use month spreads to see how busy I am going to be!

Loving the summer sunsets theme from @andrealetterss. A weekly spread like this is useful to jot down to do lists and events.

A different take on a day by day spread can allow you more space for doodling and creativity. I like this fairground theme from @doodlecraving with a bright and cheerful colour palette.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the best way to start your next Bullet Planner month. You might decide to skip a cover page and go for a calendar like this one from @teanbujo. How will you start this month? Will you try something new?

Challenge the artist in you with a calendar spread that uses images instead of words! What a cool way to keep track of what happens in the month without becoming bogged down. Just pick out the highlights, lowlights or things that sparked your interest and doodle them in.

June Bullet Planner Tracker Ideas

Using a habit tracker is a really quick way to keep tabs on your health, wellbeing and much more. Why not start a tracker section in your June Bullet Planner!

Are you having a jar half empty or jar half full kinda day? Using colours is one way to track your moods, some people prefer images and others lines. This spread shows how you can track a range of things on one page. Thanks @viaelle!

Here is a great example of what I was just saying! I like how @kims.journals keeps it simple and graph-like with these trackers.

I like this idea of recording one thing you are grateful for each day. It is easy to get swept up in the flurry of life, so taking time to stop and think about these things is actually really great for maintaining your wellbeing. Thanks @swanklenke!

Setting goals at the start of the month helps to ensure you use your trackers regularly. Why not set yourself a challenge for the start of Summer and see how you go!

June Bullet Planner Ideas Summary

Thanks for joining me this month. I have really enjoyed delving into the wealth of June inspired ideas. I hope you found an idea that sparked your interest, or encourages you to try something new. Until next time, Happy Bullet Planning!

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