April Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

April is a month that begins with laughter and fun, courtesy of April Fools Day. But there are also so many other fun things to celebrate about April and get inspiration for your bullet journal cover pages.

April is host to No Housework Day (April 7th), Scrabble Day (April 13th), International Pillow Fight Day (first Saturday) and even World Penguin Day (April 25).

The northern hemisphere is into Spring, and the flowers are just starting to appear after winter. However if you are heading into Autumn, you might get some ideas from the color changing trees and falling leaves.

Whatever you use for inspiration for your bullet journal in April, here are some ideas to get you started.

Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas for April

This is a beautiful design by @inprint.xyz to compliment a spring theme. I particularly like the lettering of the A.

Rather than pure drawing, this design by @journalbambie uses layers of flowers and the paper bag to give texture and interest to the design.

Another flower theme, but @himmymac uses simple to draw flowers with pops of color to create a striking flower bowl.

Although this uses some extra journal pages, I love this laying effect from @allmysunshineco. The hills and clouds are all different pages giving a wonderful 3D look.

As I’m creating this article it has been raining for the past day and a half so maybe that’s why I was drawn to this rainy day theme. Or it could be the amazing yellows and adorable chicks used by @judy.journals.

Easter isn’t in April this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use bunnies! Seriously, you can always use bunnies, they’re so cute. This bunny design is by @bujo_xxvenhar.

This starry night design by @creativemindscoffeegrinds is really cool. And it’s got me thinking about how it would look on a black paged journal. This one definitely gets my inspiration thoughts going.

This cover page by @journautical is just pretty.

I’m a sucker for a cherry blossom theme. And this one by @kathrinerostupdoodles is really well drawn.

How adorable are these dinosaurs! I really love the colors used by @thechickjournal as well.

Whenever I go searching for inspiration I’m always blown away by the creativity and talent found in the journaling community.

Let me know below which was your favorite and what theme you’ve chosen for April.

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