The Best Bullet Journal Notebooks for 2022

These are the 7 Best Bullet Journal Notebook suggestions for you to use in 2022 that will help you find the perfect Journal to use in your 2022 Bullet Journal!

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If you have been bullet journaling for a while skip right down to the suggestions below and let me know which notebook you enjoy using and what you use it for! If you new and wondering why it matters what Bullet Journal notebook to buy matters; see below!

Why picking what Notebook for your Bullet Journal is Important!

When you just start out bullet journaling there are a ton of things being recommended to you to use and try and I think we lose sight of why those things are important!

Your notebook is the thing you will use everyday and should be something that you take some time to learn about. And we’re going to cover for those basics now!

Bullet Journal Notebook Terminology

GSM means grams per square meter. This is referring to your paper thickness in bullet journaling which is important:

  • Anything lower than 54 GSM is quite thin and not good for liquid or gel ink as it will show through to the other side.
  • 100 GSM paper is common place with a Bullet Notebook. Depending on quality your ink/markers/water colors will show through still
  • 120 GSM is a mid quality paper and usually can be found in some budget journals
  • 160 GSM is high quality and my recommendation for a great bullet journal with top brands such as Scribbles That Matter and Archer & Olive creating these amazing journals!

Paper Color – Bullet Journals come in a few different colors such as ivory, cream and pure white. I’ve even seen some come in a more yellow tinge to make it look old fashioned! It’s important to pick the right color based on what you want to do in your journal. Are you going to do a lot of art journaling? Then you should find one that is very white. Going to do a more minimalist style journal, then it might not matter as much! Think on this as you decide which is best for you.

Number of Pages is important as well! In a typical annual bullet journal it will need somewhere between 200-250 pages depending on what you decide to put into it! A lot of journals on the market don’t give you that much space to work with, make sure you read each description and find what will fit the category of being the best bullet journal notebook for you!

Common Question: Can you use a Regular notebook for Bullet Journaling?

This question is asked pretty often and I don’t want to flat out say no, but it wouldn’t be very efficient. IF you use a regular notebook to *Bullet Journal* then I think you’ve missed the point! A dot journal is useful because it has a perfectly laid out grid of dots for you to create your own journaling pages, while you could do that in a lined notebook, it would not be as simple to use and quite frankly, it’s $10 for a solid low cost bullet journal!

You can do whatever works for you and your situation! But I would recommend buying a proper bullet notebook if you wish to start Bullet Journaling!

Best Bullet Journal Notebook Suggestions!

In no specific order, these are the best notebooks that I can recommend for starting a bullet journal in 2022!

Leuchtturm1917 – A5 249 Page Bullet Journal

Works with Ryder Carroll the Creator of Bullet Journals

  • Leuchtturm1917 is a well known name in the bullet journaling world especially now that they have teamed up with Ryder Carroll in making an awesome quality yet budget friendly journal!
  • Comes in 17 different colors!
  • 249 Numbered Pages!
  • Has GSM 80 Paper – not as friendly for heavy inks or art work. Good for everyday hustlers!
  • Opens Flat – SO important when using a journal every day!
  • Elastic Closure Band – This is really nice when you want to make sure everything is sealed up. I hate when my pages get bent or crumpled!

Paperage Dotted Bullet Journal Notebook

Best Inexpensive Bullet Journal Notebook for sale on Amazon!

  • A great Bullet Journal notebook buy being high quality but really budget friendly! I highly recommend this journal for new bujo enthusiasts!
  • Comes in 11 different colors!
  • 160 Pages
  • Eco-Friendly materials
  • Has 100 GSM Paper – this is awesome thickness for the price point!
  • Would use this as a traveler’s notebook bullet journal for on the road! It’s inexpensive and not large!
  • Comes with ivory colored paper

Moleskin Classic Dotted Notebook!

Awesome Inexpensive Bullet Journal Notebook

  • High quality trusted brand that is in every stationary store!
  • Large Sized Bullet Journal
  • 240 Dotted Pages
  • 5 available colors to choose from
  • Ivory colored pages
  • 70 GSM paper – great for note taking but not for fancy colored pages! A great minimalist bullet notebook!

Scribbles That Matter A5 Bullet Journal

Best Quality Notebook!

  • This is my personal favorite dotted journal to use for my own bullet journaling craze!
  • The Best bullet journal notebook thick paper with 160 GSM grade paper! Which also makes it the best bullet journal notebook no ghosting happening on these pages!
  • Comes in 12 different colors!
  • 158 Numbered pages that include a key page, index page, pen test page and mindfulness page
  • Vegan Certified Notebook

Sundream Hardcover A5 Notebook

Best Spiral Bound Notebook on Amazon!

  • The Best coiled dot grid notebook for bullet journals in quality and simplicity!
  • 100 GSM Thick Pages for note taking
  • 160 Pages
  • Metal Twin Wire Spiral Binding
  • Elastic Band for keeping the journal shut
  • Sturdy Crafting Back Pocket for loose items!
  • Great for art journaling with the large sized notebook!

Conclusion: Best Bullet Journal Notebook in 2022

I hope after reading through this post and checking into each of the journals I have suggested yourself that you are able to decide on a bullet notebook for you! 

From this list I recommend above all any of the Scribbles that Matter books! They are, in my opinion the best grid notebooks for bullet journaling out there! Especially with how beginner friendly they are with helping you set up your initial pages and giving your some extra space with such a large size of journal!

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