10 Bullet Journal Themes For July

It’s the second half of the year! In July there’s International Joke Day, International Kissing Day, World Chocolate Day, International Day of Friendship and even Daiquiri Day (my personal favorite).

Need some inspiration for your bullet journal theme for July? Look no further! You are going to love these summery themes and gorgeous lettering.

Bullet Journal Inspiration for July

Can’t choose between ice cream and flowers? Why not both! This design incorporates some beautiful colors and and really screams happiness.

Using cones for the flower pots and mixing it with ice cream allows for some great creativity.

Sunflowers give off a great sunshiny vibe. The yellows pop off the page and they can also be a great way to use bright colors.

These Alpacas are too cute. Animals are a great theme for any time of the year.

This desert theme not only looks great, but is a fantastic way to use browns and reds.

How about a picture window? The flowers add a touch of color to an otherwise minimalist theme.

Watermelons (and other types of fruit) can be simple to draw and add really pop on the page.

If you love the outdoors, camping can be a great theme for your journal, especially during the holiday months.

Dogs! This theme is so cute. If you have a bit of talent, you can even make it look like your own furry best friend.

If you want fun and happy you can’t go wrong with rainbows. You can get creative with color or stick to the traditional. Either way looking at the page will make you smile.

This design is so pretty. It uses a dutch door cut-out to hint at the next page and the lemon tree with just the splash of color from the lemons is perfect.

The other side of the dutch door incorporating the monthly spread.

Final thoughts

Although I love the lemon trees I think the Alpacas are actually my favorite. How about you?

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