13 Simple Bullet Journal Key Page Ideas For Your Bujo!

Sometimes you have a hard time thinking of all the symbols and signifiers you will want for your Bullet Journal Key Page! Here is a list to inspire you while you start your new Bujo!

If you have a mental block and don’t know what you want your Key Page to look like or what your symbols and colors are going to mean for your Journal? Look no further! I have an awesome list of ideas for you to steal from and make your own down below!

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If you don’t know what a Bullet Journal Key Page is then you really need to check out my other post on them here!

In summary; your key page is there to help you be productive and consistent throughout your journal. For example, when you were in school did you ever put down abbreviations for things in your notes that you couldn’t understand when you went to look at them later? Putting in a key page is SO important to be able to keep the confusion levels down!

When you go to do something you enjoy like writing in your Bujo – make it as easy as possible to be an enjoyable experience!

For the Aspiring and the Lazy Hopeful!

Sometimes I need a little help in getting my journal started or just straight up do not have enough dang time! I use these Printables and stickers to fill in the gaps and keep my bujo rolling!

Bullet Journal Key Printable – Life hack that I recommend when you just don’t want to do it yourself!

A Bullet Journal Stencil Kit – This will make drawing your symbols EASY

A Custom Leather Bound Bullet Journal – This is just for fun. I love this!

Bullet Journal Key Page Ideas

Here is a collection of examples for you to pull from and then hand craft your own key that will make your life sooooo much easier!

This black and white design is beautiful – and the symbols that are included are simple and straight forward. A reminder with the first example is that things don’t need to be complicated!

Quite a few key page designs that I have seen involve literal keys being drawn as the inspiration. Interesting how our minds work and are drawn to something tangible! This is a great design!

Simple and sweet! This spread shows how few symbols you might really need for your bujo key! Remember you can ALWAYS add to your list afterwards so long as you leave space!

Bullet Journal Legend
Instagram: @themapimethod

This is a great key page for a journal designated for school. Also – remember a legend is the same thing as a key! A very simple key page idea.

Bujo Key Page
Instagram: Planwithady

The key is simple! The picture has a lot more depth to it than just a simple legend though.

Black and White Bujo Key
Instagram: Bujoforstars

Remember what I said about keys being an inspiration for your bujo key page? This picture has literal keys in it! Lol – outside of that, this is a GREAT example of how informative this page can be!

Cute Key Page
Instagram: Willa.Wanders

A great legend that covers almost any type of errand or event one can likely plan ahead for!

Bujo Key Page
Instagram: Dotted.Plans

More Keys for inspiration in your journal – I bet by the end of this you will end up having one somewhere on your key page!

Instagram: @greyzonepages

Color coding your journal can also be SO helpful in distinguishing different tasks and notes on spreads throughout your Bujo! For more ideas on color coding your journal check out my other post!

More color coding mixed into your Key Page! This key idea will work wonders throughout your journal!

Instagram: @littlebujomiss

Keys don’t have to be complicated. I love the simplicity of this one.

There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to fill in your Key page now that you’ve collected some great Bullet Journal Key Page Ideas and continue to be productive and efficient in your Bullet Journaling!

For more info and inspo, check out the post on Bullet Journal Color Key’s.

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13 Key Pages that are Perfect for your Bullet Journal