Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas for January

January is a time for new beginnings, and to recover from all the overeating during the holidays (so much food). Starting the new year off with purpose is really important! Stay organized by starting up your new bullet journal!

When I make it fun for myself, it is soooo much easier to consistently keep up with my journal! And creating a monthly spread is a great way to get organized and see what you have for the month ahead.

Check out these inspiring monthly spread page ideas for the beginning of your new Bullet Journal.

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January Monthly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

A monthly spread is all about setting yourself up for the month so you can see what is happening at a glance. Then you can add personality and flair if you desire. Here are some of our favorite bullet journal monthly spreads for January.

A golden themed new years spread for the month of January! Many people go into the New Year with a BANG! And that is great for them! Set your goals and keep on moving towards them!

Oh, the colors on this spread. I love blue, it makes me feel calm. I also like the simplicity of the calendar, with the personalisation of doodles and colour surrounding it.

This is a super simple monthly spread! And it has a great positive affirmation at the bottom! We should be including those in EVERY month’s spread throughout the year! Get this bullet journal January spread ready for your new years journal!

This spread is just gorgeous! I love the depth of color that has made it into the pages of it! A crisp calendar with a beautiful backdrop! Make use of this gorgeous January spread bullet journal layout in your journal!

This bullet journal monthly spread January is VERY cool. I love the use of two pages going horizontal and the detail in the picture is very eye catching. You don’t even need to be able to draw! Find a picture you love and carefully rip the shape, then stick it into your journal.

The colors on this page create such happiness. And this is a simple way to do a monthly calendar. Add a few stickers to create some extra personality.

Make self care a priority for the next year. Carry the theme over to your mood and habit trackers and don’t forget to put a self care tracker in there too!

You don’t need to make things complicated to have them be joyful. A simple calendar, with a striking color for the month with a few rainbow doodles added.

Mmm croissants. These pictures look like doodles but are actually stickers! So cute.

And finally, I can’t do one of these lists without a black paged bujo. They always look so striking.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us below.

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