Custom Planner Companies You Need To Know About

A lot of planner companies offer some personalization on their products, but you still have to choose or build your planner.

However, there are companies that offer customized planners that are specific to your needs and will print a completely customized planner for you. 

I’ve found some of the best custom planner companies you need to know about. This will make the whole process of creating a personalized planner easier and less time consuming for you. 

You can add whole sections to your ideal planner, have personal dates printed in your calendar or simply have your name printed on the cover. It’s completely up to you. 

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer. 


Most planners are preset and laid out for you so you have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to find the one that best suits your lifestyle. Agendio believes that is backward, and your agenda should form the basis for the planner layout. So that’s what they do. 

You choose what you want in the planner, customize and personalize it, and they print it for you. While it may seem a little overwhelming with the hundreds of options that they offer there is a very simple process for getting a planner that is completely personal to you. 

First you choose whether you want a planner or notebook, then you configure its structure. Pick a weekly-only, monthly-weekly or monthly-daily and whether you want to add note pages at the end of each week or month. 

You can choose a preset configuration that meets your needs or create a custom configuration. Then you can pick the exact layout you want from the hundreds of options. 

After this you can personalize the layout by, for example, choosing your starting day of the week. Then you can add birthdays and anniversaries or work events. Finally you can add any extras you want and then preview before placing your order. 

Golden Coil

If you are looking for the ultimate in looks, customization and personalization then Golden Coil is where you need to be. They offer designer covers as well as linen and ‘leather’ which is actually a paper cover that looks and feels like real leather. 

Once you have chosen your cover you fill in a form which includes your name, email address, phone number and a box for any message you want to include. This can be a motivational quote, poem or song lyrics. This page will be the first page of your planner. 

Next you can upload your contacts from your computer or add them one at a time on the form. Now you are able to select a start and end date for your planner and choose a starting day for the monthly view of your calendar. 

After this you can add holidays from a long list which includes world holidays, food holidays, or just USA or Canada holidays. Then you select the layout that you want including vertical, horizontal or boxes in a weekly double page, single page or daily view. 

Finally you add pages for health, food planning, projects or lifestyle and any add-ons from their drop-down list. These include things like motivational quotes, challenges or lifestyle references. 

Plum Paper

Plum Paper is one of the most popular customizable planner companies and with good reason. They offer a great range of different types of planner with a variety of weekly layouts for you to choose from. 

These personalized planners are suitable for just about everyone from moms keeping a family planner to teachers creating lesson plans. Prices are affordable and they also ship internationally. 

Choose from three different sizes, A5 which is 6” x 8”, or larger sizes such as 7” x 9” or 8 ½“ x 11”. Once you’ve done that you can select one of their eight layout styles including vertical, horizontal, monthly, daily, grid, teacher, student and goal setting. 

Their planners also have year at a glance, special dates, ideas, plans and goals as well as contact and password pages. You can choose your start month, add extra pages and even personalize your planner cover with your name. 

Coil bound planners have interchangeable front and back covers printed on a durable, synthetic material which is tear proof and water-resistant. Their saddle stitched planners cannot have interchangeable covers but can be personalized with your name or a photo. 

Personal Planner

Personal Planner is one of the easiest to customize, and they are really fun with great artwork covers. The planners come in five different sizes, classic A5, big A4, mini, square and wide. They are all spiral bound. 

So the first thing you need to do is pick the size that you want and select your cover. At this point you can also select the month that you want the planner to start.

For the cover design you can upload your own photos or add your name to one of their pre-designed covers. 

The weekly layouts are either horizontal or vertical and have plenty of header options. You can add your own personal dates to the calendar, menu plans, to-do lists or workouts. 

Finally, pick a theme for the pages at the back of your planner. There are lots of really functional and fun options including travel journal pages, year overviews to plan ahead or just a doodle pad for when you are feeling creative. 

Once you have finished your selection place your order and your Personal Planner will be delivered to your door in a couple of weeks. 

Paper Source

Customized planners from Paper Source allow you to personalize the front and back covers, but they also have the option to create your own design for the covers. 

They accept JPG, PNG and TIF files and recommend 300 dpi for printing. You have the option for text on the cover as well, or you can leave it out. The cover paper is 130# weight paper. 

You can’t change the layout inside the planner which are typically 12 months and include two pockets in the front, a sticker sheet, monthly and weekly views for each month. There are two notes sections in the front and back and also a special dates section. 

While there is not the largest amount of customization or personalization compared to some other planner companies Paper Source do have a good range of cover designs to choose from. They can also be matched with the company’s other stationery products. 

Prices typically start at just under $50, but there are often sales and special offers on planners, so you can grab yourself a bargain. 

May Designs

If you want a simple planner with some minimal customization then May Designs is for you. There aren’t hundreds of designs to go through, and the whole process is fairly simple.

For the most part you choose a cover that you like and add some personalization to it. 

Inside the planner you choose from a weekly or monthly calendar spread. The monthly version has dot grid pages which let you add notes and plans for the coming year. This planner starts in January and there is no option for changing the start month. 

The Classic planner has 80 pages and the Large has 176 pages. These planners are sewn bound for those who prefer this style of binding. They are also an affordable planner with prices starting at $25 with an extra $5 for personalizing the cover. 

Build Your Own Customized Planner

Some people prefer to have the pleasure of picking and choosing the items to insert into their planner and there are plenty of companies that let you do that too. So if you want to build your own customized planner these are the companies to help you do just that. 

Custom Planner Companies You Need To Know About

Inkwell Press

The ultimate customizable planners have to be discbound versions. This system allows you to add and remove pages so easily, and you can even buy your own punch to add non planner items like a party invitation. 

You can choose from a variety of covers, a selection of colored discs, planner inserts and accessories. You can make the exact planner to suit your individual needs and rearrange it at any time to help you use it at its optimum. 

This works really well if you realize halfway through the year that you need more space in your planner. You simply buy additional inserts and pop them into your planner where you want them. 

Creating a customized planner in this way gives you a lot of freedom, but it can work out expensive as you have to buy each part individually. 

They provide paper hardbound or faux leather covers which snap on and off your planner allowing you to change them as you wish. There are no dates on the covers, so they can last longer than the current year. 

The discs come in packs of 9 in silver, gold or rose gold and can hold 210 pages. Planner inserts are printed on 140 gsm paper and there are several planning layouts available.

Happy Planner

Happy Planner is one of the most well known and popular planner companies that let you customize your planner. They use the discbound system which allows you to simply and quickly add, remove or rearrange pages or whole sections in your planner. 

There’s a size to suit everyone. Choose from big at 8 ½“ x 11”, classic at 7” x 9” or mini at 4” x 7”. There are a multitude of layouts including vertical, horizontal, dashboard, monthly, daily, & hourly, teacher, homeschool, fitness, faith, budget or checklist. 

Themes are varied and fun or functional depending on what you are going to use the planner for, work, home or school.

When you have chosen your cover, pick the start date for your planner, usually January or July and a duration, either 12 or 18 months then the layout. 

You can add sections to your planner, move things around, change the covers or buy a discbound punch and add anything you need. The design of your planner is completely up to you.

Erin Condren

Erin Condren has some of the prettiest planners you’ll find but don’t think they’re not serious because they are highly functional as well. Their signature LifePlanner is one of their best sellers and is fully customizable to your individual needs. 

Simply pick and personalize your cover, and choose the color of the coil binding. You have a choice of platinum, gold, rose gold and multicolor. All colors apart from platinum incur an extra charge of $10. Then you pick your interior design theme from a choice of three. 

Finally you can choose the layout of your planner and the length of the calendar, 12 or 18 months. 

The durable covers are interchangeable, and you can insert additional packs or accessories including sticker sheets, snap in rulers and dividers to fully customize your planner. 

One of the standout features of Erin Condren planners is the quality of the paper used in the interior pages. It is Mohawk 80# test weight paper which doesn’t allow any bleedthrough or ghosting on the pages. 

Final Thoughts

So now you have all the information you need to choose the right customized planner for you. 

I hope that you have enjoyed our journey through these great planner companies and that you find the ideal planner to match your lifestyle.