51+ Easy Bullet Journal Doodles for your Bujo!

You might want to get started drawing in your bullet journal but think you are terrible at drawing. Here is a huge list of EASY Bullet Journal Doodles that you need to see! From food, flowers and plants to oceans and animals! You are going to love these Step-by-Step Easy Bullet Journal Doodles!

This is a huge list of easy bullet journal doodles that are beginner friendly! I am excited to share this great list of practical and simple drawings for you and I to practice doing together! There is a little bit of everything in here. As you are scrolling through, I hope there is a doodle that you love so much that you plan an entire monthly theme around it.

Use the birthday doodles as your theme inspiration for the month of your birthday! Maybe the ocean doodles for the month of August or better yet, go somewhere warm next January and use them to plan and document your trip!

I hope you love this list and that you leave feeling inspired. Enjoy!

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Easy Bullet Journal Doodles – Fruit Doodles

Citrus fruits are well represented in many bullet journalers summer bullet journal doodle art journals! Check out these drawings and give them a shot in your own journal!

IF you haven’t checked out Letizia’s instagram yet, you really should! She has some amazing simple and easy doodles for bullet journal spreads that will really help bring your bujo together.

Upgrade from the lemon slice all the way to half the lemon! Squeeze every last drop out of these doodles!

And one more lemon slice with a full round profile! No need to go anywhere else for your food doodles! 

These are way simpler than many people actually think they are. 3 steps and boom! You have an awesome fruit doodle!

Another awesome 3-step guide to lemon bullet journal doodles!

Easy Food Doodles

A great basis on how to draw out a simple pastry in your art journal!

This would make for a great date night spread! It has a loving theme and would make for a great spread! Add this into your separate bullet journal doodle book for practice!

PRO TIP: When doodling something in your planner, try it out with light pencil lines before drawing in with your micron pen!

Mmm.. Pizza makes for a fun and easy beginner doodle!

FYI – Susanne has some amazing tutorial posts on Instagram on how to draw a bunch of different foods, etc. Check her out!

Bullet Journal Easy Doodles

Getting into the fall season and need that warm beverage? Well, here is some bullet journal doodle inspiration for the season!

If you are looking for more Fall Doodle Inspiration – Check out my Fall Bullet Journal Doodles post!

Another great cup of tea to enjoy draw in your fall journal spreads!

The next stage of your warm drinks doodle art! Add this into your repertoire as another bullet journal easy doodle!

Bullet Journal Doodle Inspiration: Hot Air Balloons!

Here is the bullet journal doodle how to draw hot air balloons! They are something that is unique and not seen in many planners out there. Have fun with these easy journal doodles!

Or you can try this one.

Easy Bullet Journal Doodles Travel

These suitcases would be nice on your itinerary spread in your bullet journal! A reminder that you packed your bags for a trip!

A cute bus drawing that you can work on for your kids! Whether its for their school lunch or for a project, practicing this in your bullet journal doodles page is a great idea!

Spring Bullet Journal Doodles

I LOVE the spring! It gets warmer, trees and plants start to bud again and we get away from the dreary look of death outside! Getting these into your Spring doodles bullet journal help bring the life back into our journals after months of cold solitude!


Flowers look great in a bullet journal. They are a very popular to use in Spring spreads (for obvious reasons.) Here are some great ideas for easy flower doodles.

Piggy backing off the last photo, this is a cute flower bullet journal doodle that will be handy anywhere in your art journal!

These are simple doodle tutorials on how to draw flowers. Check out Nicole’s Instagram above for more of these great guides! PLUS keep scrolling down for tons of more step by step guides on drawing more flower doodles in your planner!

I love lavender flowers, one of my favorite smells.

Fun Bullet Journal Birthday Doodles

How to draw bullet journal birthday doodles

How to draw bujo birthday doodles! Balloons, lollipops, presents, cake and ribbon! What more could you need to fill in your Bullet Journal birthday spread?

Bullet Journal Note Doodles

These 3 step bujo note doodles showcase why using a dotted journal makes learning to draw different things so much easier!

Check out my other post all about Bullet Journal Banners and Headers for more of these ideas!

These wooden sign doodles are great for cover pages or when you are pointing yourself to another page in your dotted journal!

Ocean Themed Doodles for your Bujo

See my other post for more cutesy animal Bullet Journal doodles

This is an awesome collection of sea creatures and sea shell how to draw doodle tutorials! Which one is your favorite to try copying into your Bullet Journal notebook?

This is a cute seahorse that is inspiring for a beach day spread!

More step by step ocean doodle art to try out!

Cute seashells to remind you of that vacation that is coming up! Use them in your monthly calendars and daily spreads!

A simple seashell doodle that is good practice for small shapes and learning to be more precise while drawing!

Seashells doodle just flipped another direction!

Another great how to draw a simple seashell doodle!

Easy Bullet Journal Animal Doodles

My daughter loves when I draw different cute animals for her! Learning how to do some of these easy animal doodles will make you look like a Rockstar to your kids and their friends!

A cute addition to your doodling repertoire, add this guy in whenever you are going to the Zoo or maybe you actually are going on a Safari! How fun is that?

We watch A LOT of Winnie the Pooh our house so I end up drawing many bees during our coloring sessions. These are simple and easy to copy into your own journal!

Bullet Journal Plant Doodles

I’ve mentioned in other posts how much I love plants! I have 27 in my living room right now… Succulents seem to be a struggle of mine to keep them alive. Now I can draw them in with my bullet journal doodles and keep them forever!

Check out my other Plant Bullet Journal Doodles post for more plant doodle inspiration!

Another great step by step guide on how to draw a cactus! Check out this Instagram for more beginner doodle tips! Add these into your bullet journal doodles plants section!

These are really cute step by step plant doodles that I hope you will appreciate as much as I do!

A simple acorn doodle that you an add to your doodle art portfolio!

Check out more of these great Fall bullet journal doodles that have more leaf and tree inspiration for this great time of year!

Space Bullet Journal Doodles

These are amazing beginner doodles to copy for some space themed journal ideas! Bookmark this page just for this one doodle page!

To infinity and beyond! But seriously, this is a fun and easy spaceship to add to your dotted journal for some great bullet journal space doodles!

Sometimes we overthink how to draw something, this just shows how simple some of those concepts can really be! Share this doodle art with your friends and get it into your space doodles bullet journal spread!

Saturn is the biggest planet and deserved a spot in this inspiration list for your bullet journal doodles space spreads and monthly cover pages!

Harry Potter Doodle Art

For more Harry Potter Inspiration check out this blog post!

Nicole hits it out of the park with these step by step easy Harry Potter doodles! just in time to put these into your back to school Bullet Journal spreads!

Easy Bullet Journal Weather Doodles

Add these icons into your Bullet Journal Key Page to indicate what the weather was like each day! These doodles will stand out each day of the week!


I hope you felt inspired scrolling through and trying some of these awesome drawings how to guides to making easy bullet journal doodles! I love trying out new doodles and trying to find ways of getting them to fit into my spreads! Even though I love minimalist spreads… cute doodles are always welcome!

What About You?

What types of doodles are your favorite to do? Do you use a separate page to do all your doodling in your journal? I hope you enjoyed this monster list of great journal ideas!

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