15 February Bullet Journal Ideas You Need To See!

15 Need to See February Bullet Journal Ideas that you need to add into your Bullet Journal. These are going to look SO good in your Bullet Journal!

February is a month of stress in my opinion! Taxes are coming up, in some areas it is really really really cold, consumerism tells us to pull out our credit cards and buy something for our significant other so that they know we love them and then we deal with the consequences after words. Please take a moment while looking at these February Bullet Journal ideas and reflect on what you want February to be for you this year!

Valentine’s Day does not need to be able high cost gifts and fancy dinners. You can enjoy the fact that the sun is out longer each day! Enjoy the warmth of your coffee, tea or hot chocolate after coming in from the crisp weather outside! Love on yourself instead of focusing on the hard stuff!

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February Bullet Journal Ideas!

This is a very lovely cover page for such a cold month! It has a Winnie the Pooh vibe to me that I just love! Make sure to try out this February bullet journal theme!

A very simple minimalist monthly spread with a great flair for Valentine’s day in the month of love! Try this out in your February spread bullet journal!

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This is an awesome February cover page that gets us past the hype of Valentine’s Day! The health benefits of tea are astounding! Perfect for your February bullet journal to help you feel grounded!

This weekly spread reminds me why I stay indoors so much in February. The sun isn’t up for long and it is SO DANG COLD! Stay inside and work on these great bullet journal ideas for February!

A cheesy and simple Valentines themed February bullet journal spread! That’s the winner right there!!

Cutting out the pictures you want and adding them into your journal is a great idea! You don’t need to be an artist to use a bullet journal. You can treat it like a scrapbook too! Taking all these great February bullet journal theme ideas and cutting them into your journal to make one amazing spread is an awesome way to journal!

This is a fun and nerdy harry potter themed spread to include in your bullet journal for February! I personally read a lot in my muggle home when it gets this cold outside, and this definitely reflects my personality in the winter cold! 

Chinese New Year is amazing each year! It is February 12th this year, don’t miss out on the amazing food and great festivities! Love love love this February bullet journal cover page!

This is a creative and pretty idea for a monthly spread! It looks so crisp and feels so delicate. Love this!! Use this calendar February bullet journal this year!

This is a gorgeous cover page idea for the month of February! The detail on those roses is fantastic and should be included with your bullet journal February ideas!

Another cover page highlighting the Chinese New Year. The tint of pink in the really dark picture looks GORGEOUS! Add this into your February journal ideas for the new year! 

What more do I have to say about Chinese New Year spreads? Maybe I should make one of those..  Add this into your bullet journal February themes!

I love how this whole February bullet journal cover page is put together. A simple calendar with pretty and well detailed flowers to ordain it! 

Here is a super simple weekly spread for your February bujo. Slot that right into the 2nd/3rd week of February for an easy Valentine’s spread! 

This is an awesome spread that I find really inspiring! Well laid out, beautiful doodles and the hit of Zodiac inspiration is so cool! I love how many interesting February bullet journal ideas there are out there!

What About You?

Which of these ideas were the most inspiring for you? My favorite of them was by rians.creations! It is gorgeous, and makes me think of sitting back with a hot mug of tea and staring into the stars… 

Let me know down below!

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