How To Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes : Simple Hacks!

Learn how to fix bullet journal mistakes the simple way! The best hacks to fix any mistake and how to prevent them from happening in the first place!

Can we all just agree that there is nothing worse (ok a few things might be worse) than making a mistake in your bullet journal! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. When I first got my bullet journal, making a mistake was a really big fear of mine. The fear of ruining my book actually prevented me from getting started. For over a week my notebook sat ready to go and I didn’t dare touch it!

My hope for you after reading this post is that mistakes no longer seem so scary since you know how to easily fix them. I hope you enjoy these simple tips to fix bullet journal mistakes!

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Here are my best tips for correcting mistakes in your bullet journal! I hope you enjoy them!

Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes Tip #1

Fixing mistakes is all about covering them up. My favourite way to do this is with polaroids!

I wanted this page to be filled with whimsical doodles but didn’t like the way that flower looked on the bottom. So I taped some polaroids onto the page to cover it up. Super simple fix and I actually like it more now that there is some sweet photos of my baby there!

If you are looking to add more photos to your bullet journal than I highly recommend this printer! It’s the one that I use and love. You take photos on your phone and then print the best ones!

Another easy way to cover mistakes is with scrap booking paper:

I wrote a quote on the right page and did NOT like how it turned out. It was bad. Like bad bad lol!

I was just starting to bullet journal when I made this spread but I do think that laying the scrap booking pages created an interesting effect. Plus it covered a really bad mistake at the beginning of my brand new bullet journal so I was extremely grateful for that.

Another moment for scrap booking paper to come to my rescue. I wrote August without the U so it was “Agust”. I was devastated for making another mistake in my brand new bullet journal. But I remembered how well the scrap booking paper worked on the page before this so I decided to cut out some black paper and cover all the titles on the left side since just covering August would have looked silly.

Other great options for covering mistakes include:

Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes Tip #2

Cut them out!

I drew this picture but realized that the habit tracker wasn’t going to have enough space so I decided to cut the whole thing off!

Turning it into a dutch door! It was my first time ever making a dutch door and I highly recommend it if you want more space to write each day in a week spread!

Its also just a little different from a normal weekly spread and a lot of fun!

Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes Tip #3

Two Ideas to cover little mistakes!

This spread looks cute but I misspelt salad adding an E at the end and making it “salade”.

Super Quick Fix:

Use a gel pen as white out!

As you can see in the photo below, it doesn’t cover it perfectly but it is an awesome quick fix. I used this gel pen.

Read my full Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendation post here!

Another quick fix for little mistakes:

Is to cut out a piece of dotted paper from the back of the book.

Cut the paper just outside of all the dots so you can line them up with the new page and tape it on! Once you have written on it, no one will be able to tell that there was a mistake in the first place! (Unless they were looking really hard and in that case they need to just move on. Get their own life. Am I right? Like gosh Pam, why do you always need to be so critical of my life?!)

Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes Tip #4

For those BIG mess ups that there’s just no coming back from…

Tape it and the page next to it together. If you line them up just right no one will be able to tell. Added bonus to doing this one is that if you’ve been wanting to play with watercolor, now is the time! With the paper now being twice as thick, it is less likely to run through!

What About You?

What hacks do you use to cover mistakes? Share any other tips in the comments!

As time goes on, mistakes become less of a big deal. Remember that it isn’t too hard to fix them but just throw something on top to cover it up!

If you hate making mistakes then:

  • Sketch your spreads out with pencil first
  • Don’t multi task! Watching TV or talking to someone while you bullet journal is a sure way to mess things up!

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