Great Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for May

May is a month that can burst with promise and color! In the Northern Hemisphere you are into the full swing of spring, bringing blooming flowers, warmer days and the anticipation of summer.

It is thought that May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia, who was the Goddess of fertility and growth, quite fitting given the abundant growth seen during this time. Celebrations like May Day and Mothers Day make it a wonderful month to get creative with your bullet journal.

Whether you’re a seasoned journaler or beginner, May can lead to some vibrant themes and even just looking outside can provide ample inspiration.

Here are 20 bullet journal spread ideas that will help you capture the essence of May while organizing your life in a visually appealing and functional way.

May Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

May Cover Page

How about starting with a floral themed cover page. Lilies and peonies are symbolic of May, however Spring can give an abundance of floral inspiration.

Monthly Calendar

How about creating a garden layout where each day is a flower pot. You can just use flower pots or get creative with the flowers and plants that are put into them.

Goals Page

Design a “Goals Garden” where each goal is a growing plant or leaf.

Mood Tracker

If you want a spring theme for your mood, use a floral theme, with each flower or petal representing your days mood.

Habit Tracker

A bee theme is a great idea for habit trackers. Use honeycomb shapes, bees and honey on your page to create a colorful spread.

Daily Gratitude Log

Gratitude logs can be a fantastic place for color! Make it light and bright with colors that make you happy.

Weekly Spread

Bubbles are such a fun thing to design. The use of circles means you they are great for a weekly spread, as you only need to try and fit 7 days on a page.

May Memories Page

Dedicate a page at the end of May to writing down your favorite memories or putting some pictures in of memorable moments in May.

Water Intake

Draw an array of watering cans to track your water usage, or use just one watering can with enough water droplets coming out for each day of the month.

Sleep Log

A great design for a sleep log is a night sky. You can use a simple one like below, or even have a star representing each hour of sleep.

Step Tracker

Create a garden path meandering around the page, with each stepping stone representing a day (where you can write your step count for the day), or an amount of steps for the month (5000, 10000, 20000 etc).

Savings Tracker

Savings trackers are a great way to keep you motivated to save, not spend. Why not try a glass that you color in as you save.

Meal Planner

Illustrate a picnic on your page. You can choose picnic baskets, different types of food, even ants across your page.

Exercise Log

How about a park scene, where each exercise activity or day adds an element to the park.

Reading Tracker

Create a bookshelf, and add books to it as you start them, then color them when you finish reading.

May is a month that can inspire you with themes of growth and renewal. These bullet journal spread ideas not only help in planning and organizing, but also in making the everyday a little more enjoyable. Whether you’re tracking habits, logging memories or planning projects, you May bullet journal can be a delightful garden of productivity and creativity. Enjoy crafting your perfect May spreads and watch your journal bloom alongside the season.

Happy journaling.

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