How Do I Organize My Bullet Journal Stickers

Bullet journal planning and scheduling can be a lot of fun if you use stickers which are the icing on the cake to make your planning easy. However, what happens when you can’t seem to find the right bullet journal stickers in your collection? Or you suddenly discovered they’ve been damaged? Read on to learn how to protect and organize them.

You can organize your bullet journal stickers by using sticker binders that you can make yourself. Organizing them according to types and categories also makes for easy location/identification and usage, especially when you need specific colors or themes. Other methods include proper storage like drawers, wall storage, sticker books and cabinets.

Bullet journal stickers can be somewhat fragile and prone to bending. Their adhesive sides can also lose stickiness and then you end up with sloppy labels on your bullet journal. Understanding how to care for and organize your stickers can be a real game changer in your journaling practice!

How To Organize Bullet Journal Stickers

The best ideas for organizing bullet journal stickers generally come from their intended usage or reason for having them. What we mean is that if you are a sticker seller, collector or user, your organizational pattern for your bullet journal stickers will not be the same.

There are many ways you can organize your stickers. Some suggestions are to organize according to their sizes, categories, or usage.

Thankfully, this article’s ideas for organizing bullet journal stickers are multipurpose. So, you can combine several methods.

Organizing by Size and Texture

The first thing to consider when trying to organize bullet journal stickers is their size. Larger stickers are obviously going to need bigger storage options, but at the same time, if you have a lot of smaller sticker they may get lost in some of the bigger storage drawers etc.

Some stickers are also fragile. Your organizational method should consider their nature to ensure that they are well preserved and not damaged during storage. When you are bullet journaling, you’d like to be able to find what you want easily, and then have it come out in perfect condition for you to use.

Organizing by Categories

You can organize your bullet journal stickers by category to help you easily identify them— this can be done by color or theme.

Here are some essential bullet journal sticker categories to consider.

Bullet Journal
Sticker Categories
DimensionCategorizing your bullet journal stickers by dimension means organizing them based on two or three-dimensional features. 2D stickers are usually flat, while 3D stickers are more rounded and life-like, and may have multiple layers.
ColorStickers are made of different colors, which you can use for color coding. Some stickers are designed as different colors of the alphabet letters, which you can use as a numbering system, while others are not.
ThemeThemes are also a remarkable strategy for categorizing your bullet journal stickers when organizing. Examples of common themes include   Holiday themes such as Christmas, new year, valentines day, Mother/fathers day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.   Seasonal themes such as summer, winter, fall, and spring.   Miscellaneous compositions such as inspirational phrases, quotes, or other generic categories.   The beauty of categorizing by themes is that they are customizable to your preference, and you can make them as personal as you want.

Sticker Binders Organization

Sticker binders allow you to organize your bullet journal stickers like photos in an album. It is neat, takes little to no storage space, and you can make the binders yourself if you’re up for a bit of craftiness. Additionally, it complements the definite form of organizing since you can sort your stickers according to subcategories within the sticker binders or booklet.

Source: Amazon

You can easily find binders like this one above on Amazon or in craft and stationary stores.

Wall Storage Organization

Wall storage is another idea for organizing your bullet journal stickers. This idea is fantastic because it not only arranges your stickers but also keeps them in good condition for much longer. You can vertically organize your stickers by different categories on the wall and save up on floor space or drawer expenses— perfect for people without much space.

Additionally, sticker wall storage makes a subtle wall décor for your room, closet or office. It brilliantly displays all your stickers for you to see and makes it easy to choose which one to use at any given time.

If you don’t have space on your wall, or do not want to screw in storage, then over the door holders are a great alternative.

Organizing With Bullet Journal Sticker Drawer

A sticker drawer for your bullet journal stickers is ideal if you have lots of them and little storage space. This way, you don’t have your sticker lying all over the place and risk losing some. This sticker organizer has nine pull-out drawers for organizing your bullet journal stickers.

 Also, you can stack them one onto another. However, you might have to be conscious of losing desk space.

Organizing With Reusable Sticker Books

They are pretty similar to sticker binders, except they are made from previous sticker surface holders (the shiny surface that holds stickers to protect their adhesives from drying out). It is the perfect idea to create a bullet journal sticker catalog or build a sticker collection.

Organizing With Stadium Storage

Using stadium storage or accordion files is similar to a filing system. They work just the same way you would arrange files or documents in a folder. It is tidy and doesn’t take up much space. Also, you can organize your stickers according to as many categories as you want within your holders.

Source: Amazon

How To Store Your Bullet Journal Stickers

It is vital to understand that it is one thing to organize your bullet journal stickers and another thing to have them last longer. Stickers have very fragile and sensitive adhesive sides. As a result, a little exposure to dust, folding, sand, dirt, and even moisture can damage the sticky surface. Therefore this section will discuss the best storage methods for your bullet journal stickers.

Best Storage Methods for Bullet Journal Stickers

Storage methods for bullet journal stickers are critical for preserving their adhesive sides and colorful patterns. The last thing you want is to go to use a sticker and find it damaged or creased. Essentially, attempts at organizing things without adequate storage measures defeat the aim of trying to stay organized.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a few sticker storage ideas to try.

1.   The Pocket Folder

It is an inexpensive storage method available in several sizes.

They are really not expensive.They do not stand independently.
They come in various sizes for different sticker sizes.They have fewer pockets for storing stickers.  
They do not require any setup protocol.They are not of very high quality.
They are readily available.The stickers can quickly become cluttered.

2.   The Photo Album

This storage method mirrors an actual photo album, making it excellent for storing stickers. Use photo albums with pocket systems.

Perfect for fewer sticker collections.It is not suitable for larger sticker sheets.
They are travel-friendly.It can only accommodate a few stickers, therefore unsuitable for a collector.
Cost-effective and readily available. 
It protects the sticker sheets by maintaining their flat shape. 

3.   The Sticker Mini Binder

Mini binders are perfect for on-the-go situations, especially if you are always taking notes.

They are portable and easy to carry about.It is more expensive compared to the others.
They flip through like book pages.It requires a little setup while using it.
Most sticker sheets easily fit into it.It is not readily available.
It comes with page protectors to keep your stickers flat. 

4.   Cardstock Storage

Although storage designed for cardstock and paper is a little bit bulky, it is one of the best methods for storing stickers, especially if you are a collector or sticker seller. There are a multitude of options from shelves to containers to drawers.

It befits people with a giant sticker collection.Tends to take up more room.
It is easy to organize.It is not as portable as the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Store My Bullet Journal Stickers When Traveling?

You can effectively store your bullet journal stickers in sticker sheets trapped between page protectors to keep them safe. You might also consider storing your sticker sheets in travel-friendly bags for carrying your planner while on the go.

Can Selling Bullet Journal Stickers Make You Money?

Nowadays, many people are into bullet journaling, causing a spike in demand for bullet journal stickers. So, yes, you can make money selling bullet journal stickers as there is a ready market for them. Some people are even willing to buy from you at wholesale price to resell if you have large quantities.

How Can I Decorate My Journal Without Stickers?

You can make your bullet journal look pretty without using stickers. Although washi tapes make an excellent decorative non-sticker piece, you can draw, doodle or use calligraphy to decorate your journal. Moreover, they are inexpensive and only require a little skill and creativity.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy using stickers to brighten up your bullet journal, then the last thing you want is to start your spreads, only to have no idea where your stickers are or find them damaged. Keeping your stickers organized not only help you find them when you’re feeling like journaling, but also protects them. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you better organize your bullet journal stickers for better storage and categorization.


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