Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can DIY From Amazon

Clever costume ideas for women that you can quickly DIY from a few choice items from Amazon! From witty to sexy, I’ve got you covered!

Throw together a fun costume for your Halloween party this year. Whether you want to look sexy or wear something witty, I’ve got you covered. All of the costume ideas below are DIY except for the clueless costume, which was too cute not to share! Don’t let the DIY part scare you either, these costumes are quick last minute options that even he least DIY savvy person could figure out.

I hope you enjoy these last minute Halloween Costume Ideas! I think the very last one is my favourite. You can’t beat a costume with a play on words in my opinion.

Halloween Costume Ideas :

Clueless Costume Idea

Such a simple costume that will leave you looking so fabulous!

Barbie Costume Idea

I love this costume idea. Its super sexy but not in the usual Halloween costume type of a way if that makes sense. All you need is a body suit, leg warmers and throw your hair up into a pony tail. You are good to go!

Barbie Halloween Costume Idea

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Hot Maid Costume

Is there a simpler costume to throw together than a hot maid? Its a classic for a reason. Also, just gonna throw this out there, but it Might be a costume that you hold onto and wear other nights of the year. So its a versatile little number lol!

Hot Maid Halloween Costume Idea


Stranger Things Costume

Great costume idea to do with your best friend! Grab a couple of pieces from Amazon to make up your perfectly 80s outfit and you are set!

Boxer Girls

I change my mind about the simplest outfit to throw together. Sexy boxer girls is definitely the simplest costume. Bonus fact is that you can re-wear the Calvin Klein set and robe all the time so it’s money well spent!

Who knows, maybe you will even take up boxing now that you have cute gloves!

Frat Boys

Who knew that mens button up shirts and baseball caps would make such a cute group costume idea.

Slutty Frat boys Halloween costume


Velma and Daphne

HOW CUTE IS THIS COSTUME IDEA?! Go by yourself or dress up with your bestie. I am almost certain you will be the only ones at the party dressed up as these girls.

Another great costume idea for you and your best friend!

For Daphne:

For Velma:

Betty and Veronica

Another fun costume idea to do with your best friend

Life Guard

I love this costume, its simple to make, subtle sexy and you will most likely be the only ones at the party dressed up as lifeguards. It checks all of the boxes in my opinion.

Lifeguard Halloween Costume Idea


Victoria’s Secret Angels

Cute pyjamas, angel wings and beachy waves

Victoria's Secret Angel's Costume idea

Fake News

Everyone at the party will be talking about this costume. Its modest (but you could make it sexier with a shorter skirt and plunging neckline) and unique. Use a fabric marker to write “Fake” on your shirt and with safety pins, attach newspapers to your skirt. Quick and witty!

What About You?

Which costume was your favorite?

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Last minute Halloween Costume Ideas