Amazing March Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas!

10 Amazing March Bullet Journal cover page ideas to make your Bullet Journal look and feel Spring-like this year!

You made it! Out of the dredges of the cold Winter month and into a fresh start with Spring! These are March Bullet Journal cover page ideas that are inspired by the rebirth that happens in the Spring months!

It’s easier to go outside, we get more sunshine and the days start to get warmer! This is usually when my Bullet Journaling gets the best because I feel renewed and invigorated to really get back into my practice of using my Journal every day!

Try out some of these really pretty and fairly easy cover page ideas for your March Bullet Journal and embrace the habit of filling in those pages each day!


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Before We Get Started:

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March Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Here are some great Bullet Journal cover page ideas for the month of March!

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Starting of with my choice of cover for March. My brain wasn’t in the mood for complicated and I was feeling green this month so went with succulents. They are also relatively simple to draw for those that didn’t get amazing drawing talent (me).

March Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas
By Addimadeit on Instagram!

This is a really lovely example of a simple March bullet journal cover page. March is the beginning of spring in many places and also home to St. Patrick’s Day!

March Bullet Journal Cover Page
By aleihaguiamla on Instagram!

This is a really great March journal cover page! Bright colors with green and yellow that helps show that Spring is coming! My favorite part is that you can see where she initially started and then covered up and tried again!

That is amazing and I love this spread all that much more for it!

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March Bullet Journal
By pastelpink_danni on Instagram!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I really enjoy simple designs! It’s easier for me to try and I think for many who Bullet Journal to try for themselves and practice! This is an easy bullet journal cover page! Try this out in your Bullet Journal for March!

March Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas
By Janesbujo on Instagram

A pretty cover page in its own right! Great for your March Bullet Journal this year and also serves as a great reminder! Always use 120GSM or thicker Bullet Journals to prevent the bleed through that you can see in this image right now!

March Bullet Journal Cover Page
By thecraftystudent on Instagram!

Another cute Bullet Journal Cover Idea for March! This is a spread in use over the course of the month which isn’t normally typical of a cover page and I like that!

March Bullet Journal Cover
By ACoffeyCrafts on Instagram!

This is a fresh spring themed March bullet journal cover! Green after the endless white of snow over the winter is so enjoyable!

March Theme Bullet Journal
Made by Studybuddy80 on Instagram!

This picture is so well done! If you aren’t talented or have as much practice drawing you could also glue in a picture instead and just do the surrounds! An awesome idea for your march theme bullet journal cover!

Bullet Journal March Cover
Made by Reginaxxjournal on Instagram!

Another great spread for your Bullet Journal March cover this upcoming Spring! Coming out of Winter and your constant coffee buzz! I love the browns on this spread!

March Cover Page Bullet Journal
Made by bulletjournal_diaries on Instagram

A beautiful March cover page bullet journal spread! These are the fantastic brush pens used for this type of artwork! Also the Micron pens for the written portion!

March Cover For Bullet Journal
By Lydia.Journals on Instagram!

Here is a great March cover for Bullet Journal lovers! Simple, pretty and just enough effort to make it look difficult at a glance! It’s really and that is why I really love it!

This lilypad spread is the cutest. The green color is perfect for keeping it light and bright and you can’t help but smile when you look at that frog.

I love this Japanese themed spread. Cherry Blossoms are one of my favorite things and this has been drawn so beautifully.

And finally, this one just made me laugh as it’s one of my favourite quotes. I love Phoebe’s honesty.

March Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas Recap

Which of these Cover Page Ideas was your favorite?

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