21+ March Bullet Journal Ideas You Need To See!

Here are 21+ March Bullet Journal ideas to spice up your Bullet Journal this Spring! Including Monthly and Weekly spreads, Trackers and other ideas!

I hope you are able to find some amazing inspiration from this list of March Bullet Journal ideas to apply to your own Bullet Journal! As I was messaged about before, it is SO important to allow yourself time to be creative on a daily basis! Being creative has a strong link to fighting depression which is a really prominent in the winter months where we get much less sunshine during the day!

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March Bullet Journal Ideas!

March offers so many ideas for your bulllet journal spreads. In the Northern Hemisphere people are peeking into spring where as the summer of the Southern Hemisphere is only just starting to abate. Whichever season you are finding yourself in, it can lead to an abundance of ideas. So enjoy this list of March Bullet Journal Ideas!

March Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration

March Bullet Journal Spread
By the Incredible Amandarachlee on Instagram!

Starting our list off with some Amanda Rach Lee Bullet Journal March Inspiration! I am sure you have seen her on Youtube and Instagram, she was really inspiring for me, so I want you to see her work too! Her work is beautiful and gives great March Bullet Journal spread ideas!

March Bullet Journal Spread
Another by AmandaRachLee

Here is the follow up March Bullet Journal spread to ARL’s March cover page! Isn’t this style so simple? There is a reason why so many thousands follow her for inspiration! Try this out in your Bullet Journal weekly spread March!

By Miloe.Joanne on Instagram

This is an awesome collection of different spread layouts and ideas that you could use in your March Bullet Journal! Thank you Miloe for this really unique idea!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By HandletteredJournal on Instagram

Here is another style of a great March Bullet Journal spread. She stuck on most of these and did the hand lettering after words! You do not need to be a professional artist to make your March dot journal beautiful! Use the artwork available to you and add it in!

March Weekly Spread Ideas

March Bullet Journal Spread
By Istanbullet on Instagram!

Weekly Bullet Journal spreads are one of the most numerous that we make throughout the year! This is a simple example of a weekly journal spread for March!

March Bullet Journal Theme
By Seed_Successful_You on Instagram!

This is a really vibrant weekly Bullet Journal spread by Slav! I love this bright green and would love to use it in my March Bullet Journal theme this year!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By PaigeJacquelineJournals on Instagram!

Paige made a really unique spread for her weekly in March! This is not complicated and would not take you long to make at all! These are the pens she used to make this spread! Zebra mildliners, black pilot juice .38, & the gold uniball gel impact pen!

By nicole.josephine on Instagram!

This is a really fun filled homesteader March Bullet Journal spread! This is very inspiring to me and the lifestyle that I soon hope to be living! What do you think of her doodles? I’m going to add that to my March Bullet Journal doodles ideas!

March Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
By Miras.Journal on Instagram!

Mira has some amazing spreads on her Bullet Journal account! This is an incredible March Bullet Journal spread!

Bullet Journal Ideas for March
By Marthasjournal on Instagram

I love love love Martha’s Journal on Insta! Her spreads just POP and stand right out! She has a very simple rhythm to her Bullet Journaling and I strive to be there some day! This is a fantastic addition to my Bullet Journal Ideas for March!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By Miloe.Joanne on Instagram

Miloe creates some really amazing Bullet Journal spreads and this is another one of those! Another one of those great Bullet Journal ideas March 2021!

More Bullet Journal Ideas for March

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By Miras.Journal in Instagram

A playlist spread is a really cool idea! This piggybacks onto her monthly theme of purple as you saw above with the turtle spread! I love how each month is a themed style and color for her! A really great idea for your Bullet Journal for March!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By Seed_Successful_You on Instagram

Another great playlist spread idea for March! This is a really popular spread idea, and a great way to record what music you really enjoyed over the month/year! Give this style a try in your March Bullet Journal 2021!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
By letsplanwithmimi on Instagram!

This is a really neat way of following the lunar cycle in your Bullet Journal. I really like the idea of getting to watch the stars and the moon over the course of the month! Add this idea to your 2021 March Bullet Journal ideas list!

March Bullet Journal Mood and Habit Tracker

If you have never used a mood tracker in your Bullet Journal before I would highly recommend it! It is an excellent way to track how you are doing each day and potentially recognize what might be setting off bad moods throughout the month! Habit trackers are really popular in Bullet Journals and I wanted to show you a few ideas for your Bullet Journal!

I went with a simple succulent theme for March and so my mood tracker became a succulent in a pot. I used a black outline with grey highlights to divide the pot and add the days numbers.

March Mood Tracker Bullet Journal
By MarthasJournal on Instagram

Here is a great March mood tracker Bullet Journal idea! It is elegant and beautiful! Creating something like this will make it more likely that you will come back to this page to track your mood each day!

March Mood Tracker Bullet Journal
By Miras.Journal on Instagram

Mira definitely brought a different style for this March mood tracker bullet journal theme! It is very simple and much less elegant! But this is the type of spread that the majority of us likely have the time to create and still enjoy each day!

March Bullet Journal 2021
By Blossom_Bujo on Instagram!

This is a really cute example of how you could create a monthly habit tracker for March! Try this out in your March Bullet Journal!

March Bullet Journal Ideas
Another by MarthasJournal on Instagram

Boom! Another amazing spread from Marthas Journal on Instagram! The layout is incredibly simple, but the artwork is incredible! I love black and white ink drawings and this really covers my craving for beautiful artwork!

March Habit Tracker
By letsplanwithmimi in Instagram

Washi tape is so useful in your Bullet Journal! You can use it to cover mistakes, mark pages, as a form of art and so many other ideas! Try it out in your March habit tracker!

March Bullet Journal Wellness Tracker
By Miloe.Joanne on Instagram

Tracking your wellness is a really important concept! It may be different for every individual but keeping up on your personal wellbeing is critical to living a healthy life! Try out this unique wellness tracker idea in your March Bullet Journal!

March Bullet Journal Ideas Recap

Thank you for joining me and checking out this list of March Bullet Journal ideas that I hope you will be able to draw some inspiration from and create what is beautiful for you in your own Bullet Journal!

Look for April’s Bullet Journal ideas post in the near future!

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