16 Minimalist Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Are Going To Love!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Layout Ideas to make your life easier by increasing your everyday organization and productivity! Check out these amazing Minimalist Bujo ideas!

Today’s post, minimalist bullet journal layout ideas, is for those who want to use their bullet journal as a productivity tool above all else. These spreads are super quick to make and easy on the eyes. Maybe you can relate but sometimes I will just skip making a weekly spread because I don’t have the time and instead I will use my phone’s calendar. This list is your (and my) rescue to when time is short but you still really want to stay consistent with your bullet journal.

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Beautiful Bullet Journal Layout Ideas Minimalist Style!

Some of my favorite Minimalist Bujo spreads are in this list and I hope you are able to find inspiration for the different layouts and ideas down below!

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Happy Journaling!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover Page

Black and White Minimalist March Bullet Journal Layout
Photo Credit to: procrastinstudy

The simplicity of minimalism is beautiful. I love the small splash of color on this one and how simple bullet journal cover pages can really be!

Minimalist Cover Page Design!

Minimalist December Bullet Journal Cover
Photo Credit to: procrastinstudy

This is an awesome December bullet journal monthly cover page! A simple flower in contrast to the craziness December tends to bring with the holidays!

March Bullet Journal Cover Page!

March Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover with coffee beside it
Photo Credit to: procrastinstudy

Simple and clean, this cover is eye catching and doesn’t need a lot of work! I love how a minimalistic bujo really simplifies making artsy additions to your journal!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

November Monthly Spread Minimalist

November Bullet Journal Calendar Layout
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

This simple black and white calendar layout speaks efficiency to me! Simple to draw out with a rules and a nice black pen! I love simple minimalist bullet journal spreads!

Simple Minimalist Monthly Planner for Instagram

Minimalist Instagram Planner Layout with Calendar and Daily Task List
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

A super simple calendar and checklist for your social media game plan! This would have been quick and easy to make and stay productive doing it. I LOVE how clean it looks with the calendar and list being in line with each other!

March Bullet Journal Spread with To Do list!

Simple Calendar and To Do List
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

This calendar and to do list are lined up so nicely! You can use this for ANY month of the year and it doesn’t take very long to draw this out. You will love this simple design!

Minimalist Weekly Spread Inspiration

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Ideas

Weekly To-Do List and Weekly Planner on same page
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

Simplify your weekly layouts and utilize the whole page! Combining your weekly to-do list and your agenda for the week saves pages and keeps you organized! Simple bullet journal spreads done easy!

Bullet Journal Weekly Page! 

February Minimalist Weekly Layout
Photo Credit to: bulletjournalwithfaith

I love how much information this weekly layout packs into a few pages! Minimal design that shares a tracker and gives plenty of space for each day’s tasks! A great minimalist weekly spread!

Simple Weekly Log Bullet Journal

two page weekly layout with to-do list and checklist
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

This two page weekly layout shows you a full snapshot of your whole week! And using the extra space at the bottom of the page for other lists is genius! Minimal effort and very creative approach.

Compact Minimalist Weekly Planner

compact minimalist bullet journal weekly spread
Photo Credit to: bullet_journalish

Bold letters and crisp boxes make this page in your bullet journal pop! The calendar shows where you are in the month and you have enough space to jot down a few of the things you need to do each day! Simple and useful design!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Layout: Agenda

Agenda Style Weekly Bullet Journal Layout
Photo Credit to: minimalistjournaling

This agenda style weekly layout brings me back to my school days! It is very simple and effective! Minimalist journal layouts are so simple and perfect for me!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas!

Creative Minimalist Bullet Journal Habit Tracker!

simple habit tracker spread bullet journal
Photo Credit to: @jenninajournal

 The hit of green makes this habit tracker pop out! Minimalist design with just a little bit of creativity makes your pages in your Bullet Journal come alive! I love this!

Bujo Monthly Habit Tracker!

Minimalist Phone and Study Habit Tracker
Photo Credit to: @bulletjournal_veronica

This tracker is very simple with a little bit of a flair! That is what minimalism is all about! Ridding the stuff you don’t have true purpose for and making what you do use great! This makes your bullet journal so useful!

Minimalist Fitness Tracker

Minimalist sleep and exercise trackers
Photo Credit to: planforproductivity

These sleep and fitness trackers really show just how simple you can make your trackers! My Bullet Journal helps me stay up-to-date and efficient and this speaks bounds to me!

Easy Minimalist Monthly Budget Tracker

Black and White Minimalist Expenses Tracker for Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: minimalistjournaling

This monthly expenses tracker is simple and takes minimal effort to make. Keeping this on you at all times would definitely curb any spending habits you might have!

Simple Monthly Habit Tracker

Horizontal Single Page Habit Tracker
Photo Credit to: minimalistjournaling

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