15 Creative Monthly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Get the ultimate creative inspiration for your bullet journal. Monthly bullet journal spread ideas that you need to see! Get inspired, creative and productive this month.

Bullet journaling is a game changer for productivity and mental health. Keep everything that you need in one place by designing a journal/planner to exactly your needs. I am obsessed with bullet journaling and plan to share more inspiration and hacks for successful journaling on the blog. Today I am starting with my favourite monthly bullet journal spread ideas. Every one of these ideas is crazy creative and for the most part easy to duplicate for yourself.

If you are just getting in to bullet journaling, don’t let some of the more creative (elaborate) layouts intimidate you. If you aren’t comfortable drawing then you can always use washi tape, stickers or stencils (I have a few examples of each below!) You also do not need to go crazy with purchasing all of the expensive supplies. There is a ton of affordable dupes on Amazon that get raving reviews. To start you just need a dotted notebook and a pen that won’t leak through the page.

Creative Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads

Painted Title Page

Nat created the title page on a separate piece of card stock and then clipped it into her book. The result is gorgeous!

Organized Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Have your calendar on one page and keep everything you would like to remember on the next page. Bonus points if you make it this creative!

Minimalist Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

All you need is a pen, ruler and a couple coloured markers to duplicate this one. Super easy way to get organized quick. Update the boxes to whatever would be most beneficial to you! I do love the idea of keeping birthdays on the monthly spread since I always forget peoples birthdays.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Layout

Keep track of the positive habits your are trying to implement with this incredible monthly tracker layout. Update it to your favourite colour for an even more personalized planner.

One Thing A Day : Gratitude Layout

Make gratitude a priority for a happier life. Even if you only write one thing everyday, it will help. Adding this to your monthly spread will make it so much easier to remember and create that habit.

If you have the space, a good box to add is a highlight or memory box so you don’t forget any of the amazing memories that you create!

Using Stickers in Your Bullet Journal Layout

If you struggle with drawing in your bullet journal a great hack is to use stickers! You can create a gorgeous page like this one so easily!

Christmas Monthly Spread Ideas

My favourite thing about this one is that it creates a mood while looking at it. It gives me all the cozy Christmas feels that you hope for. Remember you can create a mood for any month with words and photos.

Another Christmas / December spread idea. I love that the last one was so creative but this one is more practical giving you a space for a to do list to stay organized during such a busy month.

Sunflowers Layout

A good example of creating a mood for the month. Just looking at this calendar makes me happy. You also don’t need to track a gazillion things each month. Sometimes tracking one at a time will actually created the greatest impact.

Gratitude Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

An informal gratitude place. Add as many as you want and fill the space up with words, drawings and even a paper clipped photo if you wanted. As I said above, a daily gratitude habit is linked to well being and happiness.

Washi Tape Layout

Similar to the stickers hack, there is this washi tape hack. Even the least creative person could duplicate this one and it would look gorgeous. So simple and functional. Just add your favourite washi tape to the top and bottom to create gorgeous borders.

April Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Create a mood for the month : Check. Place for the to do list : Check. Place to track a goal : Check. Incredibly stunning : Check!

Simple Vines Layout

Another one that is easy to duplicate with just a pen and ruler. Leave enough space on the side for your goals and notes (or anything that you are wanting to track) and done!

Crazy Creative Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

The most creative calendar that I have ever seen. I would not have thought to do this myself. That’s why I love looking at other’s inspiration to get ideas for my own bullet journal. The art on the bottom is gorgeous but you could add stickers or wash tape if you aren’t comfortable drawing. Everything else is just done with a ruler though. So simple and eye catching!

Productive Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Does anyone else get a feeling of excitement when they look at something that is super organized? Just me? Ok anyway…. The amount of detail in this one is incredible. This is one that I would really really like to copy since it makes me feel more organized just looking at it. The citrus drawings are a super cute detail but again if you don’t like drawing then you can use stickers, washi tape or even stencils.

What About You?

Are you a long time bullet journal user or just getting started? Let me know in the comments if there is anything specific you need help with to get the hang of bullet journaling. I would love to help you out in any way that I can!

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