18 Incredible Must See Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads!

Check out these inspiring Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads that has your Bullet Journal covered from January to December and a few BONUS spreads for fun!

Sometimes we all hit a mental block that really makes us stumble when we are trying to do even the simplest of things. This post will inspire your creative juices and help you get back into the full swing of making your Bullet Journal helpful and productive and fun! Here are 18 ideas to help you at any time of the year come up your monthly bullet journal spread!

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Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads from January to December!

Lyssa really captures how beautiful January can be, and that there still is greenery in a cold winter wonderland! The lay of the spread is so simple!

This spread is cutesy and simple! Which is on my level! I’m not a magnificent artist, so I find these spreads really inspiring!

Straight forward and simple! Anyone can make this spread, and you could do something similar for every month of the year if that is what you are feeling!

I love how bold April is in the spread! A little bit of water color paint makes a simple looking spread look really artsy and fun!

Minimalist spreads make my life go much smoother, I tend to make spreads quickly, and this is the type of inspiration I tend to use for my own bullet journal!

Check out this post to see more Minimalist Inspiration!

Summer is hitting for my neck of the woods in June, and this screams sunny days and fun outdoors to me! Simple, cute and straight forward!

This is a FUN spread! If you’re looking for inspiration to fill out your bullet journal, you need to check out Metro! She is SO creative with more than just her monthly spreads. I aspire to do this one day!

This girl rocks printables for her monthly spreads which are a fantastic idea! If you don’t have the time to draw out and fill in your journal, printables are the way to go!

I had to include this other cute gem from Metro’s Instagram! This captures the back-to-school vibes that everyone feels at that time of year! Creative and actually quite simple! See these other College themed bullet journal spreads!

This spread is a change from so many gloomy looking layouts that come out at this time of year trying to capture Halloween. It’s functional and cute which is what I LOVE to have in my bujo! Check out these Halloween Doodles here! And these fantastic Harry Potter themed Bullet Journal spreads!

That porcupine looks like a Fun-Gi! Hah.. I love this. It’s colorful and creative. The actual calendar is simple, there is a cute spot to include an inspiring quote. Checks off my boxes!

This is another simple spread, with functional box sizes for each day. That is REALLY important. Why go through all the effort to making a calendar and not even give yourself enough space to fill it in?

Bonus Monthly Bullet Journal Spreads!

This is an alternative to the traditional calendar layout, and I. am. here. for. it! I’m a tea person, the colors are soft and it’s really simple. This speaks to me!

This is another layout that utilizes printables! It makes it so quick to get your bujo up and running if you have no time. Or if you just don’t want to do the leg work to make up your journal.

This is simple, and easy. A great way to start out if you aren’t as creatively inclined and still want to make your journal colorful and fun!

This spread is WILD – no pun intended – And the inclusion of a Dutch door makes it really unique! This is so cool and showcases how creative you can get with your journal! My favorite spread in the entire list!!

Simple with lots of space to fill in your calendar. Great for students! And I like the coloring for the month of February, it just seems fitting!

I felt like this post wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas themed spread. It’s a lot of fun! The drawings on the bottom could easily be done with Printables instead of hand drawing them.

What About You?

Which of these spreads did you like the most? Bullet Journaling is a different experience for everyone, and my tastes are definitely represented by my own skill level! If you’re just starting out check out this post for some great beginner tips! Thank you for reading!!

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