My June Bullet Journal Spread

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for June. This month I went for colors rather than a full overarching theme. I chose various shades of blue and aqua.

There are so many themes you could choose for June (and if you’ve stuck, look at Bullet Journal Ideas for June) but I was feeling more colors than an actual theme and thought I would try out a technique with tape.

As always, all the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below.

Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of June.

June Walkthrough Video

Watch the full design come to life here.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.


Pens / Markers:


Washi Tape:

  • The dark blue floral washi tape was out of this set from Amazon.

June Cover Page

June was all about blues. I started off outlining ‘June’ in pencil to get the sizing and placement then coloured it in marker.

I then proceeded to tape up the page to create shapes and lines. This is done using washi tape that can be lifted off later. You could probably also use masking tape, but you need to ensure that it is not too sticky as you want to be able to remove it.

If you’re going to do a similar technique for your design, ensure you test the tape you want to use on a back page of the journal to make sure it both sticks flat and you are able to pull it off again.

Place the tape in any pattern you like. I just randomly added it to the page.

Then start coloring! Use whatever colors you like. I went with various shades of blues and aquas, with each space a different color (there may have ended up with one or two duplicates).

The next step is to carefully remove the tape. This should give you nice crisp lines between your colors and create an interesting pattern.

I then outlined the June in black to make it stand out from the background.

And here is the finished product.

June Monthly Spread

The monthly spread for June was a box style, with an added bit of ribbon shape for the date. Keeping with the blues, the weekdays are a blue color, with the weekends being aqua.

June is also highlighted in different shades of blue and I recreated the washi tape color technique from the cover page in the bottom corner to tie it it.

The finished monthly spread for June.

June To Do List

A decided to do a full page to do list this month of everything I need to get done. I can then transfer those things I need to do in a particular week onto that weeks page, but keep a running score of the whole month.

This was done by the same two tone blue heading with a ribbon down one side in aqua. I can use this ribbon to mark off when things are completed.

June Weekly Spreads

I chose one page a week this month. A similar style to the monthly spread, with blue for the weekdays and aqua for weekends.

I then added some highlighter for contrast behind the days and dates and used black pen for the writing on these pages.

Finishing off with some washi tape to keep with the blue theme. I thought it would be a bit overpowering with color to redo the blue shapes as before so just added a washi tape highlight to finish the page off.

June Trackers

I stuck with the two tone blue for the headers and my tracker page for June used the ribbon shape from the monthly and to do pages. It fit well with the dates and gave a bit of shape to the trackers.

I used a jigsaw shape for the mood tracker. The outside boarding uses the black end of the Tombow pen and the inside jigsaw outline uses the grey end.

So there you have it, my bullet journal spreads for June. Let me know what you think.

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