October themed Bullet Planner Ideas to get you inspired!

October is full of inspiration for your Bullet Planner. Let’s explore themes, cover pages, spreads and trackers and get Bullet Planning!

Hooray October is here! Bring on the pumpkins and apple picking, haunted houses and hayrides! The weather is bright and the landscape is coloured with the beautiful shades of Fall. And the designs featured in this article showcase all the colors, themes and spooky things we love about this month.

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October Themes

October gives us some many options for creating themed Bullet Journal entries. Here we see the Fall tones with oranges, reds, blues and yellows carried across a series of pages from @bujoandraindrops. Tying your months or seasons together is a great way to create cohesion in your bullet planner.

It wouldn’t be October without a little Halloween! Here is another Bullet Planner Theme to get you excited about the festivities to come. Again the colours and images link the pages to create connection. I like the way this theme keeps the Halloween ideas light and airy. Thanks @mylartsy.

October Bullet Planner cover ideas

This cover screams October with all the fun little images. I keep looking at it and finding something new. I just love all the intricate details. Very cute idea @dangodoodless!

Tea time! This is a great cover page with some wonderful colors. A lovely theme if you’re after something not Halloween related.

How about a little Hocus Pocus? I love the witchy theme here from @raesdailypage. This is a fun and simple pallet that can easily be carried through as a theme.

I love the mystic feel of this October cover page. It is great how such a simple design using a black pen can create a sense of drama and suspense. Very clever @marthasjournal.

Keeping it simple with this October cover page from @studyandstuffx94. It is slightly psychedelic, but mostly I enjoy the soft pastel tones chosen.

I am amazed at how @paperflight.v uses colour to create tone and texture in this October bullet planner cover idea. The detailing is very intricate and it really catches my eye!

There’s just something about black page bullet journals. The colors can look amazing. This orange stands out on the page and you really don’t need to add much to it.

October Bullet Planner spread ideas

Time goes very fast these days and I find that the weeks just whizz by. I like to use a monthly tracker, either in a single or double page spread to help me keep track of my important tasks and events on one page.

A witchy weekly spread like this one from @stationerynat allows a little more space for extra details. I find these spreads handy for my daily to do list!

Alternatively, you could use a double page spread and include a notes section alongside your calendar. I still like this colour palette @studyandstuffx94!

I love the colour contrasts in this weekly spread from @teanbujo. This October theme would look fantastic in your bullet planner!

A minimalist color scheme, a fall leaves theme and a dutch door create a beautiful page. Dutch doors are a great way to add pizzazz on the page.

October Bullet Planner tracker ideas

Trackers are an essential way to reflect on and monitor aspects of our wellbeing. You may have set yourself a goal to work towards and use a tracker to monitor your progress. You may just want to gain a deeper understanding of how your life balances out. Trackers come in many forms, here is a sleep tracker from @bujowithpau that reminds us to get some shut eye!

Back to the Halloween theme with this mood tracker. While our moods fluctuate naturally, it may be worthwhile using a tracker like this to see how long the ups and downs last. As a cat person, this strikes my fancy. Thanks @marthasjournal.

I like the versatility of this double page tracker spread. Why not amend the titles to suit yourself? It is also a great way to keep track of spending!

Using trackers each month it is easy to focus on the things we need – sleep, moods and finances. Here is a tracker that focuses on what you might want! It is easy to get stuck in the daily grind, so keep track of things you want to do, such as reading more books, is also a great way to monitor your wellbeing. Thanks @planthatblossom!

Wrap up!

Thanks for sticking with me! October holds a wealth of inspiration for your Bullet Journal and I hope that you have found something here to get your creative juices flowing. See you next time for more Bullet Journal fun!

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