I remember when I was first getting started blogging and everything felt so overwhelming. So many decisions to make! One of my big goals for this blog is to create a space with all the information a new blogger could need. As I use new things and continue to learn, I will update this list. Everything listed here I use and love! I hope this can help you out as you get started!



I have been with Bluehost for almost a year now and they have exceeded my expectations! If you plan to run a blog that makes money then you need to be self hosted and Bluehost is the best!

Click here for my step by step instructions to start blog with Bluehost!

Food Pro

The theme I use on my blog. Extremely user friendly, easy to customize and looks nice!


I love Canva and use it for everything! To create my logo, banner, a grid of photos to upload onto the blog nicely, Pinterest graphics… the list goes on! I just upgraded to the paid version but the free version is also amazing!


I have a notebook for my brand colours and fonts. I have notebooks for blog posts or videos I want to make. Sometimes I will get hit with a blog post idea and write the whole thing into Evernote. I love that everything is saved on the web rather than on my phone but I can access everything through my phone app as well as on my computer. There is a paid version but I just use the free one!


Forget About Shortcode Buttons

To create buttons that are attention grabbing. I used this plugin to create the link page I use in my Instagram Bio.

Google Analytics for WordPress by Monsterinsights

Plugin that I use to connect my website to Google analytics so I can see how many page views I get, where people travel within the blog, how long they spend on each page and where they find my blog. Seriously a must have!

Instagram Feed

Displays my instagram feed in the footer of my blog.

Simple Social Icons

Helps connect readers to all of my social media platforms.

Yoast Seo

Gives you actionable steps to increase the SEO of each post as you are writing. Every blogger needs this one!


G7X Mark II

My favourite camera! So small, so versatile and takes really nice photos and videos! One of my first big investments for my blog and I am so glad I took the plunge. If you plan on creating videos, this one is the most recommended.


My Christmas present this year and they are life changing! Not only can I take pictures in areas of the house that have awkward lighting, but I can also take photos and videos after the sun goes down.


Create Your Dream Blog

The first blogging course I ever took and it was such a game changer. It was like hanging out with a seasoned blogger for a week. Lisa taught me everything I needed to know to get going. I highly recommend!

Pinteresting Strategies

THE course to grow your blog FAST. I took this course on June 20th. Ended June with 3.6K sessions (my highest month ever). I ended July with 28K sessions. Yes your read that right!



Free and all you need. One day I would love to upgrade to Final Cut Pro but I wouldn’t use too much on it that I can’t already do in iMovie.


I have the free version to do keyword research on Youtube and I really enjoy it!


I also use Canva to make thumbnails for my Youtube videos.