How To Achieve The Perfect Bullet Journal Scrapbook Look!

Get the perfect messy bullet journal scrapbook look in your bullet journal. If you have been drooling over travel journals then you need to see this!

How this post is going to be laid out: First is some maximalist weekly spread inspiration with some tips on how to achieve the look. Then some more scrapbook bullet journal inspiration for some other spreads in your journal such as year at a glance, monthly layout, daily recap, monthly recap and a review page.

I have crammed a lot of information into this post. The scrapbook maximalist look is my favorite but it can be hard to come up with ideas at first that are still functional. Too messy and its hard to find important information. The best part about the scrapbook look is that you can add photos of special memories, ticket stubs or any other memorabilia. As with anything, it just takes some practice.

I always say this but its important to reiterate: this is YOUR bullet journal. All that matters is that you enjoy using it. I hope this post helps!

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If you are NEW to Bullet Journaling I recommend checking out my guide on How to Start a Bullet Journal before getting into how to completely overwhelm and pack your journal from the get go!

How to get the perfect messy scrapbook bullet journal look each week:

1. Print off some photos from Unsplash

You will find it super helpful to print and cut out a ton of photos at a time. I store my photos in a little box. When I sit down to make a new spread, I can just sort through that box to find photos that I like. This way technical difficulties don’t slow me down anymore.

A great website for searching for photos is Photographers upload their photos to be used for free by others.

2. Pick 2-3 photos that follow a similar a color theme

4. Plan where the photos will sit on the page.

The corners are a safe bet that always looks nice.

5. Experiment to find what works for your Bullet Journal spreads

Some people will pre-make the spread so that each day of the week is exactly the same amount of dots apart. I prefer to experiment with the design of each spread. I add the days in the morning of each day. That way each day gets the exact amount of page space that it needs. Some days are busier than others and this makes most sense to me.

The one disadvantage to the rolling weekly is that you are using different pens to write the titles of each day then you need to carry multiple pens around.

I have always used my Tombow to make a big title for each day and my fine point pilot pen for my dailies but I think I will experiment with just using my pilot pen to simplify things for myself. You do whatever makes most sense for you.

6. Once the pages are filled in, go back to add quotes, doodles, washi tape and stickers to fill in the pages.

Some extra things to add to the weekly bullet journal scrapbook spread:

An events/ to do list

I love doing this since I use this spread as a rolling weekly. This way the important things get added to the page immediately but only added to each day as the days are created. This is also helpful in keeping the important things organized and quick for you to find.

Tiny Monthly Calendar

Monthly Scrapbook Layout Inspiration

Year At A Glance Scrapbook Bullet Journal Inspiration

Review Spread

After you finish a movie, tv show or book, create a review spread! Add some photos and do a whole write up. How fun to look back on at the end of the year?

Monthly Recap

Share some of your thought and favourite memories at the end of each month. Add some photos that you took that month for some extra memory keeping.

Daily Recap

What are some of your best tips for getting the perfect scrapbook bullet journal look?

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