13 Amazing Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

This list has some amazing beginner friendly weekly bullet journal spreads that you can use in your very own Bullet Journal! Try out some of these over the next month in your own weekly bujo!

The most common pages that you use in your journal have to be your weekly spreads. Since we make so many of these (I know… four or five a month isn’t really that many) it can be nice to shake up how we write them out! So… I have compiled a great collection of some amazing weekly bullet journal spreads that will hopefully inspire you when you go to create your future weekly spread for your bullet journal!

Personally, I love a simple minimalist layout for my own weekly bullet journal spreads.. I have a newborn and a toddler. Sometimes I only a have a few minutes set aside to draw out anything in my bullet journal. However, sometimes it can be really enjoyable when an extra half hour appears to make my weekly spread a little more wonderous and pretty to look at!

What do you like in your own bullet journal?

While you think on that question scroll down and have a look at some of these awesome bullet journal weekly spread ideas! Let me know what you prefer in your own journal!

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13 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Now let’s start off with some fun spreads on this awesome master list of weekly bullet journal spread ideas!

Cactus Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

By bujo.in.a.jar on Instagram!

Like I said, I like a minimalist spread for my own weekly journal spreads. These boxes are simple and there is a minor blotch of color on each of the cacti! Nothing complicated about this weekly bullet journal spread!

September Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Idea

By Marthasjournal on Instagram!

This spread is so clean and beautiful to look at! There is so much space for notes each day and with such a simple concept this should only take 5-10 minutes to make! This is a really awesome idea for one of your September weekly bullet journal spreads!

weekly spreads for bullet journal

By lauras_lettering on Instagram!

This layout showcases how easy it is to make your bujo look pretty! Another for this awesome list of bullet journal weekly spread ideas!

Cute Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

These spreads are the artsy spreads I was talking about! The doodles on many of them are pretty simple but always make me feel like I need to make them perfect! Try some of these cute weekly bullet journal spread ideas in your journal over the next few weeks!

Cute bullet journal weekly spread

Created bysarah.eliz on Instagram!

This is such a cute bullet journal weekly spread! These are the spreads that I wish I could create on a whim but do not seem to have cutesy creative mind that some do! Such a type A personality lol.

Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Idea

By bulletjournalbymarieke on Instagram!

This is an amazing bullet journal weekly spread idea! Having a middle page shortened for notes and a monthly reminder calendar is so smart. It frees up all the writing space that you would need for each day of the week and looks really slick! What a cute bullet journal spread!

Cute Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for May

From raesdailypage her journaling blog is amazing!

This is a really cute bullet journal weekly spread that you could use for all the summer camping months! Fill in with whatever color you are feeling that month and change out the doodles! I love this spread!

Cute Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Summer

By livs_bullet_journal on Instagram!

Wow! Simple and pretty! I love how just a little bit of color stands out in a crisp bullet journal page! Try this out for a cuter bullet journal weekly spread!

Bullet Journal Simple Weekly Spread

These spreads are my jam! I love simple spreads that I can whip together in just a few minutes! They are also the most beginner friendly for those new to bullet journaling! Love love love these and I hope you do as well!

Bullet Journal Simple Weekly Spread

By bujo.in.a.jar on Instagram!

Here is a simple weekly bullet journal spread that you can put together in 5 minutes! Also as a one page weekly spread this saves space at the same time as giving a ton of space for notes on each day of the week!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Template

By MaryBerryStudio on Instagram!

This is a super simple idea for a weekly spread! Easy to copy over week to week with lots of information at a glance and all the space you need for your daily notes and to-dos! Make this your go to bullet journal weekly spread template! It will take away any uncertainty on what to do for your weekly spread and help you stay productive!

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Another by raesdailypage!

Add this to your must do list of simple weekly bullet journal spread ideas! I know it seems so obvious that you can create a spread that is this simple, but with all the incredible bujo artwork on social media it is too easy to feel pressures to make our journals fantastical!

Bullet Journal ideas weekly spread

By b.bulletjournal on Instagram!

Brooke nailed this weekly spread with how simple it is! 7 boxes with a couple of cute doodles! Try this out as one of your bullet journal ideas weekly spread! I bet you will love how productive you will feel when its finished so quickly!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Students

These are simple spread ideas that are ideal for student bullet journalers that don’t have as much time on their hands or have a lot of things that they are wanting to track in accordance with their studies!

Student bullet journal weekly spread

By Journal.Alongtheway on Instagram!

This is simple idea for your a student bullet journal weekly spread! Quick to put together and with lots of space to add in homework, projects or classes that you need to attend! Give this spread a try!

Student Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

By journalbeanie on Instagram!

Here is another super easy student bullet journal weekly spread! Lots of space for your daily notes and really quick to set up! In my opinion this minimalist bujo spread is one of the simplest ways to run your bullet journal!

Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads Recap!

I hope this page was able to inspire your weekly bullet journal spreads and help you simplify your weekly journals! Your journal really is there to help you be productive and on top of your daily and weekly tasks. Having a system for your bullet journal weekly spreads with really boost your productivity and give back some mental energy at the end of the day!

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13 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads you NEED to Steal
13 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads you NEED to Steal