What Should a Teen Put in a Bullet Journal

Is your life all over the place and lacks productivity? Are you a teen looking for motivation to start your bullet journal, or are you confused about the contents of your journal? Don’t worry; we will guide you and tell you everything that you need to know about bullet journaling.

Teens can organize their bullet journal in order of index, key, yearly log, monthly log, and daily log. They can also add a gratitude and future goals log. Moreover, they can add homework or study trackers, water log, and gym log.

Bullet journaling is a healthy activity for teenagers, and can help them to have a clear image of life and their goals. In this article, we will discuss what teens should put in their bullet journals and why journaling is important for them. 


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What Should a Teen Put in a Bullet Journal

Teenagers are usually just starting the process of using a bullet journal. They may have used a diary as they started to grow up for recording life’s events, and their thoughts, but bullet journaling is different.

If you are thinking of starting a bullet journal but don’t know what to put or how to organize your journal contents, you can sometimes feel helpless and confused about writing a bullet journal and give up before you’ve even begun! So, little fellows! If you are going through the same feelings, here are a few things to put in your journal:


The first and foremost step is to create an index on the initial pages. Your index will contain the details of the complete journal along with page numbers of your content for easy reference. You can use the index to track a specific page or information and instantly reach there. Believe me! It will surely help you someday in an emergency.


The next page after the index should have a bullet journal key, which keeps a record of all the symbols used in the journal. It has a list of the symbols and their meanings. You should leave an extra page to add more symbols as you create them. This key is not optional; without it, there is a high chance of forgetting the meaning of your symbols.

Future Log

The future log contains long-term goals. You can write all the tasks and goals you plan to achieve in the next 6 months or years. These are not priority or important tasks but just an outlook of the tasks you want to complete in the future.

Monthly Log

Before the start of each month, you should write down the tasks you aim to accomplish within that month. It should be an overview of all monthly activities with a stipulated time frame. You will have a clear understanding of your monthly goals.  Ultimately, the chances of missing any important task will be minimal, and your teen mind will gain motivation for the upcoming month’s goals.

Weekly Log

A weekly log is another important part of a teen’s journal. Thinking and planning for the next week help you focus and perform better. Starting a week without any goal is boring during the teenage years because every week matters to your goal. Towards the end of the week, start thinking about the upcoming week and plan all the tasks. Set the goals before going to bed on Sunday night. A well-planned week will be a well-spent week indeed.

Daily Log

A daily log is where you log your day-to-day tasks. Every night you should write down the following day’s tasks in the order of; priority, important, and scheduled tasks.

Gratitude Log

The gratitude log is where you can write all the blessings you are grateful for. List down all the things that made you happy. You can also write about the people that make you feel special. In short, you can write about every little thing that positively impacts your life. This activity will help you live a happier life.

Goals Tracker

Everyone has a specific set of goals that they want to achieve in their life. So, in the goals tracker, you can write down all your life goals and prepare yourself to fulfill them in the future.

Additional Logs

It is your bullet journal, and you can customize it according to your liking. You can add as much information as you like. The journal can also have a homework tracker, water tracker, habit tracker, physical activity tracker, movies watched, books read, and much more.

Benefits of Bullet Journals To Teens

If your teen lacks productivity and is unsure about their life, you should introduce bullet journals. Bullet journals allow people to control and perform better in their day-to-day life. Teenagers are undergoing a hormonal surge, and writing down their feelings and emotions can help them to cope with life.

Usually, teenage kids are reluctant to share their secrets with elders or friends, which is why bullet journaling is a great outlet. The journal becomes their safe place to keep all their little secrets.

Writing a bullet journal is a healthy activity that keeps a teen’s mind fresh. They spend less time procrastinating and more on their studies and other activities. Moreover, if used correctly they can get clarity about life and the people around them.

Teens that are able to motivate themselves to start writing a bullet journal can enjoy the followings benefits:

  • Get to know your inner self, emotions, and feelings to connect with yourself.
  • Regular journaling leads to a well-managed lifestyle.
  • Better sense of time management
  • Declutter your thoughts and emotions to be happier.
  • Prepare yourself to complete all tasks on time.
  • It motivates you to achieve your goals and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Reduces procrastination and increases productivity.
  • Daily journaling dramatically improves communication skills in teens, ultimately leading to their academic success.

Supplies For Teen Bullet Journaling

Teenagers tend to get bored with everything quite easily. One day they might be enthusiastic about starting a bullet journal, and the other day they may be too lazy to continue writing it. It needs to be a fun activity that motivates them to log their information daily. So, buying various stationery supplies can help you stay consistent with them.

Here is a list of supplies that a teen should get for bullet journaling:

You can be a creative junkie and make your journal as beautiful as you like. Use different colored pens and markers to have fun with colors while writing your daily tasks. If you like to draw, you can also doodle and create until your hearts content.

Tips or Hacks to Develop a Habit of Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling can sometimes become difficult and boring because it is a daily task. Since journaling demands consistency, teens find it tiring and quit it after a while. So, if you are also on the verge of quitting journaling, here are a few tips and hacks that you can try to develop the habit and go a long way with it:

  • Get an attractive journal with beautiful graphics (full of your favorite colors).
  • Set a fixed time for journaling every day and follow it religiously. Decide a time when you usually feel fresh and active. For some teens, the suitable time can be early in the morning; for some teens, it could be right before bedtime.
  • Use colors and unique symbols to make your journal interesting and funky.  Colors never let any habit die!
  • Do not forget to mark your daily tasks as complete; they will give you the motivation to do even better the next day. A sense of accomplishment is your best medicine indeed!
  • Fill out your trackers. They can give you a great sense of accomplishment but you can also use them to see patterns, especially health and mood trackers.
  • Notice all the changes that journaling brings to your life and acknowledge them.
  • Always write detailed information about your day in the journal.

Even if you feel too tired someday, do not skip writing your daily log, may it be a few words. 30 – 40 words are better than none. Keep pushing yourself every day for at least a month, and you will eventually develop the habit of bullet journaling. For many intelligent people,  journaling becomes a lifetime hobby. Wanna be one of them? Then never quit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Bullet Journal Help Teens With Studies?

Yes, bullet journals can surely help with studies. Teens can have a separate study log to track their progress in their studies. It is a healthy activity for students to monitor their academic goals regularly.

Should a Teen Add a Screen Time Tracker in the Bullet Journal?

Adding a screen time tracker to your bullet journal will help decrease screen usage. It can make you aware of how much screen time you are actually having, instead of just using screens for an unlimited amount of time. So, it is better to have a screen time log to control it. Lesser screen time, healthier life!

Does a Teen Need A lot of Bullet Journaling Supplies?

Having a good stock of supplies can improve the bullet journaling experience of teens. It helps them to stay motivated and interested in logging the information daily. Otherwise, they might start getting bored and gradually discontinue this wonderful habit. However a whole bunch of supplies aren’t necessary for successful journaling.


Bullet journaling is a great way for teens to track their habits and daily tasks. Their life becomes organized and productive by journaling. We discussed the importance of bullet journals for teens and what they should add to them.

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