Why It’s Worth It To Splurge On A Planner

Planners are an essential item for anyone that is looking to organize their life a little better, whether they’re a school student, wedding planner, parent of 4, or just a general busybody!

Planners can come in a variety of different designs, sizes, and price ranges. From $15 dollar simple planners, all the way up to the luxurious $100+ products and makes.

For some people, many of the planners out there can feel a little excessive. After all, do you really need to spend upwards of a few buck to get a planner?

I think the answer is a resounding yes. And in this short guide, I’m going to explain to you exactly why!

Do I Really Need A Planner?

For folks who don’t regularly use a planner, getting one can feel a little excessive. If they can make it through life without needing to use a planner, are they really a necessary purchase?

Absolutely, they are! And, more than likely, I think that people that don’t use planners have the most to gain from them!

For starters, a planner can help you figure out what your priorities need to be for the foreseeable future, as well as organizing them in order of their importance and urgency.

That might sound like a lot of hot air, but you’ll be surprised just how much better you’ll be able to focus on a given task, when you know that its deadline is just around the corner!

On top of that, being able to follow your list of tasks and keep track of when they’re due is also a great way of helping reduce your stress levels about said priorities.

You’ll be able to quite that little nagging feeling that tells you that you need to be working on something, but you’re not sure quite what, exactly.

Not only can planners help reduce daily stresses that you might be up against, but they can actually help you live a healthier life, period.

Being able to track what types of food you’re eating in a planner is a godsend for people on diets or eating plans.

Knowing how much nutrition or calories a given meal has is essential to healthy living, and planners are the perfect record of that.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Planner

Why It’s Worth It To Splurge On A Planner

So, I’ve made my case pretty clear, at this point. Having a planner so that you can try and keep your life and affairs in order is definitely worth a try, if nothing else.

However, if you’re unsure about deciding on a planner for yourself, these ideas really helped narrow down my options!

Test Your Layout

If you can, before buying your planner, make sure to test out the layout actually works for your needs, perhaps through as an online version that can be printed out at the right size.

This will allow you to get a physical sense of the planner and how it feels to use, before committing to the final purchase.

And don’t compromise on the little details that bug you, either.

If you’re looking for a planner that has a Monday as the first day, but you prefer to have them start on the Sunday, then keep searching, and find one that you like the layout of.

Those might seem like little details at first. But when you’ve got to use the same planner for months, maybe even years, before you get another one, having one that feels right is essential!

Pricier Isn’t Always Better

Don’t assume that a more expensive planner is going to automatically be better for your needs.

While it can certainly help that a planner is made from more premium materials, that’s not always a guarantee that it’s going to click with you.

If you feel more connected to the $20 planner over the $75 notebook, then go for it!

Final Notes

So, at this point, the question shouldn’t really be ‘Should I get a planner?’ anymore. Now it should be ‘where can I find a planner that works for me’?

It’s only a matter of time before yo find a planner that works for you!

So, whether you go for an electronic planner, or stick with something physical, this guide should have helped you make up your mind!