41+ Yellow Bullet Journal Spread Ideas!

Yellow bullet journal layout inspiration that you need to see! Theme ideas for every month, weekly spreads, habit trackers and so much more!

Yellow bullet journal inspiration that will brighten your days! Since I was a kid, I have always associated yellow with happiness. It is one of my favorite colors to add to my bullet journal since just looking at it can brighten my mood. I was curious if everyone felt this way and this is what I found online:

“Yellow is perhaps the most energetic of the warm colors. It is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Accents of yellow help give your design energy and will make the viewer feel optimistic and cheerful.”


So if you hope to add some more “laughter, hope and sunshine” to your days, you are on the right list. Scroll to get tons of yellow bullet journal inspiration.

Scroll for monthly yellow theme ideas, weekly spreads, mood trackers, habit trackers and more!

I hope you enjoy!

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I wanted to share some of the best and most affordable tools available for bullet journalling.

  • This notebook which is almost identical to the cult favorite and has raving reviews for a fraction of the cost!
  • This pen that won’t bleed through the page and is great for inputting your dailies
  • This Pen for art work and faux calligraphy
  • These Markers for decorating and color coding your journal
  • Stencils for making layouts quicker, or if you’re not handy at drawing

Also not necessary but this MEGA pack of PRINTABLES is amazing!

Obviously the only things that you need to get started is a notebook and pen and you will use them the most. However, the markers are useful for colour coding your journal and the stencils will save you time in creating beautiful layouts!

Read my full Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendation post here!

Yellow Maximalist Bullet Journal Inspiration


1. Yellow June Spread in Full Bloom!

June Yellow themed weekly bullet journal spread using every inch of space
Photo Credit to: @yikesjournal

If you were previously unaware – maximalist bullet journals use your pages to their fullest extent. This spread definitely utilizes the full pages with useful information and it looks incredible!

2. Yellow One Page Maximalist Weekly Spread

Single Page Yellow Themed Summer Weekly Spread for your Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: sleepy.bujo

This is gorgeous and reasonably easy to follow the notes on the page. Sometimes I think that maxing out your pages would just feel cramped, but this spread is playful and sweet!

Sunflower Spread Inspiration

3. July Monthly Sunflower Spread

Yellow Sunflower themed monthly spread for July Bullet Journal Spread
Photo Credit to: @amandarachlee

This girl makes amazing spreads that pop out in your bullet journal! These sunflowers remind us of the warmth and beauty that summer brings. A simple but useful calendar to showcase the month of July!

4. Sunflower Themed Sleep Tracker!

Sunflower themed Summer Sleep Tracker in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: blossom_bujo

This tracker has a simple design with some pretty flowers to make this sleep tracker feel warm and full. Using all the available space to its fullest!

5. Yellow August Social Media Tracker Spread

Yellow Sunflower themed social media tracking spread in August
Photo Credit to: bujoandcookies

This cute sunflower themed social media tracker is sweet and simple. I love the colors in this spread that is so simple for anyone to copy into their own bullet journal! In fact.. I should probably use this for my own blog writing!

6. Blue and Yellow Summer Themed Habit Tracker!

Colorful Yellow and blue Habit Tracker in a Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

Yellow and blue go so well together! This is an easy way to track a bunch of habits and have it be pretty at the same time. Simple to lay out and keep up with through-out the month! All that is left is to decorate with some sunflowers.

Lemon Bullet Journal Ideas

7. August Lemon Cover Page!

August Bullet Journal Cover page with lemon slices
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

This is a fun cover page reminding us to drink A LOT of lemonade in this incredibly hot month of August. Simple, easy and fun to draw and color. This cover is very beginner friendly!

8. One Page August Weekly Spread: Lemon Themed

One Page Weekly Spread with Yellow Lemons and leaves in a Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

This weekly spread is fun and colorful! Take this spread design and fill it in with your favorite fruits to get a splash of variety every month!

9. Lemon Themed Habit Tracker

Lemon Themed Habit Tracker in a Bullet Journal with Blue Banner
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

This habit tracker pops out and reminds me of #6! All the lemonade and summery drinks I am going to have out on the front porch. I like the brightness of the yellow; it really stands out!

10. When Life Gives You Lemons Cover Page

Bullet Journal Cover Page 'When life gives you lemons' with lemonade in a jar
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

Sometimes you just need to express yourself in your bullet journal and this is a perfect example of doing that! Don’t be afraid to just have pages for doodling and other silly stuff. Your Bullet Journal is whatever you want it to be!

11. Lemon One Page Weekly Planner August

Yellow August Bullet Journal Weekly Spread with lemon theme
Photo Credit to: marthasjournal

This is a fun way to make your weekly spread colorful and useful, including a snapshot of where you are in the month and a way to express yourself at the same time!

Painted Yellow Cover Inspiration


12. Wildflower Themed April Cover Page

Yellow Painted April Cover Page in Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: @whimsical.doodles

Paints can bring out such beauty in your bullet journal that highlighting and markers just can’t compete with! I love this cover page, it makes me think about everything coming back fresh in the spring!

Whimsical Yellow Space Theme Inspiration

13. Yellow April Solar System Cover Page

Yellow space themed solar system in a jar in April Bullet Journal cover page
Photo Credit to: bujo.maja

This cover page is so cute and whimsical. Opening your bullet journal to that would definitely bring a smile and get your brain thinking and ready to fill in whatever trackers or checklists you have prepared in your journal.

14. Yellow Space Themed April Monthly Spread

Yellow Space themed Monthly Spread for April in Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.maja

I love this art style and how it fills in the page so nicely. But, it also reminds me that my schedule sometimes has a meteor come in and blow it right up! It’s so important to keep up to date in your bullet journal!

15. April Bullet Journal Space Weekly Spread

Yellow space themed weekly spread for April with pop out flap
Photo Credit to: bujo.maja

This in-between months weekly spread is amazing! It looks SO good and a very brilliant use of a bullet journal. Customizing your journal for you every need is what bullet journalling is all about!

16. ‘Sticky Note’ Space Themed Weekly Spread

Yellow Space Themed Weekly Spread in Bullet Journal with a Space doodle page taped in
Photo Credit to: bujo.maja

I love using sticky notes in my bullet journal for the rare times I don’t have it on me and have a thought I need to jot down! This is a creative use of that in a more artistic form.

Sunshine Theme Bullet Journal Idea

17. Bright Yellow and Sunny June Cover Page

June Cover Page with many doodled yellow suns in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

Bright yellow and sunny! This cover page is simple to put together and just requires a little bit of creativity. Love this artist!

18. Sunshine Themed Monthly Tracker

Bullet Journal with a yellow sun themed monthly tracker
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

A simple and straight forward monthly tracker for beginners in both bullet journalling and artsy doodling. Bright Yellow really pops out at you on the crisp white pages!

19. Sunshine Yellow Monthly Habit Tracker

Two Page Monthly Habit Tracker and Weather Tracker with Yellow Marker Highlighting it in a Bullet Journal
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

This two page habit tracker and weather tracker is well thought out and pretty. A fun style to copy into your own bullet journal!

20. Daily Record Log Sunny Edition!

Daily Log In a Bullet a Journal titled 'A Line a Day' with yellow coloring
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

This daily tracking idea is a great way to remember what you did over the whole month. Sometimes it’s just too hard to remember what we did every day of the month!

21. Feeling Bright Weekly Task List

Two Page Weekly Task List in a Bullet Journal with Yellow Bubble Letters
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

Task lists are usually dreadful; but this one is so bright and cheery it makes me feel good to open up this page. This is a MUST HAVE in your Bullet Journal to keep it fun!

22. Weekly Spread for Sunny Days!

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread with Bold Days of the Week and a Bright Yellow Sun
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

Bold lettering and bright colors make a bright and vibrant spread. This weekly is simple and easy for anyone to copy and make it their own!

23. Sunny Highlights of The Month Spread

A Highlight of the month spread in a bullet journal filled with yellow suns, ripples of water and birds
Photo Credit to: shedoodles.a

It is important to remember the best parts of your month. Make sure to record these as they happen or you might forget! Another great use for your bullet journal!

Yellow Weekly Bullet Journal Inspiration

24. Simple Yellow Border Weekly Spread

Simple Weekly Spread with a Yellow Border and outlined flowers
Photo Credit to: whimsical.doodles

I love the simplicity of this spread. Quick to put together and a chance to doodle some flowers to make it just a touch more unique!

25. August Weekly Spread with Tracker

August Weekly Spread with Tracker and Goal Lists. Days of the week are highlighted yellow
Photo Credit to: booksofnotes

The lines on this spread are crisp! The layout of this page helps you track so much in such a small space! This is bullet journalling to an impressive level!

26. Be The Sunshine Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread with yellow highlighted days of the week and a monthly snap shot.
Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

This one page weekly spread is so cute! The clouds and sunshine are fun to doodle plus this page is very informative!

27. One Page Weekly Sunflower Spread

Yellow Sunflower Weekly Spread with Printables attched to it

Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

Printables are a fantastic way to fill out your bullet journal quickly and allow you to be creative with layering it! You can find any photo on the internet or out of a magazine, etc and tape it in!

27. Emoji Band Bullet Journal Weekly

Yellow Banner With Emoji Faces with weekly spread in bullet journal
Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

Another super simple weekly spread with a cute yellow banner on the side. Making this by hand or simply putting on a print out makes this fresh and exciting!

28. Minimal Effort Weekly Spread

Light bulb themed weekly spread with snap shot of month
Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

Ever get a great idea and don’t have a place to write it down AND look at it again after the fact? That’s where your bullet journal comes in handy!

29. Black and Yellow Light Bulb Weekly Theme

Black and Yellow Light Bulb themed weekly spread in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

This black and yellow theme really stands out on the stark white paper! It also brings the light bulbs to life on paper!

30. October Weekly Spread with Printables

October Weekly Spread with Monthly Snapshot and printable doodles in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.maja

This fall themed weekly really captures the time of year and is also very simple to put together! The images on the weekly page are stuck on printables as well!

Honey Bee Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

31. May Honey Bee Cover Page

Globe Style Cover Page for May's Bullet Journal, decorated with honeycombs and bees
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

This cover page screams out STENCILS to me! Not everyone can draw perfectly straight lines on every single yellow honeycomb! Buy the tools and use them to make things a little simpler!

32. May Honey Bee Monthly Spread

May Honeycomb themed monthly calendar with yellow outlines and bees
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Another great use of stencils and amazing display of how they can make your bullet journal look so crisp and professional!

33. Yellow Honey Comb Styled Weekly Spread

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread with honey comb style
Photo Credit: bujo.by.lo

I really like this honey comb style of organizing your weekly spread. It is beginner friendly and an easy way put some color into your bullet journal!

34. Step by Step How to Draw a Bumble Bee

Step by step how to draw a honey bee with honey combs in the background in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Here is your step by step instructions to drawing honey bees in your own summer time bullet journal!

35. May Yellow Two Page Weekly Spread

Bee and honey comb style two page weekly spread in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Another great two page honey comb weekly that is sweet and simple to put together! It leaves plenty of space to jot down notes and provides a snapshot view of the month!

36. Honey Comb Habit Tracker

Honey Comb Habit Tracker filled in yellow in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

This is a clever use of their honey comb theme, making it look like goney as they fill in their habit tracker! I love this idea!

37. May Two Page Weekly Bullet Journal

Yellow Two Page weekly Spread with honey comb divider in the middle of bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Another simple and great use of space for your weekly thoughts and goals to go into! Providing a snapshot view of the month as well!

38. Honey Bee Show Watch list Tracker!

Yellow TV Show watch list with yellow filled in honey combs to track it
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Sometimes you have NO idea how far along you are in a TV Series, this is a fun way to see just how far along you are in the show and when you will get to the finale episode!

39. Yellow Honey Comb Quote Page!

Live a Little Quote Page with Yellow honey comb and bee theme in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

At this point you can see that honey combs can form the base of any style of page layout that you could want and keep it organized and simple!

40. Full Honey Comb Weekly Spread

Full Two page Weekly Spread honey comb themed in bullet journal
Photo Credit to: bujo.by.lo

Another creative use of honey combs and fitting in a style for your weekly spread! These bright yellow drops of honey brighten up your bullet journal marvelously!

41. June Monthly Honey Comb Background

June Monthly Calendar Spread with yellow honey comb background
Photo Credit to: @january._journal

This faded out honey comb background looks amazing! All done with stencils and a good set of markers! Taking a simple spread and making it extravagant is incredible!

Bullet Journal Yellow Budget and Tracker Ideas

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42. Simple Yellow Study Time Tracker!

Simple Bullet Journal Study Time Tracker with yellow marker highlighting it
Photo Credit to: jeannestudies

I really jive with these simple trackers that are quick to set up and have minimal effort. Easy for a beginner to copy and very effective in its purpose!

43. Light and Fun Yellow Budget Tracker

Simple Budget Tracker with yellow highlights in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: pine.jungle

Light and simple budget tracker that is a necessity in each individuals bullet journal! Tracking your income and expenses is important to keep your daily life stress free!

44. Smiley Face Mood Tracker and Sleep Log

Two Different Pages. One with a Mood Tracker using smiley faces and a yellow sleep log
Photo Credit to: b.bulletjournal

This smiley face mood tracker is a fun way to watch what you’ve been like each day of the month! Even if you’re sad or upset, it’s easy to fill in that face. And the Sleep log is stupid simple to put together! I wonder how each day correlates to how well they slept?

Yellow Monthly Layout

More monthly layout ideas:


45. September Yellow Bubble Letter Calendar

Monthly Calendar for September with two page tracking log and yellow bubble letters
Photo Credit to: @b.bulletjournal

These solid lines are amazing in this journal! And the simple stenciled bubble letters filled with a fun yellow makes it really stand out to me! I will do this in my own journal!

46. April Monthly Spread with Yellow Letters!

April Monthly Calendar Spread with yellow block letters in a bullet journal
Photo Credit to: @bujobeyond

Boxed out days with space to jot notes? Check! Touch of color to bring the page to life? Check! I’m going to copy this into my own Bullet Journal? Check!

What about you?

What’s your favourite yellow theme? A simple monotone spread or one of the other designs?

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