7 Gorgeous Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Looking for some great inspiration for your Bullet Journal? Try these 7 gorgeous Bullet Journal font ideas in your Bullet Journal!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Font Ideas

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Hi Again! You’re here because your bujo is feeling a little boring and are looking for a spark of inspiration! Well, here are 7 of my favorite Bullet Journal Font Ideas for your Bujo!! I sometimes deal with a lack of imagination (hence why I like minimalist style journaling the best!) and that is why I compiled this list!

There has to be others like me other there! …Right? lol

I would suggest trying these out in a separate journal or on scrap paper to get some practice in before trying to add it into your beautiful Bullet Journal! You might call this Bullet Journal Font Practice!

This is one of the best ways we can add some personality to our Journals by changing the colors, lettering and sizing on each page. Practice mixing and matching your favorite bujo fonts throughout the year and by the end you will have a really cool array of spreads!

Bullet Journal Font Ideas

Okay, lets get into these 7 great examples of Bullet Journal Fonts!

Best Fonts For Bullet Journal
By plannerjournal_ on Instagram!

This boho font is very unique! I love the uppercase lettering and how impactful it can be in your Bullet Journal! First on this list of font ideas bullet journal!

Best Fonts For Bullet Journal Cursive
By .lettering_is_my_passion_ on Instagram!

This is a simple handwriting style of bullet journal fonts cursive! I know that cursive writing is going away in a hurry with how fast technology is advancing and there doesn’t seem to be such a need for it; It is so beautiful and really needs to be showcased more! Add it as practice for your kids to learn as these are simple bullet journal fonts for beginners!

By shereen.dipity on Instagram

This BOLD and beautifully shaded lettering is going o the cool bullet journal fonts list! Love this idea, it really makes your spread POP!

Best Fonts for Bullet Journal Block Lettering
By khadeejakalanad on Instagram!

Block lettering is one of the first styles that you will use in your bullet journal! Easy to learn and practice and see lots of examples of! One of those easy fonts for Bullet Journal that I think is really underrated!

Best fonts for Bullet Journal Brush Lettering
By brush.lettering on Instagram!

A really beautiful font style is brush lettering! I’ve seen some go as far as to make a brush lettering bullet journal! Brush lettering is a ton of fun, requiring only a couple of things to do it!

I really love the tombow dualbrush pens for doing this! Their quality is amazing and the colors are really vibrant! And they are over 50% off right now!

More Fonts For Bullet Journal!

Bullet Journal Font Ideas
This is by Oraarts on Instagram!

This is modern hand lettering at it’s finest! A mix of block, drop shadow and bolding make up a beautiful font for your journal!

Orawan makes some beautiful displays in her art journals and regular daily journals! I can’t recommend checking out her Instagram enough! Check out more hand lettering fonts bullet journal related on her page!

Best Fonts For Bullet Journal Letter Guide
By Stefankunz on Instagram!

Stefan has a ton of stuff online teaching you how to draw and make amazing letters, it’s also focused majorly on tablet or some other type of platform from your good ol’ Bullet Journal, but this lettering font cheat sheet is stunning! 16 different fonts to try and replicate! A serious upgrade to your list of Bullet Journal font ideas.

Bullet Journal Font Ideas
This is by amandaarneill on Instagram!

She has some of the most amazing Bullet Journal hand lettering spreads I’ve ever seen! These Bullet Journal lettering fonts pop out at you and really showcase how having different fonts in your journal can make all areas really stand out! This is someone who journals and writes with passion and I can’t get enough of it! Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not you need to check out her different styles of lettering and fonts!

Bullet Journal Font Ideas Recap

There we have it! 7 really great Bullet Journal font ideas to jog that imagination and inspire your Bullet Journal! I really love these two Instagram accounts, and I’m going to link them again down below because I really think you need to check them out!



Those two women are incredibly inspiring and show what practicing and writing often does to your own lettering skills!

Bullet Journal Font Practice

These are some really amazing resources for your Bullet Journal font practice! Try out the cursive font bullet journal practice sheets or any number of these free bullet journal practice sheets!

Bydawnnicole – Nicole has 20 different free practice sheets for you to get daily practice in!

Lettering Daily – Max created the lettering crate which has a ton of free lettering resources in it! This is his amazon recommended hand lettering and calligraphy products page! He is a true saint trying to share with others free resources!

Until next time.

Happy Journaling!

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7 Amazing Bullet Journal Font Ideas for 2021