30 Simple Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas For 2022

Finally you have a place to track the habits you want to implement (or get rid of). Here’s a list of the best habit tracker Bullet Journal ideas on the web for 2022!

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal
By tangerinestrawberry on Instagram!

What is a Habit Tracker Bullet Journal?

A habit tracker is premade calendar or grid that you fill in each day showing that you completed something or fill in whatever it is you are tracking each day! A habit tracker bullet journal is a journal you commit to tracking your old and new habits! This can be a part of your normal bujo or a separate journal altogether!

Habit trackers are pretty much essential if you plan on using your Bullet Journal to it’s full potential. If you are just getting the hang of using your Bujo, this could be a real challenge because you are just building the habit of using your journal each day let alone track it!

If you are wanting to start using habit trackers, this list of habit tracker Bullet Journal ideas will help you in figuring out how to draw up some helpful tools in your dot journal but also give you some inspiration on ALL of the things you can track!

The biggest struggle most people have with getting started is remembering to actually fill in their habit tracker!

I have a few tips for that :

  1. Set aside time each day to fill it out. Pour yourself a cup of sleepy tea before bed and input the habits for that day. Eventually it will become a habit but give yourself grace while you are trying to remember to fill it out each night.
  2. Make the page nice to look at. You are more likely to want to go to the page everyday for a month if you enjoy the way it looks.
  3. Start small and simple. Go for a simple layout and track five habits maximum each month!

Not everyone is perfect, and even though it might seem like everyone you follow on Instagram fills in their journal each day, you are only seeing them at their best moments of the day! Those people that you follow probably miss days too but just don’t show it.

And that is OKAY! Don’t sweat the small stuff, just hop back on the horse and write about that today!

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Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

Now, there are a LOT of different things you could track in your Bullet Journal! It will really come down to what do you want to track in your journal. Maybe it’s nothing, or maybe you have this grand idea of tracking every aspect of your life. Kudos to you… but that is NOT me!

If you are struggling to come up with Habit Tracker Ideas then I have just the thing for you down below! A huge list of ideas for you to track each day!

Habit Tracker Ideas List

Here is a short list of 30 habits to track in your planner! This only scratches the surface of things you could possibly track in your journal!

  • Daily Water Intake
  • Daily Food Intake
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Reading
  • Books Read for the Year
  • Mood Tracker
  • Period Tracker
  • Weight Loss Tracker
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Bills
  • Expenses
  • Journaling Tracker (You can track each day that you actually opened your Bullet Journal)
  • No Spend
  • House Cleaning
  • Daily Chores
  • Prayers
  • Sleep Log
  • Eating Out
  • Work Tracking (Tracking blogging work is really important!)
  • No Caffeine
  • No Alcohol
  • Daily Walk
  • Called a Friend
  • Disney Movie Tracker
  • Marvel Movie Tracker (I did this in chronological order a few years ago.. Totally recommend!)
  • Daily Art Time
  • Podcast
  • Studying
  • Walked the Dog

As you can see, this list can go on for forever! It can be whatever you need it to be and it doesn’t need to be complicated!

Monthly Habit Tracker Ideas!

It’s time to show you some examples from above and hopefully inspire you with some of these great habit tracker ideas for your Bullet Journal!

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal
By miloe.joanne on Instagram

This is a pretty simple habit tracker design that works well as a go to monthly habit tracker! Miloe of course makes it look beautiful, but it really is simple! Covering 9 different topics on one page with a regular check in routine!

Try out the Tombow Dual Brush she uses in her journal!

bujo habit tracker
By Planwithbear on Instagram

Another great bujo habit tracker page! Jeanne mentions in her post that she tends to struggle with some of the habits she decides to track and is looking at doing a weekly tracker rather than a monthly tracker! I want that to be real for you, so that you know what it’s okay to miss days/weeks.

You just need to keep on trying and eventually you will make it a habit to track these things!

Again the Tombow Brush Pens!

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal
By saiosbullet on Instagram

Saio has some pretty specific things he’s tracking in this December post. Using his Bullet Journal each day (he didn’t), reading and studying (he’s a teacher). All simple a fantastic things to track and keep in mind as the month goes by! This style of habit tracking really makes for a simple daily habit tracker!

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal
By tangerinestrawberry on Instagram!

Something that should be clicking for you at this point is that your tracker can be as plain or as colorful as you want! The point is to track your habits and however you want to do it is your choice!

The prettier or nicer it is on the eyes the more likely you will flip back to this page throughout the month! Try any of these free habit tracker ideas in your Bullet Journal next month!

Bullet Journal Sleep Log and Habit Tracker
By thedotsandgrids on Instagram

Here is a great holiday themed bujo habit tracker with a sleep log as the main focus! It is so colorful and vibrant that I would want to come back to this page nonstop! This is a fabulous habit tracker for the Christmas holidays! No spend in December is really hard, with all the ‘deals’ it can be hard to not purchase things for yourself!

Etsy Habit Tracker Stickers

If you aren’t inclined to create your own tracking spread here are a few options that I really like for my own journal when life gets a little too busy!

Woodtuft Studio Monthly Tracker Sticker Sheets! Amazing quality and you don’t need to worry about printing anything off!

Create with Kristin Yeh stickers are also really good quality and affordable!

The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit really changed my outlook on how habits effect everything that we do by breaking it down into the science of how habits work in our brains and subconscious!

Read this book and have you mind blown! Also feel empowered to create those new good habits and get rid of some less savory habits you might have!

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Recap

Habit trackers are incredibly useful and I hope that you will feel inspired to start tracking some habits in your new bujo habit tracker spreads! Habits supposedly take 21 days of straight effort to form, so keep at it!

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