18 May Bullet Journal Ideas to Inspire Your Return to Summer

18+ Bullet Planner Ideas you must see that will inspire you for the return of Summer!

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to get yourself ready for some sun, surf, relaxation and Bullet Planner time! May is not shy of a good time with May Day, Star Wars Day, Mother’s Day celebrations warming us up for the Summer break. May is a great time to get organised with your Bullet Planner Ideas. Here you will find inspiration for cover pages, weekly and monthly spreads as well as wellbeing ideas. 


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Bullet Planner cover pages for May

Love this cover from @grace.journals with the honey bees and bright colours to liven up your Bullet Planner. 

A European style cover might be more to your taste, like this cover page from @nenodemir. The idea of travel may seem distant now but a lively reminder in your Bullet Planner can help keep the dream alive!

Fish represent many ideas across cultures; from prosperity and wealth to strength and good luck. Perhaps this weekly spread has a symbolic meaning for you? Thank-you @yellowmelown_ for reminding us to think about what is important to us. 

I love the use of water colour in this cover page. Another bright and cheery Bullet Planner Idea!

This is just a pretty idea from @bujo.marieanneso that I really enjoy. Turn the page to see what is happening this month!

May is a great time to get creative with your cover page. Why not try painting this month? Here is a cover to inspire you!

Weekly and Monthly spreads to use in your Bullet Planner in May.

Thanks @doodlelou.co for these Bullet Planner ideas for May. I like the way the theme carries through each page. With flowers and subtle hints of yellow.

I don’t know about you but this spread brings me a sense of calm. It might be the use of the colour, or even the wavey pen strokes. Either way, this is one of my favourites!

I like the idea of listing your goals, rather than a more formal ‘To-Do’ list. These could be weekly goals, monthly goals or even something for later down the track. 

Keep track of what is going on in your life by jotting down ‘One line a Day’. You might use this to reflect upon later or as just a way to record your memories. This combined with the monthly spread allows you to see what was happening on each day as you write a line. 

Bullet Planner Ideas to help support your well being.

Another ‘Line a Day’ example from @teanbujo. The use of the highlighter makes it easier to separate out each day of the month. 

Plant your mood this month using this floral themed Mood tracker. This will help you to keep track of how your moods grow and where they may need some extra TLC!

Looking for something to help your green thumb? Here is a tracker for you!

Good or bad, keep track of your habits this month. Healthy heads start with healthy habits so here is a way to put you in the right direction coming into Summer. 

I can’t wait to play and see if I am the first to get BINGO!!! Great idea @teanbujo!

Reflection is one of the strongest tools we have when trying to manage our wellbeing. Take time each month to do this to help manage your wellbeing. 

Summer is just around the corner so it is time to start planning ahead, readying ourselves for the Summer Break and taking time for ourselves when needed. 

A timely reminder for all of us. I also like how this page uses textured paper to bring a sense of comfort. You can use similar ideas in your own Bullet Planner too!

May Bullet Planner Ideas Summary

What has been your favourite idea from this month? I still love the May spread from @autumnaldrich and it has got me thinking about themes. Next month we will explore Bullet Planner themes that you can use to tie together months or seasons. See you then!

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