31+ Honey Bee Theme Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Honey bee themed Bullet Journal spread ideas that range from whimsical to botanical. Perfect for spring or summer themed spreads, or if you just love bees.

Honey bee themed bullet journal spread ideas that are perfect for the spring or summer. Or any time of year but yellow bullet journal themes always remind me of the summer. Great bee doodle ideas that are whimsical and cartoonish. As well as some bee drawings that are intricate and stunning. There is so much bullet journal inspiration to be had here, the hardest part will be picking out which bee theme bullet journal spread you love the most!

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Bee Theme Cover Page

Super simple bullet journal cover page to start the theme off! Remember that with the dotted journal, those honeycombs become incredibly easy to draw with the use of a ruler.

Black and White Bee Monthly Spread

What I love about minimalist black and white bullet journal spreads, is that they always look printed on. This month at a glance is gorgeous. Remember to sketch the flowers and bee with a pencil first so you get really clean lines. The “April” and numbers all look like they were done with a stamp so those are also simple to recreate.

How To Doodle a Honey Bee

Step by step doodle page for all of your honey bee needs!

More doodle ideas and inspiration here!


Black and White Bee To Do List

You can definitely tell that the “this month” is a stamp. I don’t currently use stamps in my own bullet journal but this spread almost has me convinced that I need to change that. I wonder if the bee and honeycombs are also stamps!

Honeycomb Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

The perfect mood tracker for a month with a honey bee theme is a honeycomb doodle!

Honeycomb Calendar and Bee Drawing

Stunning artistry. I love the black and white spread with realistic drawings.

Honey Bee Themed Monthly Cover

Back to quirky bee doodles. Absolutely anyone could doodle these bees. Even the font would be incredibly simple for a beginner bullet journaler to pull off!

Busy Bee Day Planner Inspiration

A cute and unique way to add a bee themed schedule to your bullet journal weekly spread!

Yellow Bee Doodle Calendar

Bee themed monthly bullet journal spread that is absolute perfection.

Yellow Honey Bee Monthly Cover Bullet journal

Another way to doodle your bees and honeycombs into a monthly cover for the summer months!

Bee Quote Page For Bullet journal

For those of you out there who are artists or looking to improve your art. Life like drawings are a great place to start and so fun to look back on at the end of the year!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Weekly spread idea for your bullet journal that is clean and organized.

Quirky Bee Doodle For August Bullet Journal Cover

I think this is my favourite bullet journal cover idea! Go ahead and stare at it with me for awhile. This August cover is GORGEOUS!

Honeycomb Habit Tracker Idea

Similar to the mood tracker, a honeycomb habit tracker is the perfect spread for a bee themed bullet journal month!

Simple Bee Doodle In Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Bullet journal weekly spread idea with the cutest little bee doodles!

Honeycomb and Bee Theme Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Take a second to notice that the calendar was taped into the bullet journal! This is a great hack for covering up mistakes in your bullet journal.

If you want more ideas on how to fix bullet journal mistakes, read this post here :


Bee Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Have you seen any habit trackers like this before? The first time I saw someone do this, it blew my mind. Under each category that you would like to track, you draw the outline of the month. As the month progresses, you will know what box you are in (the next empty one) but it saves you so much time when initially setting up the bullet journal for the month! Try it out, let me know what you think!

Simple Honey Bee Doodle For Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Another weekly spread idea that you are going to love using!

Bee Theme Weekly Spread

What’s your favourite weekly spread layout? This is a very simple spread for events on the left page and to do list on the right page.

Bee Weekly Spread Doodle

Use dots to draw a unique bee on a very unique weekly spread page!

Yellow Habit Tracker Spread Idea

A great bullet journal habit tracker idea when you are really short on time. Numbers of the month go down the page with the first letter of the day next to them. Add one bee doodle and a few honeycombs and call it a day!

Clean and Simple Bee Bullet Journal

This design has such clear lines, I love it. Weekly spread idea that has a place to doodle the weather each day. GENIUS!

Yellow Bee Journal Doodle

Honey Bee Habit Tracker

Step By Step Bee Doodle Bullet journal

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Inspiration

Bee and Honeycomb Habit Tracker

Yellow Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

Honey Bee Monthly Cover

Bee Monthly Spread

Bee Doodle Mood Tracker

Bee Drawing For May Bullet Journal Cover

Bee Drawing Monthly Spread

Habit Tracker and Water Tracker Idea

Goal Tracker and Habit Tracker

What About You?

Are you a fan of the cute bee doodles in your bullet journal or the more realistic bee drawings? Let me know in the comments below!

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