51 Of The Best Minimalist Bullet Journal Spreads

THE Ultimate list of Minimalist Bullet Journal Spread Inspiration to increase Productivity, Organization and Time Management.

From start to finish all the inspiration you need to start your own Minimalist Bullet Journal! Starting a bullet journal or keeping a bullet journal does not need to be complicated. A dotted notebook, black pen and some of the great bullet journal spread inspiration I included below is all you need. (You can also check out this post about setting up your Bullet Journal Key Page!)

I have included a little bit of everything in this post for a super simple bullet journal setup. I found inspiration for each page so you could get started immediately. If you already have a planner on the go, I hope this just gives you new inspiration!

All the Minimalist Bullet Journal spreads included in this blog post:

minimalist bullet journal calendar
  • Bullet Journal Key
  • Index Page
  • Future Log
  • List of monthly cover inspirations to try
  • Bullet journal monthly spread/calendar inspiration
  • Bullet journal weekly spread inspiration
  • Daily to do list
  • Finances
  • Habit Tracker
  • Workout Tracker
  • TV Show Tracker
  • Books To Read
  • Monthly Favorites/Memories
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Packing List
  • Playlist
  • Meal Plan
  • Gratitude Log
  • Period Tracker
  • Grid Map/Spacing Cheat Sheet

This is for sure my favourite bullet journal blog post to date since I definitely keep things simple in my own book. I hope you enjoy these minimalist bullet journal ideas!

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Minimalist Bullet Journal Supplies

minimalist weekly spread bullet journal

Real quickly, let’s talk about bullet journal supplies. This list has been carefully chosen based off of my own preferences. My assumption is that you aren’t interested in owning a ton of crafting supplies. Rather you are looking for the best of the best to simplify your bullet journaling process and increase productivity while keeping a notebook that is nice to look at.

This Notebook 

Will not bleed through or cause ghosting with 160 GSM paper (you can even experiment with watercolors with the page thickness). The paper is white not cream which is my personal preference. Best of all, the price is extremely reasonable at a fraction of the price from most other bullet journal notebooks that others recommend.

This Drafting Pencil

Use this fantastic 0.3mm pencil to pre-sketch your Minimalist Bullet Journal spreads!

Micron Ink Pen Set

Gives you so much versatility! I use the 01 for entering dailies and the 08 for drawing my spreads. You can play around with all the different sizing to find what works best for you. There’s a reason these pens are so popular.

CKLT Brass Ruler

A ruler is a necessity for precise straight lines! Especially when creating incredible Minimalist Spreads!

And finally,

This 1000 Pages of Printables is a STEAL of a deal!

Read This Book To Learn More

Read this book from the creator of the bullet journal himself, to learn more about how to skyrocket your productivity with this simple notebook.

The original purpose of the bullet journal is to increase productivity and organization. It is not what you see on youtube today. Not that there is anything wrong with people using their journal as an art journal as well, but it can turn some people off who are perfectionists or feel like they aren’t great artists.

“The Bullet Journal Method” removes all the fluff and gets to the core use and practices of a bullet journal. I think you, as a minimalist, would really enjoy hearing his perspective!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Key

The first page that most people set up in their bullet journal is the bullet journal key and maybe that’s why we try to over complicate it? I love a stunning bullet journal key spread as much as the next person but sometimes you just need to get started with a really simple bullet journal layout. I love this page since it is quick and to the point, gets you going (the most important step) and you really can’t mess it up.

Minimalist Index

Spend time getting creative in your minimalist bullet journal with your monthly and weekly spreads. The first few pages are all about just getting set up and getting started bullet journaling. Similar to the key page, here is an index page that is so simple so you don’t need to stress about messing up your gorgeous new bullet journal! (A very real and reasonable fear to be fair)

Minimalist Bullet Journal Future Log Inspiration

Next up when setting up a bullet journal is the future log. Since you add each month as you go through the year, this page gives you space to write all future appointments and deadlines somewhere where you can easily find them again. The bullet journal is all about increasing your organization and productivity and this page is the MOST important page for doing that!

In this super simple minimalist bullet journal spread, you will write out each month on the top of the page and add each day of the month in columns running down the page.

As events, appointments or deadlines get scheduled throughout the year, you just need to add those dates to the correct month and day! It is so simple!

Future Log Hack:

When starting a new bullet journal, skip the current month since you will be creating a monthly spread for that month shortly. So for example, if you were setting up a bullet journal for the new year, skip January (of the current year) in your future log but then add the following years January on the end for optimal planning.

No need wasting that month there when you will have a monthly to add all important information to!

Minimalist Monthly Cover Ideas

OK! Lets get into the fun part! Designing monthly bullet journal spreads is my favorite part of having a bullet journal! This is where I let my pent up creativity out in a minimalist designed planner!

This cover is simple and gorgeous. Sometimes less is more and I feel that with this cover page!

Very simple monthly bujo spread idea that anyone could do! A great idea if you are running short on time!

Artistic bullet journal inspiration that I love! Depending on the thickness of your page, you might be able to screen lock an iPad under the page of your bullet journal and trace the photo.

If your bullet journal pages are too thick and this drawing overwhelms you (but you would love to give it a try!) then give it a shot with very light pencil. Worst case, you just erase it out!

Dainty monthly cover idea. If you know me then you know that I love adding flower or leaf doodles to my spreads since it creates instant effect that is so simple!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

The next few photos will give you plenty of inspiration for adding a monthly calendar to your bullet journal to do some actual planning!

A non-calendar monthly spread idea to do your planning that I love!

Sometimes calendars lack space and if you have a really busy month coming up, you will need plenty of space to write everything in.

You can split this up by AM, PM and Events like they did or change those titles to whatever suits you best. College students might enjoy a school header, work header and events instead. Play around with it until you find something that you love.

Idea: if you like to actually see the monthly calendar while you plan, then use one of the monthly cover ideas that has a simple calendar drawn in. You will need to flip the page back but its better than trying to use your phone while it locks you out every couple of minutes (speaking from frustrated experience here lol)

Combine the cover and calendar to the same spread with this inspiring layout!

On the left is a super simple planning page that you can have completed in five minutes or less. Since it only takes up one page of the spread, you can add another relevant page to the right page. Planning page and habit tracker go really well together as you can see!

One of my go to simple calendar and planning pages. This works really well for slow months.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Cut the weekly spread into eight blocks, one for each day plus a spot to have little monthly calendar and quote as they have. You could also use that space to create a habit tracker for the week, events list, goals list, podcast tracker… the ideas go on!

This weekly spread should be printed into books. It is so crisp and perfect, I can’t get over it.

Great for weeks that you have few appointments / events but a lot of little tasks / habits that you want to complete.

Sometimes you won’t have time to create an entire weekly spread. Something like this works great for those moments. I use a spread very similar as a rolling daily.

Write the date each morning (or before you go to bed for the following day) under the previous day. You get to use as little or as much space each day so it ends up being very economical for a planner that is nearing the end.

Super basic minimalist bullet journal weekly spread idea that anyone could do! Never underestimate the power of a black pen and grey marker again!

Incredibly simple time table you can whip up quickly when you need to get a birds eye view of your week.

Productivity Hack:

  • Use time tables to preplan a week to optimize it
  • OR record everything that you did into a time table to see where the time is actually going. You will need to break the day into chunks of 15 minutes or so and then remember to record everything to get the most out of the exercise.

If you do record everything into a timetable, let me knowhow it goes. You will be amazed at how much time is wasted accidentally each day!

Minimalist bullet journal spread idea that anyone could do to keep themselves more productive!

Clean and structured! A minimalist bujo dream!

I love how unexpected this weekly spread is. It makes me feel strangely productive!

Add a photo to your spread if you want a little bit of color but don’t want to draw any pictures! A great tip for how to fill in your bullet journal even if you aren’t an artist.

Another really clean and simple weekly spread idea for your planner!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Daily To Do List

Minimalist and focused even when it comes to getting things done. This spread leaves you with only enough room to add one major focus per day. That might freak some people out but it is actually another productivity hack. Highly recommend reading the book “the one thing” to learn more about it!

Minimal Daily Schedule Layout

Look at your week and day from birds eye view to make sure that you are making time for all of your priorities and fill in your agenda accordingly!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas (Scroll For Inspiring Photos!)

  • Finances
  • Habit Tracker
  • Workout Tracker
  • TV Show Tracker
  • Books To Read
  • Monthly Favourites/Memories
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Packing List
  • Playlist
  • Meal Plan
  • Gratitude Log
  • Period Tracker
  • Grid Map/Spacing Cheat Sheet

Minimalist Budget Planner

Minimalist budget cheat sheet. Have you every thought of how much of your money goes to just paying the bills? Or to impulse purchases you forget that you even made?

Bullet Journal Bills Tracker

How much money do you spend in late fees or over-draft fees? Never again with this incredibly simple bullet journal bills tracker.

No Spend Rules Sheet

I highly recommend that everyone at some point (preferably multiple times a year) take a spending freeze. This practice is incredible for breaking habits that you might not know that you even have. The trick of course is to be very specific on what you are allowed to spend money on so there isn’t any grey areas.

Some more tips to add to this spending freeze list:

  • Tell everyone so that you can be held accountable
  • Stay out of all stores. Don’t tempt yourself!
  • Plan activities with friends that involve the outdoors. Meet them for a hike and pack food.
  • Stay off of social media. Might sound extreme but social media is a breeding ground for jealousy and comparison. Avoid it and you will appreciate what you have so much more.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas

Habit Tracker with goals and tasks on the next page to keep you focused

Keeping track of your habits is SO important! Many people start new habits in the new year, this is a way to make sure you keep on doing those habits!

Productive Habit Tracker

Simple and straightforward habit tracker! This is what a Minimalist bullet journal is all about!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Another creatively simple habit tracker that is pleasant to look at and something your would be willing to track new habits in!

Classic Habit Tracker for Beginners

Beginner friendly minimalist habit tracker for your new planner!

Clean and Precise Habit Tracker

This would be really hard to replicate in something outside of a dot journal (bullet journal) Having the dots to guide you makes this simple and easy.

Minimalist Workout Tracker

This is a simple workout tracker that you can take with you to the gym! (flowers not included!)

Monthly Workout and Lifting Trackers

I know that sometimes it can be hard to get to the gym, but when you DO get there, this will encourage you to fill it in after each session!

TV Series Show Tracker

A fun way to track ALL of the shows that are coming out these days. A thousand shows and dozens of networks it can be hard to keep track of what you are watching and where you are watching it!

IF you haven’t already watched it, check out the Minimalism documentary on Netflix!

Books To Read / Book Tracker

Minimalist Bullet Journal Favorites Page

Recording your favorite memories each month is a good practice for anyone with a poor memory or someone who wants to pass their journal along.

Minimalist Bujo Sleep Tracker

Getting plenty of sleep each night is important for healing, growth and everyday functioning. If you don’t get enough sleep each night you can’t be productive when you need to be! Track it to find the trends.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Travel Itinerary

Simple travel itinerary for you explorer types! This is a great way to log where you have been when you go backpacking across another continent!

Minimalist Packing List

Don’t forget anything with this simple packing list spread!

Playlist Spread

Keep a log of your favorite songs over the course of the month on this really incredible page that will remind you of what you liked in the past!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Meal Plan

For the fitness fanatic or stressed out mom that needs to plan out each meal for the week! This is a simple meal planner to keep you on track!

Minimalist Gratitude Log

Being grateful for something – even ONE thing each day will make you feel more full mentally and spiritually at the end of each day. It’s too easy to find the bad in things, and can sometimes be hard to remember the good. Keep track of your gratitude in your planner!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Filling each month in with a colored marker would make this tracker really POP! So simple and a good way to track your cycle!

Grid Map / Spacing Cheat Sheet

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