My November Bullet Journal Spread

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for November. This month is all about music. I’ve gone for a sheet music theme, with wavy lines and random notes to decorate the pages.

According to Louise May Alcott’s book Little Women, November is the most disagreeable month of the whole year. I’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I chose colors that made me happy with a deep pink and teal to complement the black marker.

As always, all the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below. I didn’t use a lot this month, only a few different colors and a stencil for the music lines, notes and piano.

Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of November.

November Walkthrough Video

Watch the full design come to life here.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.


Pens / Markers:



November Cover Page

We’re getting towards the end of the year and for this month, I wanted something cute and a bit whimsical. A few months ago I had found this stencil on Amazon and thought a musical theme would fit really well for November.

November and the treble clef are done in the Primrosia dual tip markers in black. The lines and music notes were a teal (#60) and dark pink (#17) from the same marker set. Alternating on the pages, if the lines were in one color I did the music notes in the other.

If you wanted the page to be busier you could add more music notes or some instruments, but I’m still a minimalist at heart.

November Monthly Spread

I chose a treble clef on the front page so went for a bass clef on the monthly spread. Using the same three Primrosia marker colors this is designed to look a bit like sheet music with the lines and the repeat sign at the end.

I added a piano on the bottom using the stencil and decorated with more music notes. I’m a little bit in love with the wavy piano at the bottom and think it adds a nice touch.

November Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Obviously my mood tracker was going to be music themed and I thought some sheet music would be cool with the notes as my mood tracker. You just fill in the note for each day.

For the title I did some wavy music lines and a treble clef with the heading interspersed between the lines.

November Habit Trackers

On the opposite page to the mood tracker is my habit trackers table. Done as music lines with a treble clef.

November Weekly Spread

My weekly spreads for this month are piano keys, with each day a white key. The days aren’t the widest, but I really only need them to jot down any important events and appointments for each day.

The keys are outlined in the Primrosia Dual Tip Markers in black. The top keys are outlined in the same finetip and then colored in with the brush side or the Artistro Brush Paint Pen in Black when I was saving time and wanted a thicker marker.

The numbers and days are the Primrosia Dual Tip Markers in the deep pink (number 17). This isn’t an overly complex design and I used a ruler to ensure it all looked straight. I think it highlights the music theme and fits in really well with the other pages.

November Task List

I always like to start the next month on a new page and so I had a spare page at the end of my weekly spreads. I also didn’t have room on the weeks to have a task list so I have given it it’s own page for this month.

I simply did the same wavy music lines as my mood tracker with the treble clef. Simple and all I need to do is write down the tasks that need to get done for this month.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite happy with November’s spreads. I enjoyed creating the music theme and think I will use some of these elements again.

I think the colors I’ve used match well together and there’s enough variety to keep it interesting. I particularly like the monthly spread.

Let me know your thoughts and what your theme was for November.

Happy journaling.

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