Top Bullet Journal Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Trying to find the perfect bullet journal gift for that special journaler in your life? This list of gift ideas has you covered with a little bit of everything I’d love to receive in my Christmas stocking.

That special journaler could be your significant other, a family member, friend or a child that loves to draw! Or maybe you are looking to treat yourself this Christmas with a custom journal for 2022?

This is a collection of great Bullet Journal Gift Ideas for Christmas that will really make you stand out in your gift-giving this year!

Check out this list before Black Friday and you can snag an amazing gift for a GREAT deal!

Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter if the person you are buying for is a beginner bullet journaler or has been journaling for years, everyone appreciates something that aligns with their hobbies and interests. But I will share the bullet journal gift list that you will be looking for. Here is a great list of supplies that almost everyone will use!

  • Dotted/Bullet Journal
  • Pens
  • Ruler
  • Stencils
  • Colors – Markers, etc.
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil Case
  • Stickers & Printables
  • Washi Tape (Because it’s awesome!)

And then of course there will be some amazing custom gift ideas as well like:

  • Premade Bullet Journals
  • Custom-made Journals
  • Custom Pens (For Serious Journalers!)

Dotted/Bullet Journals

You can’t journal without journals! Journals make great gifts for newbie’s but even if your experienced, you’ll always love a good quality dotted journal. If you’re new to buying bullet journals, you’ll want to consider paper thickness, because that can make or break a journal.

Paperage Dotted Notebook

This journal is a cheaper option that works really well and will give you a chance to start a bullet journal and play with it. Cheap and simple and would work well as a simple journaling gift! Comes in a variety of colors.

LEUCHTTURM1917 Dotted Notebook

The next step up is going to a well known Leuchtturm1917 A5 Journal that is a good quality journal that your colors will have a harder time bleeding through! There are 30 color options to choose from.

Vivid Scribbles Dotted Journal

This journal has 160gsm paper which is one of the thickest papers you can get in a bullet journal and is perfect to prevent ink bleedthrough. Great if you love to create vibrant spreads.

Dingbats Wildlife A4 Notebook

If the person you are buying for loves bigger spreads or a larger sized journal, then look at the Dingbats Wildlife A4 journal. It comes in 4 different colors, each with a different animal on the front.

Journaling Gift Ideas: Best Pens!

When you start journaling you end up using whatever pen you can find laying around. Eventually that just isn’t good enough!

Having a good pen makes a BIG difference in the quality of your penmanship and how your journal looks. Having a good quality pen doesn’t have to be SUPER expensive, and there are a ton of great options out there.

We’ll cover a few of those now and give you some ideas for journaling gifts!

Sakura 16-Piece All Black Pen Set

Starting with a must have Fine tipped ink pen set from Micron! This gives a bunch of different tip sizes allowing for a variety of detailing and drawing.

Arteza Fine Point Art Pens

Next is a set of fine tipped colored ink pens from Arteza! This colored Brush Pen Set perfect for designing colorful Bujo spreads! 120 pens means you have colors for every occasion.

Tombow Calligraphy Pen

Calligraphy pens are usually a bit thicker and inkier than a fine tip and a good for people that like to do fancy lettering in their journal.

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Gel pens are great for everyday writing. You can use them as your main pen, but as they come in so many different colors you can also use them to decorate.

Custom Journaling Pen

Custom Designer Journaling Pen

Now these pens are made by hand through a shop on Etsy called Nicks Designer Pens, and they are pretty expensive, but GORGEOUS! If you know an enthusiast and want to really wow them, then this is the route I would take.


If you like to turn your bullet journal into works of art, or even just doing fancy, colorful heading, then markers are a must. Here are a few favorites that people will love, but may not buy themselves, so make perfect gifts.

Primrosia Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens

These pens have a fineliner on one end and a felt tip brush pen on the other. This means you can outline and color using the same marker. They also come in a handy keepsake box.

Zebra Midliner Highlighters

These highlighters come with a broad tip at one end and a fine tip on the other giving you versatility. The colours are pretty and they make great backgrounds.

Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Pens

These pens are designed to easily create a watercolor effect without as much water as true paints to create painting effects in your journal.

Artistro Glitter Paint Pens

Add a touch of sparkle with these glitter pens. Great for outlining and and giving an extra bit of flair.

Washi Tape & Stickers

Washi Tape

Some of the prettiest washi tapes we’ve found at the Washi Tape Store. They have an amazing range of just beautiful washi tape to use in a journal.

Vintage PET Sticker Book

These sticker books from Paper Wrld have a clear surround making them perfect for bullet journaling. They’re so pretty too and come in a variety of themes.

60 Rolls of Glitter Washi Tape

If you don’t know what theme to go for, then just go for a lot! This pack of 60 washi tapes has solid color and different patterns

Peter Pauper Weekly Planner Stickers

These are great for when you don’t have enough time to draw your bullet journal designs or your just don’t want to draw.

Journaling Accessories

The rest of these bullet journal gift ideas are very useful tools that I personally use each day and would recommend to others to start using if they don’t already!

Large Capacity Pencil Case

As a journaler, you always have pens and pencils lying around. This pencil case can hold 202 pencils or 136 gel pens in slots. And it’s cute.

Precision Tweezers

Precision tweezers are great for working with stickers and paper. They allow you to pick up and place easily without leaving fingerprints – perfect for translucent stickers and washi tape.


Stamps are great to use in bullet journals for decoration. Get some different designs of silicone or rubber stamps and some colored ink pads and you’ll be set.


These types of clips are fantastic for bullet journaling to hold the pages back as you are drawing. If you’re going to buy them presents get pretty ones like these in rose gold.

If you’re still not sure what to pick, why not make up a little basket of accessories like good, sharp scissors, stencils, a ruler, clips or even double sided tape. There are lots of things you can put together to make a perfect bundle for a journaler.


If you know someone who wants quick and easy or doesn’t like to spend time drawing their own bullet journal, then printable are a fantastic idea. This bundle has everything you need to make your bullet journal.

You can find more printable ideas in my bullet journal printables gift guidess well!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas on what to get someone that is into bullet journaling. However, if your still stuck for ideas, here are a few more articles that might give you some help.

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