My December Bullet Journal Spreads

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for December. It’s the last month of the year! My goodness it has flown by.

There are a lot of traditional themes you can use for December, Christmas is usually a pretty popular one, as well as winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere. I think the end of the year is all about reflection so this month I went for a photography theme, using some frame and photo negative stickers to decorate the spreads.

As always, all the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below. Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of December.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.


Pens / Markers:


Stickers & Washi Tape:

December Cover Page

For me, getting towards the end of the year is all about reflecting on the year you’ve had. Thinking of the good memories you’ve created with your friends and family, any goals you have achieved and even the things that made you sad. A lot of the time we do this through photographs, and that’s where this months theme came from.

A simple style of lettering for December. I printed the work and thickened one edge of each letter. You could do this in a number of ways and choose whichever edge you think works best. The color I chose for December was the deep pink Primrosia Marker (number 17). I used this color throughout all the months spreads.

I then added some decoration. I cut our some squares from the Winter Romance wide washi tape to fit under the polaroid transparent stickers to look like polaroid photos.

It is a rather simplistic design that didn’t take a lot of time to create. I think the deep pink color does look kind of Christmassy, so that adds to the December flavor.

December bullet journal cover page spread

December Monthly Spread

A simple box monthly spread done in the black Primrosia markers, using the fine tip side. The Heading and letters for the days of the week were done in the same pink from the cover page.

I embellished the design by using the photo negative stickers from PaperWrld. This ties in with the photography theme and they are just really nice stickers. They come in a few different sets, all set around flowers, but the sets are different color themes. These ones are from set G.

December Habit Trackers

The habit trackers were done with a box outline, using the black and deep pink Primrosia markers on the fine tip end. In the middle were 3 more of the negative sitckers, this time from set B.

For the mood tracker I used the backing cardboard from the negative sticker set B. This isn’t actually a sticker, but the cardboad they use in the back of the packet the stickers come it. But it was big and pretty and worked well. I put boxes around the picture for my mood tracking.

I’m slightly annoyed by the one box that is left over, but that’s what happens with an odd numbered month. I might try this idea again in a month that has even days. But overall I like it.

December To Do List

December starts on a Friday, which means a spare page before the weekly spread starts (I like each of my weeks to be on one two page spread). This is the perfect place for a to do list for the month. I kept it in the same style that I wanted to do my weekly, a simple rectangle that breaks for the words.

I added another of the negative stickers in the corner to tie it in and pretty the page.

December Weekly Spread

My weekly spreads for this month are boxes with a gap at the top for the day and at the bottom for the date. There are 8 boxes for each 2 page spread with the last box for notes and things to jot down for the week that don’t necessarily fit into one of the days.

It is an easy design to make using a ruler for the boxes. I mark out my corners with pencil first so I know where I need to stop and start.

Final Thoughts

I quite like the cleanliness of this months designs. Simple rectangles, which also match with the rectangles of the photo negative stickers allow the spreads to flow through.

Let me know your thoughts and what your theme was for December.

Happy journaling.

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