Beautiful December Cover Page Ideas

December is nearly here so it’s time to start thinking of designing your December bullet journal cover.

A lot of people go for a Chistmas or winter theme (for obvious reasons) but there are also a lot of other options to draw inspiration.

The birthstone for December is Turquoise with the flower being Narcissus and Holly. If you’re in the southern hemisphere you could choose a summer theme, or even something like the beach. There are also several religious and secular holidays celebrated in December.

Here are some inspirations from some talented bullet journalists to get you thinking about your own December Cover Page

December Bullet Journal Cover Pages

December bullet journal cover page spread

First up, is my cover page for December. I went for a reflection theme as I find the end of the year a great time to look back on everything. So through my month I used a lot of photography and film stickers.

If you want to see the full spreads go to my December walkthrough.

It’s popular to go for a Christmas theme (for obvious reasons) and this one is done nicely.

This little Santa Gnome is so cute I couldn’t not include him in this list.

A sweet take on a Christmas theme is letters to the North Pole. This is also simpler than trying to do elaborate trees or decorations. I really like it.

This moon is so striking and the black background makes it really stick out.

Well, this one is just plain cute.

I love this reindeer. The colors are cool and it looks very festive.

Oh, this spread just makes me want to eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. Yum.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to go Christmas or something else, December does lead to some create bullet journal spreads. Which one was your favorite?

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