February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas To Get You Inspired

February is the month for love. With Valentines Day around the corner, a lot of people choose love and romance themes, with reds, pinks, hearts and flowers. But there are so many other fabulous ideas for February spreads for your bullet journal.

February is one of the most misspelled words in the English language. The Saxons called February ‘Sol-monath’ which means cake month, and would offer cakes to the Gods during February (mmm cake).

This year, February holds the Lunar New Year and it is also a leap year in 2024, so don’t forget to add an extra day to your monthly spreads.

Here are some great ideas to get inspiration for your own February designs for your Bullet Journal.

February Cover Page

A very cute lunar new year theme.

This is a great example of a dutch door. It has wonderful elegance and is simple in its coloring and design, but the dutch door adds something special.

If you’re not confident with a big floral spread, putting some flowers into vases or jars are easier to draw. This one has been embellished with washi tape along the top and all the colors match really well.

We can’t go into February without one heart theme. This theme is simple but striking. When there’s not a lot on the page, using amazing color can really make things stand out.

A valentines theme with a difference – a love potion.

February Monthly Spreads

Everything about this spread makes me feel organized. I think it’s the tabs on the pages. I also like the cute way they’ve use envelopes for the days.

Such a cute design. It gives off such a happy vibe with the decorations.

The year of the dragon allows for some awesome spreads like this one with the dragon spreading along the page.

February Weekly Spreads

This one is a boba tea theme. The colors of it a cute and I like the shadows of the boxes for each day.

This weekly spread is a continuation from the heart theme cover page. The hearts on the side are really cute with some great coloring and I like that the boxes have half a heart in them to go with the theme.

If you’re after a cute winter theme you can’t go past penguins! I love this weekly spread with the gingham pattern and snow capped day boxes.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about bullet journals is even when you have a theme in mind for a month which a lot of people may also go with, such as valentines and love for February, there are so many different ways to create that theme. I think my favorite idea for February was the love potions. Which one was your favorite?

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