My September Bullet Journal Spread

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for September. This month I used stickers, blues and florals to create my theme in all of the spreads.

These stickers are from the Winter Romance set from The Washi Tape Shop and gave me a great base to choose a dark blue for the rest of the theme.

As always, all the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below.

Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of September.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.


Pens / Markers:



September Cover Page

I love the blue from the sticker set I had chosen to use so I wanted to match that dark blue color with my markers for the rest of the pages. If you have a feature you want to use (in this case the floral stickers) it can be helpful to then take your colors out of that to expand your theme.

As always, I started off by designing my cover page in pencil. I always do my design in pencil first to ensure I’m happy with it. I’m not great with just doing – I need to see it on paper and adjust to get it centred etc.

On one side of the cover page is the word September which I colored with a Artistro Brush Paint Pen. These pens give a really nice color and this one is the metallic blue.

On the other side of the page is a saying “fill your life with memories, not things”. My kids are growing up quick and I’m very conscious lately of the fact that you can’t get time back once its gone. I want to ensure that the memories I’m creating will be long lasting happy ones so I went with these words for this month. These words were done in a the same color Artistro pen, and two different Primrosia markers (#85 & 83).

I then added my tape. This particular one comes in a role on a transparent tape background. I chose two of the floral arrangements from the tape and cut them out. The clear background allows them to kind of bloat on the page.

Finishing it off with a rectangular boarder around both pages in a grey / silver Primrosia Marker (#23). There is some white, grey and silver in the Washi I’m using, which matches well with the color of this marker.

September Monthly Spread

A simple box monthy for this page. I used the silver Primrosia marker to do the calendar outline with a dark blue for the date numbers. The light blue marker for the day letters, done in slightly squigly cursive. All of these use the fine tip end of the dual tip marker.

My September was done in the same writing tone and color as the cover page for consistency and because I just really like it. I then embellished with some more cut out florals from the washi tape.

September Bullet Journal Trackers

I did a two page spread for my trackers this month. The headings are the same cursive blue. The mood tracker is a basic box design.

The general trackers are two box rows of 15. It makes it easy when you’re in an even number month to get things looking symmetrical. All the lines are dont in the silver and the headings in light blue.

Adding a few washi tape embellishments to tie in the pages with the others and it is finished.

September Weekly Spread

I saw a design on Insta for a weekly spread that had the week sort of splashed across the page so I was trying to create a version of that. Two parallel lines going from one corner to another with the week in between.

This month starts with a 3 day week so the first part is my to do list for this month. Each week is spread over two pages with different sticker embellishments from the washi tape outlining the weeks.

Dark blue lines, mixed with light blue days and dates. Simple cursive writing is used for each of the days.

Final Thoughts

Blue is my favorite color so anytime I can incorporate it so much into my design makes me smile. I’m quite happy with my cover, monthly and trackers, although I find looking at my weekly’s they lack something. But I can’t really put my finger on what else I’d like to add so they will stay as they are.

Happy journaling.

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