Amazing September Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

An Amazing list of September Bullet Journal Ideas that you need to see! Cover page and weekly spread ideas in all kinds of different themes.

September is just around the corner and I could not be more excited. I always feel such an excited energy about this month, maybe that goes back to the days when I went to school? To me, September is the month to buckle down, finish the year strong but it also feels like the beginning of a new year all at the same time. I love to use orange or yellow in my September bullet journal spreads since it feels so cozy, you will see lots of that reflected in the inspiration below.

September is the perfect month to create some new collections. Think about what goals you want to achieve and create some habit trackers. Or maybe the weather starts to cool down and you spend a lot of time reading in September normally, this would be a great month to keep a book list tracker.

If you are off to school this year then make sure you check out my guide to using a bullet journal for students. There is tons of helpful tips and spreads in there that I think you will love.

Ink and Pen Style Bujo Cover

Gorgeous spread from @blushandmay. She has a youtube channel and an etsy shop that I highly recommend checking out.

Inspiring September Camping Spread

If you live somewhere that gets winter soon then September might be one of the last months of the year to get some camping in. The bonus of camping in September is that campfires are super cozy during the cool nights and since the sun sets so much sooner, you can see some amazing starry nights. Why not reflect your camping adventures in your bullet journal?

Fall Wheat Cover Page Idea

Recreating a wheat field theme for your month of September is incredibly simple. Even if you feel like you aren’t much of an artist, these wheat flowers are so easy to draw, I guarantee you can’t mess it up. Make the month mono color to simplify it even more and give unity to the entire month.

September Bullet Journal Poppies

I just love these flowers. Gorgeous drawing that I hope inspires you as well.

Orange Bullet Journal Spreads

Monthly bullet journal spread idea with cute foxes and falling leaves. The perfect spread to start those fall vibes!

For more fall ideas check out 21 Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Ideas That You Need To See.

Orange and Blue Falling Leaves

Another very simple bullet journal monthly theme idea that anyone could do. If you truly feel like you are not an artist enough for this, try these leaf stamps with black ink and color them in with your markers.

Bullet journal hack: colour with the marker before you stamp to prevent bleeding. don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, that will create a watercolour type affect.

September Bullet Journal Post-it Note Idea

If you have ever read any of my bullet journal hacks posts (I have quite a few if you search “hacks” in the search bar) then you know I love post it notes in my bullet journal. It saves space and its removable if you change your mind mid month. September is about getting your type-A Hermione Granger on and this spread gives me all the organization vibes!

Books and Flowers Theme

Books and reading is such a calming pastime for so many people, myself included. This pile of books is so pretty, offset by the flowers down the side.

Hot Air Balloon Theme Idea

A good reminder that pencil crayons also have a place in your bullet journal. Use them to blend colours and create beautiful pieces you will be so proud of!

Cactus Bullet Journal Theme Idea

Cactus bullet journal spread idea for those who live in warm weather or wish that they did hah!

Minimalist Spread Idea

minimalist black and white spread bullet journal

Black and white minimalist spread that is far from boring! Use these stencils to copy this September Bullet Journal spread idea!!

Harry Potter themed September Bullet Journal Ideas

These sorts of spreads are entirely above my drawing ability but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire them.

September is the ULTIMATE month to revisit your Harry Potter love! I love this gorgeous drawing of Hogwarts and just might be doing something similar this month.

Did you know that Harry Potter is on audible and the narration is incredible? The Harry Potter series is the series that convinced me I wasn’t just a book person. I actually really enjoy listening to my favorite books (and new books now) on Audible while driving or cleaning.

If you have listened to the Harry Potter series, let me know down in the comments what you thought!

Hogwarts School Houses Weekly Spread Layout

Wow! The house crests are done with such fine detail! If this doesn’t get your September bullet journal craze started I don’t know what will! Check out more great Harry Potter spreads below!


September Cover Page Spread

This is a very cool fall themed cover page for your Bujo! The cosmos within the horns of a buck. Here is to plenty of starry skyscapes!

“Back to School” September Bullet Journal

Cutesy back to school theme idea involving books. You can also doodle school buses, pens and glasses to complete the look. Include this bullet journal in your next school shopping haul on amazon!

Hello September Bullet Journal Cover Page

Hello September bullet journal cover page

This cover page is simple, sweet and captures what I imagine walking through a big open grove would be like. Beautiful, cute and cozy! How does the changing of the leaves in the fall make you feel?

Ink and Pen September Cover Page

For all the artists out there who want to work on their animal drawings. This one is for you! This spread is gorgeous and is a great opening to your fall journal!

Quirky Black and White Drawing

The tall mushrooms, strange creatures and quirkiness of the scene really lends to the strangeness of what this time of year brings with harvest season and leading towards Halloween! Also, here is the pen being used!

Sunflower Bullet Journal Layout

I love sunflowers, in fact I planted my own for the first time this year! Sunflower themes are super popular in September bullet journal spreads and there is no doubt as to why!

Peach Water-Color Theme

Compared to some of the other spreads in this post, this cover page is pretty muted and tame. It’s pretty, simple and much more subtle than the others! Do you like this kind of spread?

“Turn the lights on!” Theme

The sun sets so much earlier now than it did even a month ago! Lights go on earlier and the stars come out sooner too! I love to stargaze in the fall and miss it in the summer months.

Honey Bee Theme Bujo

Love love love yellow for the month of September and nothing is sweeter than a honeybee themed spread!

Just think of how cute the mood tracker or habit tracker would be in a bee themed bullet journal spread? If you don’t feel like imagining it, you can click here to see more honey bee themed spreads!


Koi Fish September Bujo Theme Idea

Koi Fish September Bujo Theme Idea

The Koi fish is a reminder of perseverance through hard times, which many people start to experience during the fall and winter months with that lack of sunlight. It’s depicted really nicely in this cover page!

Minimalist September Bullet Journal

Kids are starting school? Lots of kids after school programs going on? Not much time to spend in your September bullet journal? The Minimalist bujo style is your best friend!

Bullet Journaling with paint!

Gorgeous painting that inspires me to start playing more with paint! Water colors can truly make some amazing pieces of art, especially in your own bullet journal!

Bullet Journaling With Paint Hack:

Paint the drawing on a thick painting paper so as to not have the paint bleed through the page. You can then tape that painting into your bullet journal

OR (and this is where the real hack starts!) you can scan the painting onto the computer and print off on regular printer paper to tape into your bullet journal.

This will help you avoid the paint bleeding through the page and also avoid a bulky bullet journal that doesn’t close.

Simple Star Themed Month

Ahh. Like I said, I love to stargaze! This really captures the mood of fall for me and is so simple to add into your own bujo!

Mushroom Theme Cover Page

Mushrooms grow in abundance in the fall and are just in time for the autumn harvest season! I love a good mushroom in a stew or curry! Check out the pen and marker combo here as well!

Simple September Spread Idea

Italians spell ‘September’ as ‘Settembre’ and as soon as you say it like that, I bet you started thinking like an Italian! LOL I love the simplicity of this page, and of course the tribute to blooming sunflowers!

Polka Dot and Washi Tape Spread

I talk about using Washi Tape in THIS post and it is a super slick way of adding some texture and color to your September bullet journal!

Black and White Flowers

I have over 25 plants in my house and seeing this cover page makes me think of how I need more… Don’t you love them? There can never be enough! Perennials are blooming, and my other greenery have really bloomed with all the sunshine! Anyways… this autumn spread is really simply and lovely!

Abstract Cover Page Idea

Woot! September is here and that means harvest season! These abstract blotches make me think of delicious and beautiful pumpkins! Roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie make a delicious fall dessert!

Weekly Spread Idea For Getting It Done!

September is the month to buckle down and get it done. This monthly spread is organized, productive and incredibly inspiring! Get your life in order now before you get to Christmas season!

Simple Weekly Spread Idea!

This weekly for your September Bullet Journal is ready for all the appointments that come up during back to school and flu season! Start organized and you will stay organized!

What About You?

Which September bujo theme was your favourite?

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