My August Bullet Journal Spread

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for August. This month I used stickers to embellish a rainbow color box theme in all of the spreads.

Stickers can be a great way to add some pictures without drawing. Sometimes you don’t have the time or inclination to doodle too much, so using stickers is a helpful addition to any bullet journal.

My August spreads are an overlapping box design. This is simple to draw and I used rainbow colors to add some pop.

As always, all the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below.

Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of August.

August Walkthrough Video

Watch the full design come to life here.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.


Pens / Markers:



August Cover Page

I bought a few sticker sets from The Washi Tape Shop a few weeks ago and after a bit of back and forth about which ones I was going to use, I settled on the Chonky Cat set, with a few of the flowers and butterfly’s from the Fuzzy Friendship set.

I started off by designing my ‘August’. I did it in pencil first to ensure even (or as even as I’m going to get them) letters. Once happy, I colored it with a Primrosia dual tip marker in a darker aqua (number 60) color and then outlined it with the Paper Mate Flair marker in black so it stood out.

I then just added some stickers. A very quick and simple cover page.

August bullet journal ideas

August Monthly Spread

Apart from cats the stickers themselves didn’t give me an overarching theme, however they were all bright and colorful so I went with more of a rainbow color scheme.

For my spreads I chose to use boxes. Boxes are easy to draw, especially in a dot journal, but they can sometimes get a bit repetitive if you always do it the same way. However, they are also a great way to create some interest on the page. They can be differing shapes, sizes and even overlap creating a design.

With the one page monthly spread I chose an overlapping square design, with a square for each day of the month interlapping down the page. Each box is a different color going through the rainbow. Choosing a shade each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink I cycled through the colors.

I added a cute sticker of some cats on a tree branch, with the design forming around it. At the end I put some flower stickers as embellishments where there were a few gaps.

August Bullet Journal Trackers

I did a two page spread for my trackers this month. I started with a basic table tracker at the bottom for my regular tracking and used a different color for each thing to continue with the rainbow theme.

For my mood tracker this month I continued with the overlapping squares. I did them cascading down one page in black and marked each day.

There was some space on the other page so I decided to use it for a gratitude section. Putting gratitude in rainbow, I just left the rest blank to jot down my thoughts at the end of the day.

Adding a few stickers to tie in the pages with the others and it is finished.

August Weekly Spread

Continuing the overlapping box idea into my weekly spreads, however this time I used rectangles. Vertical ones for the weekdays and horizontal for the weekends. Starting with red and continuing through the rainbow.

Each page is a slightly different design depending on the side of the page and the number of days in the week.

I added stickers into the gaps on each page. The beauty of these stickers is they are all different shapes and sizes so I could choose ones that fit into the gaps I have.

August To Do List

One of my favorite stickers in the collection is one where a cat is knocking a pot plant off a shelf while casually looking the other way. I really wanted to use it but it didn’t really fit on the other pages.

But then I thought of my to do list and realised I could make the title into a shelf and make it look like the cat was at the end. This was my inspiration for my list of things to get done for this month.

Final Thoughts

My August spread makes me smile. Overall I like the wonkiness of the overlapping boxes, the rainbow colors and the cat stickers bring cuteness to the spreads.

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