August Bullet Planner Ideas to Inspire You

Inspire your August goals with these bullet journal ideas. Weekly, monthly, covers, and trackers – this articles has it all.

While Summer for some might be coming to an end, August still holds a host of fun. Rodeos, rallies and festivals galore round out the Summer months. You might even try to squeeze in one last holiday.

For those in the south of the world, August signals the end of winter. It’s nearly time for some more sunshine and warmth.

For some parts, August also signals the start of a new academic year, so you might be setting yourself some goals to achieve.

Whatever your plans, keep up to date and creative with these Bullet journal inspirational ideas.  

August Cover Page Ideas

My cover page for August. I used some funky cat themed stickers from The Washi Tape Shop.

Keep your Autumn goals front and center with this fun page from @bullet.journals

Layering other materials is an interesting and creative way of designing your cover pages. I love this look from @judy.studies

Another example of using different materials to spice up your Bullet Journal. Washi tape comes in a huge range of colours and themes. Check it out next time you are stuck for Bullet Journal palette ideas.

Oh, how cute is this drawing. It’s such a fun design an I love the Frangipani flowers.


The colors of this spread are so pretty. The greens match very well with the pinks to make such an elegant design.

August Monthly Spread Ideas

Here is a super cute spread. A simple monthly with some added doodles.

You can’t really go wrong with animals in your spread. They always makes it look cute.

August Weekly Spread Ideas

Break down your August goals using this detailed tracker from @ashtyn_plans. Remember ‘everyday is a fresh start’ so don’t stress yourself if things start to get away from you. Just come back to your Bullet Planner, take a breath and reset.

A summery weekly spread idea from, a quick and simple way to add some colour to your Bullet Journal.

There’s something about purple in a journal that looks very calming. The flowers in the middle are lovely and it is such a symmetrical design.

I just love these rainbow cat silhouettes. This isn’t in a dotted journal but could easily be drawn in one.

Ok, so this dutch door design would take some patience, but it’s quirky and fantastic.

August Tracker Ideas

Thanks @Toastyjournals for this cute August mood tracker. Always handy to paint a picture of how we are travelling in these uncertain times.

What is on your August playlist? I have lots of songs on repeat at the moment. Keep track of your listening in your Bullet Planner!


Aiming to get back into good study and sleep habits? Perhaps these trackers from @medstud.ies are a step in the right direction. Give yourself a head start in achieving your goals for the new academic year.

Final Thoughts

Round out the Summer vibes with a cold drink and your Bullet Planner. August is great month to relax and stretch your creative muscle. Thanks for visiting us for your August Bullet Planner Ideas.

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