The Best Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Bullet journals have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are calendars, diaries, trackers, and journals all rolled into one and are as unique as their owners. With no set rules for how a bullet journal should be set up, they allow us to make a customized journal that fits our needs perfectly.

When it comes to designing layouts, every bullet journal user wants their layouts to look as beautiful as possible. However, if you’re not artistic or simply don’t have any ideas, making stunning layouts can be more difficult than it seems!

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a talented artist to make stunning bullet journal layouts. There are many simple doodles you can include that will elevate your layouts from something dull and boring to something more spectacular.

In this article, I have collected the best bullet journal doodle ideas. Most of the ideas have step-by-step guides as well so even if you aren’t artistically inclined, you can follow the instructions and create the doodles line by line.

Whether you’re lacking inspiration or just looking for new ideas, there will be some doodle ideas here for you! 


Some of the easiest doodle ideas are plants. I love including plants in my bullet journal layouts because they not only add some color to the layouts, but they’re very easy to draw. They don’t use any complicated shapes and don’t need much artistic skill to successfully draw.

If you take a look at any plants you find in nature, you’ll find that many of them have misshaped or mismatched leaves.

This means that when you draw plants in your bullet journal, it doesn’t matter if their leaves are uneven or your lines are wobbly as they’re like that in nature! In many cases, plants look better when they’re not perfect. 

Plants look great in layouts throughout spring and summer. Consider using plants during March and bring in some colorful flowers for the summer months.

The first plant doodle I’ve chosen for this list is these beautiful dandelions. I don’t think that you can find any plant-related doodles that are easier than these as they’re simply a straight-line stem, a circle, and then plenty of easy petals.

You can keep the dandelions black as they are in this example or use some yellow for the petals.

For my next choice, here is a great example of different but easy potted plants you can draw. I especially love the hanging basket and cactus and think these would look great in a wide variety of different layouts. 

If you’re looking to make a book tracker and want to draw it in the style of some shelves, adding a few of these plants to the shelves will really elevate your bookcase!

This page has three pretty but simple plants. They all start with a simple line or two and are then built up with some leaves or flowers. 

I love plants like this because they’re infinitely customizable. They can be drawn as small or large as you need them to be and you can add as many petals as you want.

You don’t need to worry about keeping the leaves the same shape and size either. They look great in black and white but will also pop with a little green.

These flowers are not only very simple but they’re very cute and colorful too. They’re a great example of how easy doodles can be as each one consists of only a few lines. 

Although all of the doodles in this example are small, I think it would be easy to build them up and make them much larger.

Add a few more branches and stems and you can easily make larger and more colorful doodles without making them any more complicated to draw.

Trees are really fun things to draw. It’s amazing how many different tree doodles you can make from a few little triangles and this spread illustrates that perfectly.

Some of them are very traditional trees and others are a little abstract, but they are all recognizable as trees.

I hope this example shows that you can experiment with your doodles and that they don’t all have to be perfect representations. Try some of these trees and have fun making your own trees as well!

Calendar And Seasonal

Bullet journals are all about months and seasons. Each month gets its own layout and this leads to many bullet journal creators choosing seasonal themes for their months.

I often choose seasonal themes as well as it’s the easiest way to make a layout that makes each month stand out.

Doodles can make your seasonal layouts even easier. Bring some spring freshness, summer heat, fall colors, or winter festivities to your bullet journal with these doodles.

This collection of doodles has a variety of different natural and spring-related ideas. As well as a simple potted plant, there is also a watering can, bird box, and rain cloud. 

I especially love the bird box and think this can be used in a variety of different ways. It will match with spring layouts but can also be paired with bird doodles as well.

If you’re looking for some bird doodles, I have some of those in the next section.

Although you can take a vacation at any time of the year, the majority of them occur during the warm summer months. Many items related to vacations make for easy doodles and can help bring your summer layouts to life.

The doodles on this page are a mix of difficulty levels. The bike might be a little tricky if you’re not an artist, but the watermelon, map, and waves are easy enough for anyone to draw.

If you’re creating a specific layout for your vacation plans, these doodles will be ideal.

If you’re running out of interesting ways to write the days of the week, then this example of doodles will give you enough ideas to get through an entire year!

Some of the doodles rely on fancy lettering but others are very simple and will work in any kind of handwriting.

I love the doodles that match simple writing with some color as these are not only easy but are very effective. Color coordinate your days and months to make even more stunning layouts.

The weather doesn’t always do what we want it to but that doesn’t mean that any weather noted in your bullet journal shouldn’t be cute! All of these doodles are full of character and will brighten up any page in your bullet journal.

Whether you’re using weather doodles as decorations or are keeping track of the weather daily, these doodles will look great. They’re all simple lines and with the right colors they really stand out.

If you need examples of even more weather doodles, here’s another full-page spread! This spread has a more varied group of examples and is a little less cartoony than the others so choose whichever appeals to you.

A couple of the doodles, such as the raindrop in the corner and the crescent moon with a sleeping cap, can be used for other layouts as well. You could use these for a water or sleep tracker, for example.


Animals are some of the more difficult things to draw in your bullet journal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t doodle them! I love using animals to add some cuteness to my layouts and they’re well-suited for any layout.

Add them to habit trackers, monthly layouts, weekly layouts, or anything else you can think of! Depending on the animal, you can make them as colorful as you want as well and match their color scheme to your month.

These adorable birds are a great example of how animal drawings can be made into easy doodles. Although the finished result of each of these birds is super cute, they’re made of only simple shapes and all start with a misshapen circle.

Once you’ve drawn the birds, you can color them however you want. The more colorful they are the better in my opinion!

These birds will look great in spring layouts but with the right color scheme, you can adjust them to any time of the year.

Look at how easy but cute this turtle is! With only a few circles, you can draw a turtle friend for your bullet journal.

Once you’ve drawn the shell and limbs of the turtle, you can decorate and color the shell however you like.

The example has opted for a more realistic view of a turtle but I think it would be great in a variety of different colors as well.

If you look at the end result of this doodle tutorial you might think that it would be very difficult to do. Although I do think it’s one of the more difficult doodles in this article, the step-by-step instructions make the rabbit easier than you might expect.

Once you’ve mastered the bunny in the example, you can make a few changes. You can easily change the expression of the rabbit or reposition the hands, feet, and ears.

The rabbit looks really cute with just a little pink on the ears and cheeks but you can also change the color of the fur.

Who doesn’t love baby animals? All of these animals are very cute and I think they’re all easier than they first appear to be as well.

The step-by-step instructions are very clear and use similar methods so once you’ve mastered one you should be able to draw them all.

My favorite of these is the lamb and it would look great as part of a spring-themed layout.

This collection of bears is full of character. It’s also a great example of how coloring the doodles can greatly change which bear you get.

Whether you want polar bears, brown bears, or pandas in your bullet journal, you can use these doodles for all three.

You can also mix and match the expressions or even create your own if you wish.

School And Work

If you’re a student, you may use your bullet journal as a way of tracking deadlines and exam schedules. People can also use their bullet journals to keep notes of things related to business or even future ideas. 

There are many doodles you can use to brighten up your boring class schedules. Use these to highlight important pieces of information and make your school and work layouts pretty and interesting.

I like this set of doodles because although they’re created for school use, many of them can be used in a variety of situations.

The push pin is great and looks great when drawn on any interesting piece of information. Just draw a box, add the push pin, and you have a sticky note effect!

The calendar and book can also come in handy in a variety of different layouts. Use the calendar on a birthday layout, for example, or the book on a book tracker.

These school-themed doodles are all very simple but effective. My favorite of this bunch is the school bag as I love how easily it comes together. 

You can also use the crayon, notepad, or pencil doodles as part of an art or writing layout as well. Add a little color for some very versatile doodles.

I’ve mentioned book trackers a few times throughout this article and if you’re looking to make a book tracker, these are the doodles for you.

There are several different ways of drawing books but they’re all easy and can be completed in only a few steps. 

My favorite is the third doodle that has the books standing up with their spines facing. I like drawing my book tracker with books such as this and filling in the names of the books I’ve read on the spine.

Dividers And Borders

An easy way to brighten up any page is to use dividers. You can separate different parts of your text without the need for any complicated doodles. Keep them in black and white or use colors to make your layouts really stand out.

These are some of the easiest dividers you can find. Many consist of a simple line and then have a couple of simple but interesting additions to make them look prettier. 

All you need for many of these dividers is a ruler and a nice pen. You can match many of these dividers with other doodles and themes. For example, the divider with a heart in the middle will look great for Valentine layouts.

If you’re putting a lot of information on a page then pretty borders and frames can highlight the most important of this information.

The end result looks complicated but the steps show that the frame is much easier than you might expect. 

It starts with a few hexagons and is then decorated with some leaves. You can use this frame as a base and add other details as well, such as flowers if you wish.

I like to color in the center of the frames with a light pencil to make them stand out even further.

Here are eight easy frames that all start with a circle. They may look complicated at first glance, but if you look at them closely I think it’s clear that they’re much easier than they seem. They all consist of repeated leaves or petals that go around the circle. 

I especially like the second circle down on the right as it’s just many little circles but it looks like berries wrapped around a wreath. These frames would look great throughout the year but some of them are tailor-made for winter layouts.

These dividers are a little more difficult but are still on the easier side of the difficulty spectrum, I think! The second divider is just circles and a couple of crescent moons after all so it should be possible for the majority of people to draw correctly.

Space is a great theme for a bullet journal layout and I often use it for May as a part of a Star Wars Day theme. These dividers are perfect for something similar and would look great with a little color, I think.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I introduced dozens of fun and cute doodle ideas that you can use in your bullet journal layouts and spreads.

Whether you’re looking for plants, animals, seasonal ideas, school-themed items, or some dividers, there is something here for everyone.

Many of the doodles have step-by-step instructions to help you draw them but even those that don’t are easy to work out. You can use these doodles as part of your monthly layouts or for trackers and they will look great in both black and white or in color.

I hope these doodles show that you don’t need to be a great artist to create great layouts!