10 Energizing August Mood Tracker Bullet Planner Ideas

Feeling a little up and down lately and need help to keep track of how you are feeling? These 10 August mood trackers will keep track of how you’re feeling.

All of us get moody, it is a natural part of our emotional state. Maintaining an understanding of your moods can go towards improving your overall wellbeing and is a helpful way to try to manage them during times of stress or uncertainty. Make a start here with these August Mood Trackers for your Bullet Journal! 

Love this circular galaxy-themed Mood Tracker from @bujoabby. Focus your energies on how you are feeling and try to take time out from the chaos around you.

Keep a library of your moods this August using this tracker from @bujo.marieanneso. I am drawn to this homey idea. It feels comforting to me, maybe it is the natural way the books and plants are arranged. Do you feel the same?

A combination mood and habit tracker across a double spread makes it easy to see how you are going across multiple areas. This can help you monitor your overall wellbeing.

This Mood Tracker reminds me of the ‘colour by numbers’ I used to do when I was younger. Thanks for the flashback @juanitaejohns!

I like the symbolism of the train heading into the tunnel. There have been days where I have felt like this and am not too sure what I will find on the other side, but I am always happy to see the light when it appears!

Another example of a double-page spread to see how your sleep patterns and moods relate to each other. I find this really useful and a good way to gain insight into why I might not be feeling 100%. Thanks @wilde.pages.

I love the minimal look of this bullet journal tracker. Nice clean, neat lines and easy to follow.

A celestial August mood tracker from @bysarah.eliz. I like this tracker and the way it follows the phases of the moon.

The colours in this spread from @rem.bujo appeal to me. I also like the floral mood representations they have used here and the way you can track a range of moods across the day.

This Mood Tracker would have be be in my top 3! I love the seashells and the choice of colour. Can’t wait to see how it looks completed @plannerfield.

August Mood Tracker Summary

Taking time for ourselves is a really important tool to use when looking to maintain and improve our wellbeing. These August Mood Trackers are a quick and simple way to prompt us into introspection and to really consider how we are feeling. Remember to seek help if you feel you need it. Take care!

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