Minimal Bullet Journal Set Up (Plant Theme)


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Transcript for Minimal Bullet Journal Set Up 2021 (Plant Theme)

Hi everyone,

This is Shae from bullet planner ideas and welcome to today’s video. Today we are going to map out your 2021 monthly set-up with a plant theme. As you will see, I have already drafted my design out in lead, just so I am happy with the way it looks before going over them with ink.

So lets begin!

I am going to use an Artline Calligraphy 1.0 pen to start outlining my designs.

I am going to start going over the numbers for the 2021 first like this and you’ll see, it’s a really simple
freehand from the other angle I am going to show you here.

Little wavey strokes like this… And then we are just going to give the two a little tail. Like little quarter moons. Now go ahead and finish off the zero and the one. With the one, don’t be afraid to use a ruler, it just makes it more straight and you might as well since we are giving the title a banner as well.

I am going to give my banners angled tips to flow with the font so make sure you don’t make both strokes equal sizes
Just like that. Make sure you use an eraser to rub the lead off the page after you’ve used ink, that way you can track where you are up to.

Now we are going to start on our first leaf.

So start off with the spine of the leaf first. Then start making your way around the edge. Cutting back into the leaf to give it more definition. Now give the spine some little strokes, just following the angle of the leaf, and move onto your next leaf and basically repeat the same process with the rest of the designs.

Now you will see me move my journal around a lot throughout this video and I’m sorry but it’s
just the way I feel most comfortable drawing, but I think you still get a good idea of what we are creating here.

Again, make sure you use your eraser to remove the lead from the page after you’ve used ink – but be sure that the ink is dry first otherwise it will smudge.

Now I am going to give both pages a thick black border using an Artline Calligraphy 3.0 pen.

Make sure you have a tissue or napkin when doing this, so you can wipe your ruler after every use – again, you may smudge here, as the ink is quite heavy.

Now comes the fun part, we get to use colour!

I am going to start off with my Mont Marte real brush pens with light green first. Don’t fill the leaves completely with this colour, make sure to leave some white gaps and don’t hesitate to go outside the lines We are going to fill those in with a different green after.

Go ahead and repeat this process with the rest of the leaves. Remember not to completely fill them in, and you can go over the same colour for texture.

Now I am going to fill in those gaps with the sap green colour.

Start off by going over the spine to let that pop out then just make your way through, filling in where you think – you
don’t need to fill the entire leaf.

I am just going to give the stems a touch of sienna brown, not too much though.

Now we get to fill in the banner with an orange, just keeping the natural theme flowing.

Then we get to fill in our design.

So I’m going to use the Mont Marte watercolour fine markers, I chose yellow to again keep with the neutral theme. As you will see from this angle, I am only roughly filling in the design. I feel it gives it a little more character and a bit of a rustic look.

I am going to give my 2021 an orange outline on the inner right sides and bottoms of the designs as a shadow and to bring the banner in line.

So you don’t have to do this, but I am going to give my border a light grey outline, just because I think
it gives it a little more definition. But I think an orange or yellow would look great here too.

Now we get to start on our next page which will be our six month layout.

So we are going to go over the same process as the first page.

Now don’t make the mistake I made here in choosing the watercolour thin marker, because you will later see that it runs with the brush pen.

So I would recommend sticking with the Artline Calligraphy, or even a Felt Tip to do this outline.

We are going to give the page a border now.

Now be careful not to draw through any overlapping leaves, I’ve left a mix of them to flow in and out and the final product looks fantastic with this blend.

Again, make sure you erase the lead from the page, be careful not to smudge so allow it to dry.

Now comes the fun part again, colouring in.

I am going to use the same light green to start off with and keep the same methods as the previous page
with leaving gaps to fill in with the sap green.

I’m using the tissue here to clean the pen, because as I mentioned earlier – the watercolour thin markers run with the brush pens!

Now, let’s give our monthly layouts some borders.

So give the outside borders straight lines, just using the Artline Calligraphy 1.0 pen.

But for the inside borders, I am going to give the months a broken line to keep the flow. Then straight lines horizontally all the way through.

Let’s go ahead and write our days in start with Mondays. I am using a thin black marker to complete this

Now I’m just going to erase the names of the months out before I use ink because I’m not tracing this, it’s just freehand. Again, just a thin black marker.

Go ahead and repeat that same process and then complete the dates for the months. I found it useful to draft the first row, then the last row, because it’s super easy to get carried away with the numbering!

And there you have it!

You have your months on the left and you can use the spaces next to the months to remind you of special events
in that month like birthdays etc.

Remember to give your schedule a title, I’ve left mine blank for now but you can choose what suits you.

And you can utilise the space next to the title page for anything you like, maybe your goals, your affirmations, or even a legend for how you will lay out your upcoming journal.

And there you have it, your 2021 monthly set up with a plant theme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen today.

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Otherwise, we will see you next time.

My name is Shae and you’ve been watching, Bullet Planner Ideas.