August Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean you can’t build better habits with these August Habit Tracker Ideas.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t the only time you can choose to reinvent yourself. Whether reading more, finding the time to meditate or creating an exercise routine these layouts and designs will help you keep focused.

Tracking your habits allows you time to review and reflect on what you are doing right and wrong. See just how close you really are to building your daily habit. 


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I wanted to share some of the best and most affordable tools available for bullet journalling.

  • This notebook which is almost identical to the cult favorite and has raving reviews for a fraction of the cost!
  • This pen that won’t bleed through the page and is great for inputting your dailies
  • This Pen for art work and faux calligraphy
  • These Markers for decorating and color coding your journal
  • Stencils for making layouts quicker, or if you’re not handy at drawing

Also not necessary but this MEGA pack of PRINTABLES is amazing!

Obviously the only things that you need to get started is a notebook and pen and you will use them the most. However, the markers are useful for colour coding your journal and the stencils will save you time in creating beautiful layouts!

Read my full Bullet Journal Supplies Recommendation post here!

A great all in one August habit tracker. The use of the space allows for an interesting test to track how the days with low energy or high anxiety impact your other August habits.

Carrying a Kiwi fruit theme and utilizing subtle greens and yellows. I love the freshness that jumps out of the page.

Although from 2019 this Goal/Intentions Habit Tracker idea calls to me. This minimalist bullet journal design requires no drawing skills.

Clean outlines with a hand written black and white lead in page. The habits, or goals, are in the same hand written style. The colour pallet works to invoke the sun rising, giving hope that you can achieve what’s to come.

A great design for any bullet journal beginner. Start simple and don’t get discouraged. 

This one says it all, ‘Progress not Perfection’. It’s what a habit tracker is all about. While I’d love to hit every goal every day. It’s unrealistic. But to create a new habit you aim for consistency, not perfection because if you aim for perfection you’ll let the days that you don’t complete your habit get you down. Which can halt your progress.

A straighfoward design, this Kawaii insipred habit tracker uses highlights within the heading and subheadings for extra finesse.

The Kawaii cat at the bottom allows for a bit of creativity. Use this space to add your own personal flair to the design.

A great Minimalist Bullet Journal Idea featuring a favourite of many bullet journallers – Washi Tape. If any of you have read my previous articles you’ll know why I love Washi Tape. It adds artist flamboyance to any page.

Combine this with the easy to create headings and even easier habit trackers – all you need is a ruler and your favourite colors – it’s another habit tracker that any novice bullet journaller can conquer.

This leaf themed August habit tracker will require a little more artistic skill to replicate but there is no overtly complicated shading or drawing here. Make the leaves to suit your personal look and feel .

The tracker headings are created in a typewriter style font with the use of a stencil.

The subtle quote, ‘Step by step. Day by day’ reinforces the goal of any habit tracker.

A ruler, pen, scissors, glue and a magazine is all you need to recreate this sea inspired habit tracker.

The grids within this page are a general box design that doesn’t really connect with me. However, I’ve include this as it takes me back to being a kid with its almost scrapbooking approach to bullet journaling. 

Roll this style out for tracker. If you haven’t started a bullet journal because you’re not being able to draw fanciful designs, you no longer have an excuse. 

I’d be surprised if anyone reading this hasn’t doodled a 3D box at some point in their life or dabbled at drawing clouds. 

This design could use more vivid blues within the clouds and add colours to the trackers themselves, but the design has got my imagination running with the possibilities. I hope it does the same for you. 

This flower themed habit tracker is unique on this list. Not for the flowers but for it’s use of circles within the tracker system instead of squares. The circles add softness to the page. 

Outlined in gold to provide elegance to the leaves and flowers are something I want to bring to my own work.

For some reason, fruit-inspired designs have featured heavily in this list. 

This one has a sneaky surprise. 

A drink tracker hidden away under a nicely designed flap that could be used to focus on your hydration. However, if you’re feeling more adventurous, why not track how many cocktails you’ve had while sunning yourself by the pool?

There’s not much creative design with this Habit Tracker. This is for the person who wants to cram a lot into their month.

For the creatives out there, like myself, this won’t really sing to you. For those who want to build as many habits as possible, this design is for you. 

August Habit Tracker Summary

A habit tracker is an important tool to understanding how you are setting the right and the wrong habits for yourself. I hope this designs inspire you to get out an build a better you.

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