Should You Start A New Bullet Journal Every Year

Keeping a bullet journal has become quite common nowadays, which is not surprising considering this is an excellent way to keep your tasks and thoughts in line. However, many bullet journal fans have been wondering when it is a convenient time to start a new one. So, should you start a new bullet journal every year?

A new bullet journal at the beginning of the year means a fresh start, so it is highly recommended to do so. This gives you the chance to leave everything from the past year behind you and move on to some new challenges. Setting up new goals is quite the motivation to accomplish them and strive for a better year.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and benefits of starting a new bullet journal every year. There are many bullet journal enthusiasts who are not sure whether they should do this, so if you are one of them, this article will shed some light on this notion. Keep reading to learn what you can gain out of starting fresh each year!

Starting A New Journal At The Beginning Of Each Year  

Starting a new journal every year is an excellent way to think about your priorities and reflect on your old habits. This is a convenient method to assess your performance in the past and see where you can make some changes. In addition, a new bullet journal motivates you to look forward to new things and take on new challenges.

A new bullet journal embraces the well-known concept “New Year, New Me”, meaning it gives you a clean slate. It is an opportunity to leave the previous year in the past and get rid of the “junk” from it. A new journal means new goals, new priorities, and new tasks on which you can focus.

There are a lot of advantages to starting a new journal each year, which can be highly beneficial for you. However, there are also some disadvantages and you need to acknowledge them and see if they are important to you.

Symbolic fresh startEmpty pages in an old journal
Improved organizationUnfinished business in the old journal
Reason to take on new challengesPutting off the start of a new journal
Excuse to try a new bullet journalMiss out on the joy of completing an old journal

Advantages Of Starting A New Journal Every Year

There are numerous advantages that might encourage you to begin a new bullet journal at the start of each year. 

Symbolic Fresh Start

Nothing symbolizes a fresh start more than a fresh new bullet journal. White blank pages mean brand-new opportunities to improve the quality of your life. This can be extremely favorable if you had a tough year.

You may think that for a clean slate, you do not need a new bullet journal or a new year, but the truth is that we associate the new year with a fresh start. We celebrate its beginning, and we all look toward something we have never experienced before. The same goes for your journal – a notebook that you have never used before might be a perfect start to motivate yourself for new accomplishments.

It is proven that everyone gets excited when something new happens. Starting a new journal at the beginning of the year is similar to back-to-school shopping. You do not really need new supplies, but you buy them anyways. It is clear that new things bring excitement and motivation, and the same refers to a fresh bullet journal.

This is also a good way to reflect on your old journal. Look at what you’ve done the past year. Both the accomplishments and things that may not have gone your way. Take stock and see what you can take out of it for the year ahead.

Improved Organization

Most of us finish the year chaotically due to pending tasks that must be finished before the year ends. Not to mention the festive period around Christmas and the holidays. During this time, your organization might throw you off track a little bit, i.e. it might be difficult to stay organized.

If you look into your old journal, you might see a bunch of unfinished tasks that simply could not be done due to lack of organization. However, a great number of new journal pages can give you the motivation to mend this. It may even inspire you to figure out a new way to stay organized.

What is more, having a new bullet journal for every year will help you keep track of things that have happened in a particular year. It is like keeping files in an archive and getting them whenever you need information from a certain year. Plus, it is a good way to store memories of your life.

Reason To Take On New Challenges

A new journal can easily encourage you to try something new and embrace new challenges. It is a special wave of inspiration you do not get when you use an old journal with already filled pages.

Although it might not sound believable, a new notebook can do wonders. Those who have tried starting a new journal every year, know what this is all about.

Excuse To Try A New Bullet Journal

If you have looked for bullet journals, you know that there is an abundance of options. These dotted notebooks come in many designs and colors, so when trying to select one, you are faced with a really difficult decision. However, starting a new journal every year will give the chance to pick a new notebook and a different design or color every time.

Disadvantages Of Starting A New Journal Every Year

As with everything in life, starting a new journal every year can come with several disadvantages.

Empty Pages In The Old Journal

If you have not been journaling every day in the past year, you might end up with a bunch of empty pages. Therefore, starting a new one might seem like a waste of money. Some people might even feel like they owe it to the old journal to fill all the pages.

Unfinished Business In The Old Journal

If you have set some goals in the previous journal, and they have not been accomplished, you might feel like you need to keep using the current journal until you reach them. People who are quite strict with their journaling might not feel comfortable switching to a new bullet journal.

Putting Off The Start Of A New Journal

If you decide to start a new journal at the beginning of the year, you might end up putting off organizing your life at the current moment. If you have never kept a journal, you might easily give up the idea until the time comes.

Miss Out On The Joy Of Completing A Journal

Many people obtain satisfaction when they complete their journals. A completed bullet journal can make you feel as if you have achieved great things, and you have the proof documented on the filled pages of your dotted notebook.

3 Benefits Of Keeping A Bullet Journal

If you are thinking about starting a journal and are still not sure whether this is something you will find useful, it might be good to look into the benefits that come out of it.

1.   Set And Track New Goals

One of the greatest benefits of starting a journal is the opportunity to set new goals and embrace new challenges. Your journal will encourage you to keep working towards accomplishing your goals, and you will gain a new level of productivity. Your bullet journal will also inspire you to find new ways to stay organized and keep on track.

In addition, your bullet journal will act as a tracker of your progress. Documenting all of your successes will be quite encouraging to keep going. However, it might also show you where you are making mistakes and how you can become better.

2.   Explore Your Creativity

Keeping a bullet journal can open your creative side. The sole journal will entice you to draw something, use washi tape, or similar stuff. You do not have to be a genuine artist to add a little bit of colorfulness to your journal.

Everything you include in it needs to reflect your personality. After all, it is your journal, and the beauty of a bullet journal is it can portray you and your character.

3.   Develop Healthy Habits

A bullet journal will track not only your career or personal goals but also your healthy ones. Your bullet journal can take your water, exercise or anything else you want, so you will know exactly what your body lacks each day. This can make your life easier when it comes to health, and it will definitely make you stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Your Bullet Journal Last?

Generally, you should keep a specific bullet journal for six to twelve months. However, there are people who actively use their bullet journals, so they need a new one every three or four months.

How Often Should I Use My Journal?

It is recommended that you use your bullet journal on a daily basis, at least to monitor your tasks and goals. However, it is important that you organize your tasks every week and set your goals every month.

How Many Pages Should A Bullet Journal Contain?

The number of pages in your bullet journal depends on the notebook brand that you decide to use. The number of pages in each notebook generally goes from 124 to 249. The official bullet journal notebook, invented by Leuchtturm and Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the bullet journal concept has 185 pages.

Final Thoughts

We believe that after reading this article, hopefully you will not be so indecisive when it comes to starting a new bullet journal. As you can see, starting a new journal comes with a certain set of advantages that you will not want to miss out on. Hopefully, we have helped you acknowledge the benefits of getting a “fresh start” every year!


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