May Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

May is here! If you are looking for some inspiration for your May Bullet Journal than we are here to bring you a bunch of ideas.

In the Northern hemisphere you are smack bang in the middle of spring and in the Southern, things are starting to turn colder. You could be inspired by Mothers Day, Star Wars (May the 4th), longer days (if you are heading into summer) and so many other things May may bring.

Here is our best inspiration for your May cover page.


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Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas for May

First off is my cover page for the month. I just love cherry blossoms and that was my inspiration for this month. These were made using a stencil and then colored in.

I love the use of washi tape on this cover page. It adds some color and flair to a great black penned drawing. Just lovely.

Sticking with a flower theme because there just seems to be so many good ones this month. I love the pops of color around the flowers and leaves.

May the forth be with you. Ok, so this is technically not a cover page, but this is a great month for a Star Wars theme so I had to add it. Pick your favourite characters, ships, animals or even planets.

Ok, so this time it is a cover page and oh my! What a great drawing. The watercolor effect behind makes the helmet really stand out.

This is a simple, but oh so cute spread.

This is everything you want in a quick and simple cover page. This school of fish makes a colorful impact along the page. Just keep swimming!

I’m yet to try a black page journal but I do love the way they look. The colours stand out so well on the page and lets fact it, that turtle is really cute.

When you just want to curl up with a book, then a bookshelf cover page is for you. They can actually be relatively simple to draw, using mostly rectangle shapes and colors, so perfect if you are not as confident in your doodling abilities. There are also many simple plant doodles to add to your shelves to make you look like a master bullet journal artist.

You can’t be mad when you’re looking at a panda. Well, that’s my theory anyway. Another great theme for a May cover page spread.

Simple yet pretty. By using different colorings for the flowers, the page stands out and shows you don’t need to do complicated and intricate flowers to create a beautiful page.

Is a bullet journal page supposed to make you hungry? This one is all about strawberry milkshakes, with an amazing red that really makes it look great.

This musical mouse is adorable. I absolutely love it.

May Cover Page Inspiration

I hope you’ve enjoyed some inspiration for your May cover page from these fantastic designs. May your May be merry.

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