My May Bullet Journal Spread

Welcome to my bullet journal spread for May. This month I went for a cherry blossom theme. I love cherry blossoms and was really feeling that for this month.

Cherry blossoms (known as Sukura) are Japan’s National flower and only bloom for about a week in Spring. But when they do, oh they are pretty! The petals are also edible.

I bought some new markers a few weeks ago and wanted to try them out. They had some great pinks in the set, which also served my cherry blossom inspiration. All the supplies I’ve used to create this spread are listed below.

Let me take you through my bullet journal theme for the month of May.


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Watch the full design come to life here.

Supplies used this month

Here is a list of everything I used in the spreads this month.

Journal: Vivid Scribbles Dotted Bullet Journal in Pink

Markers: Primrosia Dual Tip Markers. The colours I used were black 93, Pinks 4, 7, 9 & 11, brown 45 and green 63.

Pencil: Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencil (0.7mm)

Stencils: The cherry blossoms and leaves were a stencil pack of wildflowers. I purchased the 6×5″.

May Cherry Blossom Cover Page

My cover page for May was designed with lettering on one page and a full page of cherry blossom on the other.

pencil draft for may cover page design

First off, I create the drawings in pencil. I used stencils for both the lettering and flowers. I find using pencil first gives me an idea of the spacing and design and allows me to easily make changes as I go.

I then start adding colour. The design was done in a fine marker first, then color added with the brush marker of the same color.

I used the same color for the lettering and some of the flowers, with different pinks added to the flowers to create difference and effect. All the branches were one color

I couldn’t decided whether to outline the lettering and in the end I didn’t. You could go over it with an outline of a darker pink or black to add definition.

Overall I am happy with my cherry blossoms and cover page for May.

May Cherry Blossom Monthly Spread

My monthly is pretty simple this month. A basic box calendar with a small blossom for effect and color. I start by marking out the columns and rows in pencil (just the corners) and then grab my trusty ruler and start drawing lines using a black fine marker.

Hot tip: Keep a tissue or wipe handy! I use a plastic ruler and using a marker to draw lines means that there will sometimes be marker residue on the ruler. If you then put the ruler back on the page for your next line, it will smudge on the page. After each time you use the ruler, wipe the edge down with a tissue or wipe so it is clean before putting it back down on your page.

The calendar took up most of the page, however this month worked out well to leave a space at the bottom right to but in the month’s title and a small embellishment of cherry blossoms. I chose to keep with the pink theme for the lettering and numbers on the page.

May Cherry Blossom Weekly Spread

The weekly spread I chose for this month is boxes. Full length boxes for the weekdays and half length for the weekends.

may weekly spread

I tend not to use week numbers. I don’t find it overly useful for anything, but I do know some people like to keep track of the weeks in the year.

I left space for some decoration at the top and chose slightly different cherry blossoms for each week.

may cherry blossom bullet journal spread

May Bullet Journal Trackers

For my mood tracker this month, I actually didn’t do cherry blossoms. I couldn’t find a way to do it that I liked, but I still kept with nature and did a leaf theme.

I used a stencil for these leaves as well. I outlined in pencil first to get the shapes where I liked them on the page.

Each leaf is a day with a few small ones left over colored in green. I really like this green I used for the stems and smaller leaves. It is Primrosia number 63 and will definitely be using it again. I outlined the other leaves in black to fill in my daily moods.

With the daily trackers, I’ve kept the page very simple. I have a small month guide at the bottom so I can reference which square to colour in the tracker.

The trackers themselves are minimalist, with just a few decorations of cherry blossoms at the bottom to add color and connect into the monthly theme.

So there you have it, my bullet journal spreads for May. Let me know what you think.

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