Clever Washi Tape Ideas for Bullet Journaling

We all know how awesome washi tape is. It’s fun, versatile AND it’s environmentally friendly. We have a bunch of clever washi tape ideas you can use in your bullet journal. Washi tape takes your bullet journal to the next level with its colors and patterns. Additionally, it also adds an extra layer of creativity and thought that goes into your journal.

There are lots of ways to use washi tape in your bullet journal – the possibilities are endless! Create beautiful layouts in your bullet journal by using washi tape to make stickers, unique sticky notes, color codes and more. 

Washi tape is fantastic to use in your bullet journal when you don’t feel like drawing or coloring yourself. It personalizes your journal and allows you to express yourself. Patterns, bright colors, glitter, different sizes – washi tape is an easy-to-use and enjoyable crafting tool. We have some brilliant washi tape ideas to use in your bullet journal.


Before we get started, I wanted to share some of the best and most affordable tools available for bullet journalling.

  • This notebook which is almost identical to the cult favorite and has raving reviews for a fraction of the cost!
  • This pen that won’t bleed through the page and is great for inputting your dailies
  • This Pen for art work and faux calligraphy
  • These Markers for decorating and color coding your journal
  • Stencils for making layouts quicker, or if you’re not handy at drawing

Also not necessary but this MEGA pack of PRINTABLES is amazing!

Obviously the only things that you need to get started is a notebook and pen and you will use them the most. However, the markers are useful for colour coding your journal and the stencils will save you time in creating beautiful layouts!

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What is washi tape?

Originally a Japanese phenomenon (‘wa’ means ‘Japanese’ and ‘shi’ means ‘paper’), washi tape is actually made from Japanese shrubs. This makes it biodegradable and you can even recycle your washi tape. It is easy to use as it tears easily, is waterproof and heatproof and you simply peel it off the page if you wish to use it elsewhere. Washi paper comes in an abundance of patterns and colors, making it the perfect tool when it comes to crafting. In a nutshell, washi paper is like fun adhesive tape.

Washi tape is a relatively new concept for the rest of the world. It started officially being produced in 2006 by a masking tape company called Kamoi Kakoshi. They were approached by a group of Japanese artists who wanted to use tape specifically for crafting purposes. Since then, it has become a beloved crafting tool by artists around the world, as well as those who simply like to get creative.

Our clever washi tape ideas

Besides making your bullet journal look amazing, washi tape can be used in other ways as well.

Mood tracker

Take your mood tracker in your bullet journal to the next level. Using washi paper to track how you feel each day is a creative and different way to analyze your feelings.


Rather than drawing themes in your bullet journal, use washi tape instead. Washi tape can help you theme your month perfectly.


Stickers are a fun way to spruce up and personalize your bullet journal. Instead of buying rolls of stickers, simply make them from washi tape.

Bullet journal cover

Perhaps you have a bullet journal with a bland front cover or you want to cover up a logo. Washi tape is a fantastic way to create a beautiful bullet journal cover.


Washi tape is a handy way of designing the layout for your week ahead. It helps keep you organized and using washi tape is a creative way to keep your bullet journal pages looking schmick.

Our favorite washi tapes

Check out some of our favorite washi tapes:

Our favorite washi tape dispensers

Check out some of our favorite washi tape dispensers:

Washi tape FAQS

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Washi Tape?

There are a number of online stores that sell washi tape. Amazon is our top pick as there are so many varieties to choose from for all budgets. However, speciality washi tape stores are also excellent if you are looking for top quality. We like The Washi Tape Shop.

What pen works the best on washi tape?

As we know, washi tape is perfect for writing on. However, there are certain types of pens that work better on washi tape. Ballpoint pens are hands-down the easiest pens to use on washi tape, as are pens that don’t smudge. Our favorites include:

What is the best brand of glitter washi tape?

Glitter washi tape is fun and adds a sparkle to your bullet journal. Our favorite brand of glitter washi tape is YUKUNTANG skinny glitter paper washi tape. Skinny strips make it easy to fit more colors and patterns onto the page. If you are looking for a more sleek look, skinny glitter washi tape is your best friend.

Wrap up!

Thanks for reading! As you can see, washi tape is so much fun. With washi tape, you can create some fantastic themed designs, with no end to your creativity.

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