Creative Water Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas

Too often, many of us walk around in a constant state of dehydration. Drinking water is the most simple of acts, yet we forget to constantly sip throughout the day. A bullet journal water tracker is a great way to get creative and keep an eye on your water intake.

Most of us tend to wake up in the morning and crave caffeine instead of a large glass of water. During the day, depending on our activity, we lose fluids and these obviously need to be replenished. This is where a daily water tracker comes in handy as it keeps us accountable for how much water we consume.


Before we get started, I wanted to share some of the best and most affordable tools available for bullet journalling.

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  • This Pen for art work and faux calligraphy
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Obviously the only things that you need to get started is a notebook and pen and you will use them the most. However, the markers are useful for colour coding your journal and the stencils will save you time in creating beautiful layouts!

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Water Trackers for Your Bullet Journal

What is a water tracker?

A water tracker is usually an app or a bullet journal habit tracker that records how much H20 you drink throughout the day. It also reminds you to stay hydrated if you aren’t drinking enough. A water tracker is ideal for people who forget to drink enough water and for those who just want to make sure they stay hydrated.


How to keep track of water intake with water habit tracker

Save your money and instead of purchasing a water tracker app, make your own in your bullet journal! A bujo water tracker allows you to track the amount of water you drink and how you can increase your intake. It can complement your health or mood tracker if you have one as a lack of H20 can affect these trackers.

Ultimately, it is a simple chart that you can tick off every time you drink a glass of water. There are so many ways you can track your water intake in your bullet journal.

Water Intake Tracker


This is a really creative way to track your water intake! It looks great and having it on the page opposite a mood tracker can be a great way to see how your water consumption affects your mood.


This example of a water tracker is effective and easy to use. The amount of water on the side of the tracker (in liters) and the days of the month down below make it simple to track water consumption each day. At the end of the month, it is easy to look at the whole month to analyze how much water you drank. Having in the same section as a monthly sleep, habit tracker and mood tracker also works well.


This is a cute way to design a water tracker. It is quick to draw and can be done daily. Each bubble represents one glass of water.


This design is a lovely way of incorporating a water tracker into daily tasks and activities. The image of the bottle, glass and cup is simple and each line represents a drink of water. Drinking more H20 should be something we include in our day-to-day lives so this water tracker works well.


Daily water tracker ideas


This water tracker looks clean and is really easy to implement. The design can easily be printed off and stuck inside a bullet journal every month. Each jar represents one week.


Bright and cheerful! We love this bujo water tracker. The days of the month are down the side and the number of cups of water consumed is at the top. At the end of each day, the exact amount of cups is also written which makes it clear to look back on at the end of the week or month.


This water tracker design is great because you can track what type of beverage you have consumed during the day. A lot of people think that drinking 4 cups of soda or 2 smoothies is the same as drinking water. While all fluids are good (except for too much caffeine or alcohol!), water is the purest liquid we can drink.


This is another example of a tidy water tracker design that is integrated into an overall daily check-in.


We all know that exercise and water go hand-in-hand, which is why we love this design. Each day of the month looks at how many squats (you can replace with any type of exercise) and how much water was consumed.

Water Tracker Printables

Clean, simple and goes off the classic eight glasses of water per day. This is the perfect water tracker printable for each week.

This design is similar to the above printable, but it is more creative. We love drips from the tap to represent glasses of water!

This water tracker printable is unique and will make any bullet journal look stunning. You can color the mandalas in how you wish, while also effectively tracking your water intake per day.

This is a fantastic water tracker printable. We love that it represents a month, so you can easily take a look at your water consumption for the whole month. It looks elegant and is easy to use.

The saying ‘less is more’ is true in this case. A simple jar with the days of the month and water drips to represent each drink looks good and is a simple, no-fuss method of recording your water intake for the month.

Water Tracker wrap up!

In conclusion, tracking your water intake can do wonders for your body and overall health. We hope you take these tips into the new year with you and we wish all our readers a very merry Christmas and a happy 2022!

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