Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas To Build Better Sleeping Habits

Let’s face it, sleep is one of the best things in the world. Not only is it relaxing, it also resets the body and immune system, helps regulate our moods and has one hundred and one other further benefits. Using a sleep tracker in your bullet journal can do wonders for your sleep health.

Understanding how you sleep each night is important for your overall general health and wellness. Everyone is different and while the general consensus is that 7–9 hours is enough sleep for an adult, perhaps you are someone who needs the full 9 hours. A sleep tracker can help you monitor your sleep and ensure that you are getting the full 9 hours of sleep each night. 

Good quality sleep also decreases your risk of certain diseases, mental health conditions, the likelihood of having a vehicle accident and can boost your mood and your ability to fight off colds and infections. 

Bullet journal sleep trackers are fantastic and easy-to-use. There are many examples of what makes a good sleep tracker and hope you can use one of ours to benefit your day-to-day life.

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What is a Bullet Journal sleep tracker?

A bullet journal sleep tracker monitors how well you are sleeping each night and how much sleep you are getting.

How a sleep tracker works

There are different types of sleep trackers available, however, they all work in a similar way. A sleep tracker for your bullet journal looks at a number of elements. It looks at how many hours of sleep you get per night, what your nightly sleep time frame is, what the quality of your sleep looks like and potential factors that may have affected your sleep.

Why is a sleep tracker (or diary) important

A bullet journal sleep tracker is important for a number of reasons. Sleep is vital for your mental and physical wellbeing. Sleep can affect everything in your life from your career and relationships with others, to your weight and memory function. Tracking your sleep can help improve the quality of your sleep. Obviously, this is beneficial for your overall health in every aspect.

How to set up sleep tracker

You will need the usual supplies that you use for your bullet journal; pens, markers, ruler and any additional craft items you wish to use. First, choose which layout you want to go with (we have plenty of inspiration further down in this blog post). Secondly, decide what you would like to track – perhaps you just want to track the amount of hours you sleep each night or maybe you want to add in quality and sleep frame too. Thirdly, create a graph or table (again, inspiration for you in this blog post) and lastly, decorate it how you want!

Sleeper Tracker Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

I think this design is really clever. Not only is it both a mood and a sleep tracker in one, you will also be able to see the reflection of your mood to the amount of sleep you received the night before that day. If you really want to add more colour to the mood tracker, I would create an inner circle to separate the individual days. This results in being able to track what mood you felt in the morning and in the afternoon/evenings.

This is a very minimalist design for a sleep tracker, a simple border outlining the days, and the other outlining the amount of hours of sleep you received. Using a colour marker of choice, simply use your ruler to mark from the time you went to bed, to the time you woke up and mark the total hours. 

This is a super simple design that everyone can achieve. You can make this design slightly more colourful by categorizing what colour indicates how many hours of sleep you achieved. For example, 0-5hrs (red), 5-8hrs (blue), 8hrs+ (Yellow). Just like the below image.

Simple and cute, this bullet journal sleep tracker makes it easy to track the amount of hours you sleep each night. Use whichever colors you like to mark the hours. You can adjust the hours at the top according to the time you usually go to sleep each night – 11pm may be a little late for some!

This tracker adds an additional element when tracking your mood and sleep, a section to indicate whether you were able to get outside. 

Obviously through these difficult times, we are unable to freely get outside and exercise which can be affecting a majority of people’s mental health. Of course while abiding by your countries and state restrictions, your outside tracker may give you an additional indication on how that can affect your mood and sleep. 

Love the creativity of this additional element.

This design is absolutely stunning! If you have the confidence in trying to give this one a go, I highly recommend it. You don’t have to split the page with this design, but the column on the right will just indicate the total hours of sleep you received that evening. 

As you can see, this person has indicated the time they require to wake up.

This sleep tracker is clean and simple. The decorations are cute and you can clearly see how much sleep the user is getting each night. The tracker looks at the month ahead and at the end of this time period, they should be able to get a clear indication of how they slept. 

The colors used are also really nice.

This is an example of an excellent sleep tracker. Not only does it track whether you’ve had more or less than 8 hours sleep per night, it also allows you to track how you were feeling that night. 

This gives a deeper insight into perhaps why you aren’t sleeping so well and helps you understand your sleep patterns better.

We love the look and design of this bullet journal sleep tracker! The graph indicating how much sleep is had per night looks really cool. The feel of this tracker ties in perfectly with the moon and stars theme they are going for and looks really good.

Placing a habit tracker and a sleep tracker next to each other is a great way to assess different aspects of your life. We also like that one of the segments of this habit tracker is a ‘sleep early’ table.

This bullet journal sleep tracker is cute and clean. The way it is set out is clear to read and by writing the hours on the purple columns, you can quickly glance at it and see how long you slept for on that particular night.

This tracker is brilliant for any student out there. The layout of this design allows you to not only track your sleep, but track your studies hours without the page looking congested in any way. Oh, and let’s not forget the simple but cute colour frog theme.

Throughout this article you may see a majority of Sleep Trackers have a similar layout, mainly because it really is the easiest way to track your sleep. But this doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself creatively or inspiration. 

Although this design has quite the comedic quote next on the following page, I think you can use quotes that resonate and inspire you throughout the month.

This design is for the colour bugs out there! So much potential for various designs and colours, but the sleep tracker layout is a lot easier to design then it may seem. 

The important thing to follow here is the three separate colours to indicate the quality of sleep you received. If you don’t want to colour your whole page, at least the three colours of sleep performance should make your page pop!

I love this design because it is honestly SUPER easy! The layout is your standard sleep tracker border and the creative design is literally just triangles that have a colour theme. 

You can choose any colour theme you want and you will still get the same outcome.

Firstly… who doesn’t just love anything pineapple themed? T-shirts, swimwear or just loves a cheeky pina colada. Either way, I think it will be hard to find anyone who doesn’t love this pineapple theme mood and sleep tracker.  

I don’t think you necessarily need to follow the same layout as the sleep tracker, but I think you will find the end of month result of the pineapple mood tracker is going to look fantastic.

Now, for the person who wants the complete sleep tracker, this is the design for you. Not only is it a sleep tracker, it is a goal tracker, skincare tracker, health tracker and savings tracker. You don’t necessarily have to follow the same bright colours as this design. Just choose your four favourite colours and have at it.

Sleep Tracker Printables

This sleep tracker printable not only looks good, it works well too. The key at the bottom of the printable allows you to choose the quality of sleep you have each night while also being able to record the number of hours you sleep. 

All in all, an excellent sleep tracker printable.

This is a cute sleep tracker printable and perfect for children. It is really easy to use. Simply fill in the hours you slept that night and then use a star-rating system to rate how rested you feel the next day.

While this sleep tracker printable is a little more complex to track than the other examples, it simply looks gorgeous. The design and colors along with the flower images really make this sleep tracker stand out. 

Once you get the hang of using it, it is quite a simple tracker to use.

This sleep tracker printable is simple and sweet. It is perfect for if your bedtime is 9pm or later. The size of the grid squares make it easy to either color or insert any symbol you wish to.

Now this may just be the mother of all sleep tracker printables! The detailed questions mean you can analyze your sleep each night in-depth. This sleep tracker is great for those who have the time to answer the questions each day. However, it may not be as suitable for those who want something more simple.

Wrap Up!

Sleep trackers are a fantastic way to get on top of healthy habits and optimize your sleep. The examples above should offer inspiration and help you get your sleep tracking going!

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